The 16 Best Sexy Subscription Boxes On The Market

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In case you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, subscription boxes are totally on fire these days. They’re an easy way to send a gift or treat yourself with everything from beauty products, organic food, clothes, housewares and much, much more.

And that much, much more now includes erotic subscription boxes. Maybe you’re looking to get the spark back in your relationship. Or perhaps you want to expand your horizons a bit further into un-virgin territory. Maybe you even have a certain fantasy you’d like to fulfill.

Whatever your pleasure, preferences and comfort level, there is an adult subscription box for you. Ranging from romantic to spicy to super kinky, they bring toys and bedroom accessories straight to your door without having to take that sometimes awkward stroll through a sex shop.

To let you know what your options are, we’ve gathered a collection of 16 best sexy subscription boxes. Tailored to both straight and gays couples, or guys and gals flying solo, they’ll spice up your playtime and maybe even up your sexual IQ.

So to all those sexy and would-be sexy beasts out there, here are 16 ways to have more fun in the bedroom. Or wherever….

Seductive Pleasure

Seductive Pleasure

Price: $45 per month

This inclusive subscription covers all the sexy bases with boxes specifically tailored to your preferences (girl-boy, girl-girl, boy-boy and solo girls and boys). Make your choice, and you’ll receive 4 to 6 high-quality and full-size products at 50% off of the retail price.

Dildos, vibrators, bondage devices and other goodies you may never have seen before will arrive discreetly in the mail.

Yes, it’s at least double the pleasure at half the cost. You do the sexy math.

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Empress Mimi

Empress Mimi

Price: From $44.95 to $99.95 per month

Empress Mimi is bent on helping you create the lingerie drawer of your (and your partner’s) dreams. You’ll feel like royalty in this handmade intimate wear designed and produced by an all-female team.

There are two levels of subscription. The Queen Box ($44.95 per month) contains a variety of luxurious lingerie that may include bras, bralettes, bodysuits, sleepwear and camisole sets. Plus, you’ll get tips for how to rock your lingerie and a love letter to inspire self-love.

The Empress Box ($99.95 per month) is for the diva who truly wants to spoil herself with lingerie, kimonos, jewelry, and saucy toys like whips to keep your admirers in their place.

The lingerie is available in sizes from XS to XXL. Do you need this box? No. But a sexual diva gets what she wants. Just because.

Heart + Honey Box

Heart + Honey Box

Price $55 to $129 per month

Heart + Honey isn’t just about sex toys. It’s about embracing intimacy, passion and self-care… with some really great sex toys!

This monthly subscription is aimed at women and their partners and is curated around a specific wellness theme that promotes sexual vitality.

They have three levels of subscription. With the Bumble Bee ($55), you get one sex toy and 2 to 4 sexual lifestyle products. With the Queen Bee ($69.99), you’ll receive one luxury sex toy and 2 to 4 sexual lifestyle products. Finally, The Couple’s Box ($129) is curated according to the couple and includes luxury items intended to stimulate sight, smell, taste and touch. Expect lotions, potions, chocolate, sex toys and more to help you and your partner get to the next level.

In other words, you’re going to be very busy little bees.

Spicy Box

Spicy Box

Price. $34.95 per month

Spicy Box is out to help you improve both your love life and your relationship with their themed boxes of adult products. But this very complete subscription isn’t just about quality sex toys, oil and candles (though they are included). It also includes things like costumes, sex games, panties, bustiers and more.

Whether you’re looking to bring the spark back to your love life or want to explore your kinky side, this box full of romantic accessories could make your time in the bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen or wherever more interesting.

The Big Oh! Box

Price: Starting at $89 every three months

The Big Oh! Box wants to help you achieve greater heights of pleasure. Once you pick your preferred way to play, they will send you one sex toy based on your preferences and 5 to 9 other adult products to expand your sexual horizons and make you say, “oh!”

And if you need a break from the fun, you can suspend your subscription at any time.

Fadoodle Box

Price: $40 to $60 per month

According to Fadoodle, couples that play together, stay together. With the Partner Box ($40), you’ll receive one sex toy plus 2 to 4 fantasy items that range from toys, lubes, oils, foreplay enhancers and games. With the Partner Plus Box ($60), you’ll receive 1 to 2 luxury sex toys and 2 to 4 surprises.

Which does sound like a lot more fun than couples’ therapy.

Mystery Pleasure Box

Mystery Pleasure Box

Price: From $34.99 per month

Described as “happiness in a box,” this subscription asks you to choose a preference (boy-girl, girl-girl, boy-boy, or solo artist boy or girl) so that they can tailor your box of adult products, especially for you.

Couples can expect 2 premium toys, potions, lotions and bedroom accessories curated by experts to up your fun (and orgasmic) quotient during playtime.

The Fantasy Box

Price: From $39 – $159 per month

This subscription is out to give you the ultimate date night. Every Fantasy Box contains role cards with detailed instructions on how to set up the room and what to say and do. And, of course, it also comes with the requisite products to help you live out the fantasy.

You’ll take a 6-question quiz to get started. And after your first month, you can let them choose for you or pick your own box (with options ranging from romantic to risque).

It could be a way to take the pressure out of planning an anniversary, Valentine’s day or, say, a regular old Wednesday night.

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Like a Kitten Box

Like a Kitten Box

Price: $69 every three months

This subscription is specially curated with products to sexually empower women and release their inner goddess (though couples will enjoy it too). Inside you’ll find the expected sex toys and lubricants, but what’s fun about this box is that it also contains jewelry, clothing and other cool stuff.

Each box is themed depending on the time of the year. Because apparently, for every season, there is a sex toy.

The Pleasure Parlor Box

The Pleasure Parlor Box

Price: $75 per quarter

Brought to you by industry experts (who have tried every item they ship), this sexy subscription can be tailored to your level of comfort and naughtiness.

Boxes are available for both solo artists and couples. Each box is based on a specific theme and includes items like vibrators, games, stimulation creams, lotions, oils, lubricants and more.

Also, items are never repeated to help you mix up your game — a great way to think outside of the literal and figurative box.



$27 to $98 per kit

This wellness brand for the bedroom focuses on lubricants made from premium and natural ingredients. There are an array of kits to choose from depending on how you like to play (girl-boy, girl-girl, boy-boy or solo boy and girls). Also, no subscription is necessary.

With choices like “so-low stroker kit,” “backside lovers kit,” “bring a toy, bedroom duo kit,” “let’s do it all kit” and more, you will no doubt find the right combination for whatever you want to do. Plus, everything is made from clean ingredients, just like mother nature intended.

Bawdy Bookworms Box

Bawdy Bookworms Box

Price: $27.95 per month or $41.95 every three months

If you think that sex is never as good as it seems in romance novels, Bawdy Bookworms is out to change that. Every box includes a super-steamy novel, a bedroom toy (with batteries where applicable), 2 to 3 sensual surprises and bedroom tips and tricks.

Plus, members can chat live with sexperts and authors.

Let the bodice-ripping fun begin!

Lilith’s Desire

Lilith's Desire

Price: From $38.33 per month

A little lingerie can go a long way in turning up the heat in the bedroom. This intimate apparel subscription includes fine lingerie, matching stockings, and jewelry aimed at releasing your inner sex goddess.

Answer a questionnaire to help determine your level of kinkiness (are you more of a goddess or a demon?), and you’ll receive lingerie that ranges in sizes from small to 4X… because sexy divas come in all shapes and sizes.

Love Drop

Love drop

Price: $69.99 every two months

Love Drop is a couple’s date night box focused on stimulating togetherness and increasing your intimate pleasure. In addition to handpicked sex toys, you can expect sexy games to broaden your imagination, extras like candles and bath bombs to set the mood and even writings to inspire intimacy.

And because they’re focused on sexual wellness in addition to pleasure, they also provide education and self-care tips from industry experts. Your sexual IQ should soar.

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Organic Loven Box

Organic Loven Box

Price: From $49.50

Is it possible to be sexually enlightened and environmentally conscious? It is with Loven Box! This subscription service prides itself on offering eco-friendly, organic and body-safe adult products to increase your pleasure, intimacy and sexual wellness.

Expect items like all-natural body products, body-safe sex toys, vegan condoms, sex-positive books and more.

The Try Me Box ($49.95 per month) allows you to try a little bit of everything with travel and sample sizes of sex toys and other adult products.

The Tease Me Box ($85.50 per quarter) includes a full-sized sex toy and travel to full-sized lubricants, massage oils, body products, vegan condoms and a sexy book for your new adventures.

The Indulge Me Box ($178.20 per quarter) includes a luxury sex toy plus organic lubricants, massage oils, body products, vegan condoms and a naughty book.

For the lovers out there that want to explore organic orgasms, this is the box for you!

Kink Crate Box

Kink Crate Box

Price: From $40.83 per month

This subscription will turn your bedroom into a salacious pleasure den with kink and BDSM (bondage/S&M) adult products. Curated to the needs of novices and more seasoned experimenters alike, they offer an assortment of naughty sex toys and items like blindfolds, whips, cuffs and leather bindings to up the sexual ante.

And because you wouldn’t want to flog anyone improperly, they also provide a handbook with instructions and safety tips. Start thinking about your safe word now.

Happy Endings

Well, loves, that’s our curated collection of saucy subscriptions. As you can see, there’s a little something for romantics all the way up to the very naughty and everything in between. Whether you’re into bodice-ripping novels, lingerie, prostate massagers, handcuffs or battery-operated sex toys, these boxes will help you to keep things steamy.

Not to mention that they save you money as most items sell for substantially below retail. And that’s pretty sexy too.

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16 Best Sexy Subscription Boxes: 

  1. Seductive Pleasure
  2. Empress Mimi
  3. Heart + Honey Box
  4. Spicy Box
  5. The Big Oh! Box
  6. Fadoodle Box
  7. Mystery Pleasure Box
  8. The Fantasy Box
  9. Like a Kitten Box
  10. The Pleasure Parlor Box
  11. Cake
  12. Bawdy Bookworms Box
  13. Lilith’s Desire
  14. Love Drop
  15. Organic Loven Box
  16. Kink Crate Box

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