The 7 Best Sectional Couches From Wayfair [Buyer’s Guide]

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Cordell Sleeper Sectional with Ottoman

Austell 196″ Wide Right Hand Facing Sectional

Kasey 84″ Wide Reversible Sofa & Chaise

Edenburg 78″ Reversible Sectional

Bourgeois Sectional

Stockbridge Leather 124″ Sectional

Stewart 84″ Futon Reversible Sleeper Sectiona

Sectional couches bring a specific mood to a room. Buying a sectional couch for basement movie marathons is much different than purchasing a sectional couch for your formal living room.

When looking for any furniture for your living room, there are hundreds of options, styles, sizes and upholstery options. It can be quite overwhelming.

Before purchasing a sectional couch it is important to do your research.

There are a few questions you should ask yourself before you even begin looking. Is the sectional sofa going to be the only piece of furniture in the room? What side would you like a chaise on? Is storage important to you?

Once you have some of those questions answered, you can begin your sectional sofa search. Here are the seven best sectional couches from Wayfair.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Sectional Couch

Grey plush sectional on a white shag run with a glass coffee table


Do you know your style? Sometimes the answer to this question is complicated. I know for me and my husband this took us a while to agree on before we purchased our sectional couch.

Are you drawn to a traditional vibe, or do you like a more modern and contemporary look? Maybe your setup is more cabin or coastal.

Finding a sectional couch that fits your style is so important. You can always change up the accent pillows, throws, coffee tables and other home decor around the room, but you don’t want to have to replace your new sectional sofa a year from now.

Just like fashion, some styles come and go, so make sure you really like it before spending a pretty penny on a new sectional couch.

Size & Orientation

I cannot stress the importance of understanding size and orientation enough.

Whenever we purchase any new furniture we always measure and draw a little sketch of the room we are trying to arrange, and it is super helpful to visualize. Wayfair also has an option where you can snap a photo of your room and see how the piece will look in your space. I highly recommend using this 3D feature.

Once you know the size of the space and where the sectional couch is going to go, then you can decide on features like a recliner, ottoman, chargers, cupholders, etc.

Orientation is also very important. Many sectional sofas do have the option of putting the chaise on either side, but not all of them do! Make sure you check the details if your room will only work with a right-aligned chaise you better make sure it can be on the right side.

Sectional sofa shapes and the number of pieces also very. They primarily come in three options: U-shaped, L-shaped and curved and are either two, three or four-piece sectionals.


Just like shapes, materials vary greatly on sectional sofas.

You can pick from a variety of upholstery materials. Wayfair makes it super easy if you know exactly what material you want so you can filter to only see faux leather. Or maybe you want to see only polyester options, making it super easy to navigate the long list.

If you are looking for a softer plush option, they have chenille and velvet sectional couches as well.

Something super important to me when buying a new sectional couch was the cushions. Just like standard couches, sectional couches come with removable cushions, stuffed cushions and sometimes extra throw pillows.


Are you in the market for a sectional sofa that is the focal point of the living room? Or maybe you are adding a cozy power reclining sectional couch to your basement for binge-watching movies on the weekends. You could also be looking for a sectional couch with hidden storage and trying to maximize the use of a small space.

Whatever type of sectional couch you are looking for, Wayfair will have it!

Assembly & Delivery

With any big furniture purchase, it’s important to understand how it will arrive. I can tell you from recent experience that the boxes that a sectional couch comes in are huge and very heavy.

It will cost you extra, but you can pay for your sectional couch to come fully assembled so you can get to lounging right away.

Depending on where you live will also determine how they drop off your new furniture. If you live in a high rise apartment, chances are they are not going to drop it off at your door. You might need to recruit some neighbors or friends to help you carry up the boxes.

The Best Sectional Couch for Storage: Cordell Sleeper Sectional with Ottoman

Cordell Sleeper Sectional with Ottoman

Finding a sectional couch with a matching ottoman is a great use of space in your living room. Sometimes finding the perfect coffee table to match your other living room furniture can be a headache, so finding a sectional sofa with an ottoman is a win-win. It can be a footrest and a coffee table depending on your needs.

The Cordell Sleeper Sectional with Ottoman has so much storage! The chaise lifts up for storage and so down the ottoman. You can fit extra blankets, throw pillows, sheets and more with all of the storage this sectional sofa provides. And it also folds out to be the size of a queen bed for guests or for an ultimate movie marathon day of lounging.

This sectional couch comes in a faux leather or an upholstery option, which is a great deal for all of its features. This sectional sofa is very popular and often out of stock because of the high demand, but Wayfair offers notifications, so you know when it is back for you to swoop in and grab it.

The Best Right Hand Sectional Couch: Austell 196″ Wide Right Hand Facing Sectional

Austell Wide Right Hand Facing Sectional

The Austell 196″ Right Hand Facing Sectional is a great buy for anyone who loves to host. This sectional sofa is a clean and exceptionally comfortable option that has room for several friends during a movie night.

It’s contemporary yet simple, and tufted accent makes it easy to match with the other home decor in your living room.

This sectional is also very affordable considering the quality.

The Best Left Hand Sectional Couch: Kasey 84″ Wide Reversible Sofa & Chaise

Kasey 84" Wide Reversible Sofa & Chaise

The Kasey 84″ Wide Reversible Sofa & Chaise might be the nicest looking sectional couch on this list.

With a left-sided chaise lounge, this sectional comes in several colors of velvet upholstery, making it very easy to match with a variety of styles of decor and spaces.

This thicked cushioned sectional sofa comes with a few throw pillows making it even easier to take a nap on. It is also a great couch to do some work with its supported backrest.

The Best Sectional Couch for Small Spaces: Edenburg 78″ Reversible Sectional

Edenburg 78" Reversible Sectional

Just because you have a small space does not mean you sprawl out on a sectional sofa. The Edenburg 78″ Reversible Sectional has a loveseat and a chaise and is also reversible so you can adapt it to any space. This is a great sectional for an office, a small apartment or a cozy den.

It comes in a polyester blend or linen with embellished brass nailhead trim. The square-shaped arms and tapered feet give it a traditional and timeless look.

To preserve the classic l look, this sectional sofa does require a little more TLC when it comes to cleaning. Weekly brushing or vacuuming will help keep dirt from getting clogged in the fabric.

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The Best Sectional Couch for Large Spaces: Bourgeois Sectional

Bourgeois Sectional

The Bourgeois Sectional comes in a right side facing or left side facing option and is perfect for a large living room. The seat cushions on this sectional couch are reversible, but the back cushions are attached. With a smokey grey upholstery, you can match this couch with almost any color of decor. It comes with a few modern throw pillows.

This large sectional sofa is great to put in the corner of a room or as the focal point. It also has a lovely big corner chaise for long-term lounging or entertaining.

The Best Leather Sectional Couch: Stockbridge Leather 124″ Sectional

Stockbridge Leather 124" Sectional

The Stockbridge Leather 124″ Sectional is definitely for a bigger space. This would be a great couch for a movie room or a very open living room. This leather sectional is made of premium leather and seats at least five people.

It is also a reversible sectional, making it easy to fit your space and does not require any assembly. The Stockbridge Sectional sofa comes in some pretty fun colors like red or orange leather in addition to your stand sofa colors.

With the variety of colors, this sectional sofa can be the main focus of your living space or it can be topped with a few throw pillows and blankets for a cozier feel.

The Best Futon Sectional Couch: Stewart 84″ Futon Reversible Sleeper Sectional

Stewart 84" Futon Reversible Sleeper Sectional

Did you know there was such thing as a futon sectional couch? The Stewart 84″ Futon Reversible Sleeper Sectional is not your average college futon. This futon is extremely multi-functional. You can switch between lounging to sitting to sleeping very easily. Not to mention, it has a vast amount of storage in the chaise.

This velvet sectional sofa would be great for a small spare bedroom or in a one-bedroom apartment. This couch is also delivered in two boxes and easy to assemble. The Stewart 84″ Futon comes in a few different trendy colors and is much more contemporary than your average futon and is priced at $809.99.

Finding the perfect sectional sofa for your space can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Narrowing down what you like, what will fit and the primary function of your new sectional will help immensely.

If you do your research, you won’t have to worry about potentially making an expensive mistake.

Have fun with it and happy sectional shopping!

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The 7 Best Sectional Couches:

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