The 9 Best Moments From The SAG Awards [We Can’t Get Enough]

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I don’t know about you, but when Hollywood awards season rolls around, I’m all in. Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for glitz and glamour. Maybe it’s because I’m a TV junkie and a movie fanatic. Or maybe it’s because it’s a great excuse to escape from day-to-day life.

Whatever the reason, I love it.

I have to admit – I enjoy the red carpet pre-shows much more than the awards shows themselves. In fact, for years, I would watch the E! red carpet and change the channel as the ceremonies were about to begin.

But in the last few years, with so much great TV to watch, I’ve found myself slowly sinking back into it. The red carpet… the opening act… the awards, the speeches, the whole shebang.

There’s no question that the Oscars are the most glamorous of the awards, but my love for TV now has me watching the Emmys, the Golden Globes and the SAG awards.

And the 2020 SAG awards did not disappoint! If you didn’t watch the show, don’t worry. You’re about to get a quick recap of what you missed.

Here are the nine best moments from the 2020 SAG awards.

Joaquin Phoenix Thanking Heath Ledger

Let me start by saying this: I don’t like comic book movies. And that’s what I thought Joker was until I saw it.

But it’s not that at all.

Joaquin Phoenix is at his best in this film, showing the devolution of a human, bound only by two things: how he feels and how he tries to deal with it.

So to see Joaquin win the award for best actor in a leading role was a great moment. That any actor could take a DC Comics character from the 1940s and transcend him into someone that we can all relate with today is nothing short of remarkable.

But what made this particular acceptance speech so great was Joaquin’s shout out to Heath Ledger, who played the best Joker of all time (until now).

Parasite Winning Best Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture

The South Korean cast of the dark comedy Parasite got a standing ovation just for introducing their film as a nominee for best picture. And a standing O from Hollywood’s finest is rather hard to come by.

When they actually won the award for best cast in a motion picture there was yet another thunderous round of applause. And there’s no doubt about it – they deserved it!

Leonardo DiCaprio Presenting DeNiro With the Lifetime Achievement Award

I could literally watch Leo watch paint dry. But watching him pay homage to one of his own heroes was even more exciting.

Leo exudes confidence, charisma, and beauty in everything he does. So to watch him pay tribute to another Hollywood legend was a treat.

With all the grace and gorgeousness that we’ve come to expect from Leo, he bestowed the SAG lifetime achievement upon the great Robert DeNiro.

But Bob’s acceptance speech had its own memorable moment as he took the opportunity to make a political statement. Many actors have done that in the past, but when DeNiro does it, it feels totally genuine.

Alex Bornstein Dropping the F-Bomb

When the entire cast from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel went up to accept their award for outstanding performance by an ensemble in a comedy series, Alex Bornstein was the first to take the mic and say her thanks.

But she made it really clear that she thought that Fleabag should have won.

Amidst her praise for Fleabag and her self-deprecating wit, she dropped an F-bomb.

Maybe I love Alex because I love Seth MacFarlane and all things Family Guy. (After all, she is Lois Griffin). Or maybe it’s because I always love a bleeped-out moment on live TV.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge Accepting Yet Another Award for Fleabag

In the past few months, Phoebe Waller-Bridge has been cleaning up at awards shows.

At the 2019 Emmy’s she took the top prizes for lead actress, outstanding writing, and overall best comedy series for Fleabag. At the Globes she won best actress in a comedy, and Fleabag earned the top spot as best television series.

So to see her win as best actress in a comedy (yet again) was a joy. Watching her receive accolade after accolade just doesn’t get old!

This chick is smart, creative, and talented in a way that people only dream of. I’ll never get enough of her and I’ll never get tired of watching her win.

Millie Bobbie Brown Wearing Louis Vuitton

There’s something about watching Millie Bobbie Brown that makes me feel like a proud parent. Yes, I’m a Stranger Things fan, but it’s not just that.

We’ve all been enjoying Millie for years as the waffle-scarfing, nose-bleeding queen of the upside-down. So to see her taking her rightful place as one of Hollywood’s youngest and most stylish stars is a treat.

That Louis Vuitton coat dress and pants combo was chic! I don’t care what the critics or the naysayers have to tweet about it … her look was EVERYTHING.

Brad Pitt

Is it just me, or does Brad Pitt look better than ever?

From his funny observations on Tarantino’s foot fetish to the idea that his new award will beef up his Tinder profile (ha! like he needs one). Brad was as charming and as handsome and as endearing as ever.

While accepting the award for best male actor in a supporting role, Brad did everything an actor is supposed to do when they make an acceptance speech. Pay tribute to the other actors in the room. Inject a bit of humor. Add some words of wisdom. And I give him props for all of it.

Plus, his hair looked amazing!

Jennifer Aniston

It was great to see Jen Aniston win outstanding performance by a female actor in a drama series. Not only did she manage to keep her satin John Galliano by Dior dress wrinkle-free (a feat that, in itself, deserves an award), but she reminded us all that we can still be fabulous at 50!

Yet no matter how many roles she plays, she’ll always be Rachel Green to me.

What made the Jen moment so memorable was what happened afterward …. Drum roll … you know exactly what’s coming next …

The Brad and Jen Moment

Brad smiling at Jen. Jen smiling back. The way he held her wrist as she tried to walk away. Ahh … all of the makings of a great love story.

Everyone is loving the Brad/Jen moment backstage at SAG. But is it really all that momentous?

I think not.

I know lots of couples who are divorced, yet remain friends. It’s not all that news-worthy. I cringe at the very thought of borrowing a phrase from Gwyneth Paltrow, but some people do consciously uncouple. It’s more common than you may think.

What Were the Best Moments From the SAG Awards?

It goes without saying that the Brad/Jen moment will be the one that people are still talking about months from now. And I get why.

So let’s just revel in that romantic feeling for now, or at least for the next few weeks. The Oscars are right around the corner, so more memorable awards moments are on the way!

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