Vitamix: Which One Should You Buy? [Guide For Any Home Chef]

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So you’re finally ready to step up into the big leagues of blending and you’ve got a Vitamix on the brain. Good for you! I became a convert about ten years ago and happy to spread the word on these super durable blending wonders.

Yes, they will make your smoothie smoother. But their adaptability is also astounding. You can make soups, frozen desserts, pizza dough, nut butters and puree the toughest of veggies until they’re smooth as silk. 

I (no exaggeration), use mine every single day. It changed my life. And it will probably change yours too. 

So the question isn’t really, “Why Vitamix?” It’s “Which Vitamix should I buy?” With the variety of models they have, it can be a little overwhelming trying to decide which one is for you when shopping for a new blender.

To keep your head from spinning, we’ve broken it down for you. Whether you’re a high-tech cook, a total beginner or a bargain hunter, there’s a perfect Vitamix for you.

Read on to find out the best Vitamix blenders to add to your kitchen.  


For the High-Tech Cook – Vitamix Ascent Series

Do you adore your kitchen gadgets and always want to be on the cutting edge? Then Vitamix’s series of smart blenders is for you, my early adopter friend. All of the blenders in this series have a 64-ounce container that is dishwasher safe.

But if you want to make a single-serving green smoothie or just a little bit of dip, these blenders are also compatible with the (add-on) 20-ounce and 8-ounce blend-and-go containers. Good-bye small-batch, hassles!

The Ascent series blenders also have Bluetooth capabilities and Self Detect Technology, which means safer blending. Knock the container off the motor base, and it automatically stops blending. And if you’re using the 8oz or 20 oz container options, you’ll only see programs that are safe for those sizes.

All four Ascent blenders also come with a 10-year warranty. Yes, it’s a premium line, but it’s also a really safe bet.

There are four models in this series that differ in price according to the number of bells and whistles they have. These include things like touch-style buttons and programmable settings that allow you to touch a button and walk away. 

Here’s the breakdown of the different models from least to most expensive from Amazon:

Vitamix A2300

  • 1-10 speed dial
  • Start/Stop Switch
  • Pulse Switch
  • Digital Timer
  • Self Detect Technology
  • Price: $549.95

Vitamix A2500:

  • 3 Program Settings (Smoothies, Hot Soups, Frozen Desserts)
  • 1-10 Speed Dial
  • Start/Stop Switch
  • Pulse Switch
  • Digital Timer
  • Self-Detect Technology
  • Price: $599.95

Vitamix A3300:

  • 1-10 Speed Dial
  • Touch Start/Stop
  • Touch Pulse
  • Touch Programmable Timer
  • Self-Detect Technology
  • Price: $599.95

Vitamix A3500:

  • 5 Program Settings (Smoothies, Hot Soups, Dips & Spreads, Frozen Desserts, Self-Cleaning)
  • 1-10 Speed Dial
  • Touch Start/Stop
  • Touch Pulse
  • Touch Programmable Timer
  • Self-Detect Technology
  • Price: $699.95 

For Pros and The Serious At-Home Chef (with a Bigger Budget) – Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

You’re slightly more old school, but you still want to blend like a pro. The Vitamix 750 may not have Bluetooth, a touch screen or a digital timer, but this blender is a top choice among cafes and restaurants.


First off, it has a commercial-grade 2.2-peak horsepower motor to blend tough ingredients.

Also important: its pre-programmed settings. They deliver consistent results and allow you to walk away while you’re blending. For people that like to multitask in the kitchen, that’s key. The 750 is also slightly quieter than other Vitamix models. (Allowing cafe goers to gossip with fewer distractions.)

Lastly, it has a 7-year warranty and a 64-ounce, low-profile container that stows easily under most cabinets. 

One slight drawback about the low-profile container is that small batches of thick blends like hummus and nut butters are more difficult to make. That’s because it’s wider at the bottom, and you need a larger batch to cover the blades. 

But if you still love the idea of this blender, don’t worry. You can also buy a secondary narrow container for smaller batches. 

Price: $598.99


For the Budding Home Chef (on a Budget) – Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

You want a really good blender for your smoothies, baby food or other kitchen experiments, but you’re not ready to shell out the big bucks for all those techie features you may not even use. 

Well, newbies, the E310 Explorian Blender could be for you. 

You’ll get all the blending capability you expect from a Vitamix at a lower price point. Smoothies, soups, nut butters, pizza dough and ice cream are all on the menu. 

You also get a simple to use variable speed dial, pulse feature and a 5-year warranty with the Vitamix Explorian Series.

Just keep in mind that the 48-ounce container is best for medium batches. So if you want to prepare a large family meal from your Grandma’s recipe book, you’ll need to buy a 64-ounce container separately. 

Price: $349.95

For the Family Cook – Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade 

Although the professional series Vitamix 5200 retails for about $100 more than the Explorian 310, the blenders are actually very similar. 

Both have the same blending capabilities and a straight forward variable speed dial that you can adjust while you’re blending and have high-speed stainless steel blades.

The major difference is that the Vitamix 5200 comes with a 64-ounce container, which is more convenient when you’re cooking for a bigger crowd. It also has a 7-year warranty instead of a 5-year warranty. 


For Bargain Hunters – Certified Reconditioned Blenders

You want all the quality a Vitamix blender brings, but your budget is slightly lower. Or maybe you just love a good deal. In your case, a Vitamix reconditioned blender could be the ticket.

All these blenders go through a rigorous 17-point inspection. Anything that’s not up to snuff gets replaced with a brand new part.  

All reconditioned blenders also come with a new container, new lid, lid-plug, tamper and a cookbook.

Still feeling doubtful? The blender comes with a no questions asked 5-year warranty. Plus, Vitamix will pay to ship both ways if the machine ever needs service. 

And to make sure you’re really, really happy, you can send it back within 30 days for a full refund or replacement.

Now that’s what I call confidence in a product. To learn more about the best deals on certified reconditioned models, check out the Vitamix website

The Final Spin

No matter which Vitamix machine you choose, you can’t really go wrong. But before you purchase, it’s best to ask yourself a few questions. 

How many people do you cook for? Do you need a blender that fits under your kitchen cabinet? Do you like high-tech features or something a little more straight forward? Do you want something with variable speed controls? What’s your budget?

With just a bit of forethought, we know you’ll find the best blender for you and your family.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to blend up a lime, mint and mezcal cocktail in my favorite kitchen countertop appliance. Adios and happy blending!

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