The 8 Greatest Entrance Songs In Sports [Guide With Videos]

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How do you like to get pumped up?

For most of us, we can think of one song that can really motivate us or elevate our mood.

Professional athletes are no different.

Greatest sports entrance songs infographic

Professional sports and even individual players have dedicated theme songs that are played at some point that gets the players and the fans even more hyped for the showdown that is about to occur.

Fans, players and even the opposing team members recognize and associate these signature tunes with specific teams and players and are bound to get everyone’s adrenaline going and stimulate so goosebumps for what is about to go down.

Below we will breakdown the top 8 entrance songs for sports teams across all leagues and two post-goal scoring songs that are bound to bring to the crowd to their feet.

From inspiring lyrics to head-bobbing beats, these songs are played to get you dialed in and screaming your lungs out for your favorite teams.

Eye In the Sky by Alan Parson’s Project

There’s a trend associated with Michael Jordan and great entrance songs. And the Chicago Bulls really know how to make an entrance to the arena on game day.

Since 1992, The Chicago Bulls have played this slow-building entrance song for their teams. No better introduction exists in professional sports.

Get Ready For This by 2 Unlimited

The 1996 instant classic showcased a worthy entrance song by an unlikely artist.

Cartoons and All-Star NBA players unite to battle the Monstars in a clash of the titans.

From Michael Jordan to Bill Murray, this song helps amp the crowd and engage the audience as good as any. If you aren’t bobbing along to this one by the end, we suggest you go rewatch Space Jam.

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Lose Yourself by Eminem

It’s hard not to pay tribute to “The Captain” Derek Jeter.

This song has been used by many others across a number of sports leagues to get the crowd on its feet and in the zone.

Hard not to believe that Jeter was about to put one over the wall when you heard this tune start to play in Yankee Stadium.

Back in Black by AC/DC & Enter Sandman by Metallica

The University of Iowa Hawkeye football team comes out to not one, but two top-tier entrance songs.

The Swarm locks arms and exits the tunnel as “Back In Black” by AC/DC blares in the background. Now that the crowd is on its feet and dialed in – Que “Enter Sandman” by Metallica.

The team stands at the edge of the tunnel as the Intro builds to its crescendo. They run onto the field with a vociferous 70,000 fans cheering them on. Goosebumps.

Also, check out Virginia Tech’s use of “Enter Sandman” as their entrance song. Get ready to Bounce.

Glass Shatters by Disturbed

Whether you’re a WWF fan or not, there’s no debating the legend that is Stone Cold Steve Austin.

For anyone who watched, you knew what you were about to see when you heard the infamous “Glass Break” and music cue. Get ready for beer chugs and stunners, because Stone Cold Said so.

Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis

While we know this isn’t an entrance song, it can psych out opponents before the game even begins. Making it an even more impactful team song.

Chelsea Dagger plays every time the Blackhawks score, making their opponents cringe on and off the ice.

Their opponents, the Vancouver Canucks, were even interviewed about it and it’s no surprise; they all hate it.

This song will be stuck in your head once you hear it and the energy that escapes from the fans when their team scores is unmatched.

Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes

Bayern Munich fans can’t control themselves when this song comes on in the stadium. Beer, popcorn and scarves get tossed around as fans jump up and down celebrating their team.

The celebratory nature of soccer fans mixed with the level of intensity inside the stadium when this song begins is bound to get the opposing team players and fans fired up.

Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye by Steam

This might be the worst song you can hear as a losing team. You’ll hear this one at basketball arenas, football stadiums, soccer stadiums and hockey rinks. Basically, if they have a loudspeaker and the home team is winning, there’s a chance you might hear this song. If you are a fan of the winning team, we guarantee you’ll be singing along too.

This is just scratching the surface of the best sports entrance and intimidation songs in sports.

Now it’s time for you to crank up your favorite jam or pump-up playlist to volume 10 and get your adrenaline pumping!

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