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The 9 Best Princess Diana Outfits [‘Fits Made For Royalty]

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There’s no doubt about it – in the 1980s and 1990s, Princess Diana was one of the most beloved women on earth. And everywhere she went, the paparazzi followed, taking endless photos of her sweet smile, capturing her charming attitude and showing off her incredible sense of style.

Looking at photos of Princess Di is like taking a walk through fashion history. Diana had the amazing ability to pull off almost any outfit. And many of them would look just as chic and refined today as they did back then.

Here is a glimpse at our nine favorite Princess Diana outfits that we could wear right now!

Blue Victor Edelstein Gown

In the darkest shade of blue velvet, Princess Diana had a real moment in this Victor Edelstein gown. Actually, she had more than a few moments in it.

Like Kate Middleton, the daughter-in-law she would never get to know, Princess Di was one to re-wear outfits. In fact, she was spotted in many of the looks on the list more than a few times.

And you certainly can’t blame her. When a look is this good, you want to wear it over and over again.

This dress is stunning with its off the shoulder bodice, V-neckline, and textured details, and it got a lot of attention in 1985 when she wore it while dancing with John Travolta at a White House gala.

White Sequin Hachi Gown

Japanese designer Hachi created this fantastic gown, which Diana wore to a glam dinner party in Washington, D.C. in 1985.

This gown is so fab… the beading… the simple sheath silhouette… the asymmetric neckline and one long sleeve…

This look could easily be worn to any black tie event or formal celebration tonight, tomorrow or next week. It’s so good that it’s timeless – exactly like Diana herself!

White Pencil Skirt

Aside from her collection of gorgeous formal gowns, this princess also knew how to rock separates.

She was super chic in this knee-length white pencil skirt with a wide waistband. And she paired it perfectly with a printed blouse and low heels.

It’s effortless, refined, and so versatile that anyone of us could wear this right now to go from the office to a dinner date!

Metallic Bruce Oldfield Dress

With pleats, strong shoulders and a deep V-neckline, this metallic dress by designer Bruce Oldfield just might be Diana’s most glamorous look of all time. A hundred years from now people may look back on this dress and wonder if it was an 80’s design or a vintage gown from the Old Hollywood era of the 1940s.

Either way, it’s nothing short of incredible!

Princess Diana stood out no matter where she was or whose company she was in. But in this gown, we have to assume that all eyes were on her at every moment.

Blue and Black Bruce Oldfield Dress

Scroll through the endless archives of Princess Diana photos, and you’ll see this Bruce Oldfield dress on more than a few occasions. It’s clear that she loved this dress – and we do too.

The strong shoulders give it a powerful vibe, while the black inset at the waist makes it incredibly flattering to her fabulous figure. And that little bit of draping and pleating on the skirt adds a cool factor that makes it perfect for day or night.

Bruce Oldfield dressed Diana in dozens of looks throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s. And guess what? He’s still at it.

In recent years, modern style icons such as Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and T Swift have all been spotted in Oldfield designs!

Baby Blue Catherine Walker Dress

Between the serene color, the intricate pleating, and the delicate fabric, Princess Diana in this Catherine Walker gown gives us some major Grace Kelly vibes!

Princess Di wore this on a few occasions, including the 1987 Cannes Film Festival and again in 1989 to see the Broadway musical Miss Saigon.

Let’s face it – if you had this dress in your closet wouldn’t you find every excuse you could to wear it again and again?

Pink Polka Dot Donald Campbell Dress

The puffed shoulders, the twisted neckline… This pink polka dot dress by designer Donald Campbell exudes ladylike charm and casual grace.

With a gathered waistband and a pindot print, this design is as much a nod to the 1940s as it is to the 1980s. And that’s what made Diana’s style so great.

She could wear something vintage-inspired and make it look totally on-trend right at that moment!

Purple Versace Gown (and Jimmy Choo Shoes)

In this Versace gown with matching Jimmy Choo shoes, Princess Diana looks absolutely regal. Purple is, after all, the color of royalty – and Diana definitely wore it well!

That gently scalloped neckline makes this gown super chic, and the color, well, the color is just incredible. Diana stepped out in this memorable look back in her one and only visit to Chicago in 1996.

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Blazer and Jeans

There’s no doubt that Princess Diana knew how to wear a glamorous formal gown. But this dressed down daytime style is perhaps our favorite look of all.

The skinny jeans, the tall boot, the logo tee, the oversized blazer, this is something you could see any stylish woman in any city wearing right now! And seeing the Princess in this outfit proves one thing: that she could wear anything and look amazing.

What Were Princess Diana’s Best Looks?

It’s almost impossible to narrow down a shortlist of Princess Di’s best looks because there are so many of them to choose from!

She was a style icon in every sense of the word, yet she always remained real and relatable. And, despite how drawn we were to her fashion choices, we were most drawn in by her charm, her philanthropic spirit, and her sweet demeanor.

We love you Kate Middleton, but your mother-in-law was and always will be “the people’s Princess.”

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