12 Of Our Favorite Reality Shows On Netflix [Viewer’s Guide]

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With many of us still on lockdown due to the coronavirus, everyday life has gotten incredibly surreal. And while we don’t have any official numbers, binging on Netflix has got to be at a serious all-time high.

Yes, there are movies and series aplenty, but sometimes the best escape from reality is a little reality TV. Or maybe a lot.

I mean, if you can’t indulge in this guilty pleasure now, when can you? And with such a wide variety of shows to choose from, there seems to be a little something for everyone.

From cooking to cheering, from dating to designing, there are a ton of other fascinating realities for you to explore.

So in the spirit of staying home to save the world, here are 12 of our favorite reality shows on Netflix.

The Circle

The Circle has become somewhat of a global phenomenon with versions from around the world starting to pop up. Highly relatable, the show focuses on just how much social media affects how we present ourselves to the world.

The contestants are quarantined in their own apartments and never see each other (sorry, if that’s too close to your own reality right now).

The only contact they have with each other is through a voice-activated social media platform called The Circle. Their goal: create an appealing image, make friends and keep themselves from getting blocked.

If you haven’t experienced it already, see just how competitive social media can be.

Watch The Circle on Netflix 

 Love Is Blind

After just one season of this addictive series, we are ready to make a commitment.

In this reality show meets social experiment, couples are sequestered in “pods” where they date and get engaged without ever seeing each other.

Once they commit, they meet face to face and have four short weeks to get to know each other, which is when the sniping, excessive drinking, incompatibilities and scary relatives begin to surface.

The question is, can they overcome their differences and make it long term? Or will they live happily never after?

You may be surprised at who stays together and who says, “I don’t.”  But we definitely think you’ll be smitten.

Watch Love is Blind on Netflix 

Queer Eye

It’s hard to resist the infectious spirit of this show and its adorable hosts. A reboot of the original Bravo series, a new Fab 5 travels the country and doles out fashion, cooking and lifestyle advice to people in need of serious life overhauls.

The fabulous and big hearted cast (Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown and Bobby Berk) really do change people’s lives for the better.

But keep the tissues close. Personally, I haven’t made it through an episode of this feel-good show without crying. But at least they’re happy tears, fabulously happy tears.

Watch Queer Eye on Netflix 

Nailed It

What makes this baking show so delectable is that none of its contestants are particularly good at it. Yes, we love Chef’s Table just as much as anybody else. But watching at-home cooks try to recreate complex baking designs has proved to be as entertaining as it is disastrous.

We’re talking hot messes straight from the oven. Oh, so very tasty entertainment!

Watch Nailed It on Netflix 

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Rhythm + Flow

If American Idol and The Voice are way too pop-ish and cute for you, check out Rhythm + Flow. Focused solely on hip-hop artists, this is a musical talent show with an edge.

Judges Cardi B., Chance the Rapper and T.I. dole out sound advice to the talented competitors. And don’t worry. You won’t have to worry about hearing another Whitney wannabee sing “I Will Always Love You.”

But if you did, it would probably be cool.

Watch Rhythm + Flow on Netflix 

Dating Around

Each episode of this no-gimmicks dating show features a single looking for love on five different dates with wildly different people.

Their mission? Figure out which person (if any) they want to have a second date with. There are no confession cams. No cash prizes. Just a lot of first date jitters and awkward moments.

Hell, if you’re on the date. Good solid entertainment from the comfort of your couch.

Dating Around is low commitment with just 6 episodes in the first season ( a second season is coming soon). But if you’re looking for a satisfying quickie, this is it.

Watch Dating Around on Netflix 


And now for a change of pace, something to scare the crap out of you. Or at least give you some serious goosebumps.

In Haunted, real people’s encounters with the supernatural are told through dramatic (and sometimes corny) reenactments. Despite the cheese factor, there are some terrifying tales here.

So make yourself a s’more and enjoy the fun. You can take a flashlight to bed with you.

Watch Haunted on Netflix 

Next In Fashion

Queer’s Eye’s Tan France and model/designer Alexa Chung host this fashion designer competition series. Unlike Project Runway, the global cast is made up of experienced designers looking to take their already established careers up a notch.

And while there are confession cams, the show is focused less on drama (though there’s enough to satisfy), and more on their mad design skills.

Fresh, fun and packed with some serious talent, we say this fashion show is most definitely in.

Watch Next in Fashion on Netflix 

Baby Ballroom

Maybe it’s not enough to escape to a different reality. Maybe you want to go to a different planet altogether.

These pint-sized ballroom dancers definitely live in an alternate world of sparkles, hairspray and shamelessly fake smiles. But dang if they don’t have talent.

You’ll find yourself captivated as they cha-cha, foxtrot and waltz their way into your heart. And not to worry. It’s a quick trip back to your own planet.

Watch Baby Ballroom on Netflix 

Tidying Up 

Who knew that watching homes be de-cluttered could be so fascinating. Japanese consultant Marie Kondo puts her super organizational powers to work and transforms people’s homes and lives in the process.

Her philosophy: If it doesn’t spark joy, toss it. As for the rest, fold it, store it and color coordinate it.

You may find yourself inspired to do some tidying up of your own. But no pressure. Watching other people do it can be enough sometimes.

Watch Tidying Up on Netflix 

Ugly Delicious

Chef and host David Chang is just a straight-up likable and relatable guy, which is what makes it, so fun to travel around the world with him as he explores how food and culture intertwine. And, of course, he has a lot of good bites along the way.

Be prepared with a snack. This is no snotty, fancified food show. But it will make you hungry!

(P.S: Be sure to check out David Chang’s companion show, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. The episode where Seth Rogan never stops smoking reefer is hilarious. And he definitely has the munchies.)

Watch Ugly Delicious on Netflix 


Officially, this is a docuseries, not a reality show. But who’s going to come after me? The reality show police?

That being said, Cheer is about as real as it gets, believe it or not. And if you think Cheerleaders aren’t athletes, guess again. These kids have some serious guts and skills.

Navarro College in Texas is a cheerleading mecca for students from around the country. Led by ultra-determined (some would say obsessed) coach Monica Aldama, the squad prepares themselves for the national championships.

The cheerleading stunts are both impressive and terrifying. And the kids go through physical, emotional and financial hardship in the quest to be number one. There’s plenty of drama and action for everyone.

Now what’s your favorite reality show? Gimme a C!…..

Watch Cheer on Netflix 

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