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Our 7 Favorite Fashion Trends From Spring 2020 [Style Guide]

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Every season we’re glued to our laptops and tablets live streaming the runways from New York Fashion Week. And, every season, we find a few trends we love, a few we could do without, and a few that we wish we were brave enough to wear.

With bars and restaurants closed and a quarantine in place in almost every state, this spring season is unlike any that we’ve ever experienced. But just because we’re living in our sweats and comfy pants doesn’t mean we’re not thinking about what we’re going to wear when this is all over.

Even if you don’t get outside much this spring, don’t worry, these trends will carry into summer and will still look fresh come early fall.

Ready to start outfit planning for post-quarantine? Here are 7 of our favorite 2020 fashion trends this spring.

Lightweight Leather

Leather jackets never go out of style. But this season, we’re loving leather skirts, shorts, tank tops and just about every other garment you can think of.

Designers are using lightweight leathers (and eco-friendly faux versions) in all sorts of cool, unexpected colors. Forget your basic black, brown and red. This season you can find lightweight leather options in almost every shade, including pretty pastels.

Prefer to show more leg? Hot pants and short shorts are happening this season too. (We especially love layering them with tights when the weather is cool).


Maybe it’s because everybody wants to show some skin. Maybe it’s because people are into the handcrafted/handmade nature of artisanal goods. For whatever reason, crochet is cool again.

This trend is happening mostly in dresses, so we’re seeing crochet mini dresses, maxi dresses and every length in between. The best way to wear this trend this spring is to look for soft yarns in lightweight, airy designs. Think more mermaid net vs. winter scarf.

Don’t think you have what it takes to pull off a crochet look on the street? You’ll be totally on-trend if you wear a crochet mini dress over your swimsuit on the beach.

Bermuda Shorts

Casual or tailored, Bermuda shorts are having a moment this spring. From slim fits that graze the leg to looser, fuller options, Bermudas showed up on a lot of spring runways.

The longer length makes them super comfortable to wear and versatile enough to wear for day or night. You can dress them down with a tank top for a casual daytime look or wear a tailored pair with a blazer to the office.

Disco Vibe

We noticed some major Marcia Brady/Jackie Burkhart vibes on this season’s runway.

Apparently, disco is not dead! A lot of designers infused retro 1970s elements into their collections this season, including big collars.

Wide, pointed collars are popping up on all sorts of blouses and jackets. It’s not for everyone, but it’s a fun departure from the mock necks and romantic bow blouses we’ve been rocking for the past few years.

If you love a print, you’re in luck, because wallpaper prints are also happening.

Oversized prints in bold florals and geometric patterns are surfacing on everything from tops to dresses to skirts. If you really want to embrace this retro trend, look for wallpaper prints in that ‘70s color palette of brown, olive green, mustard and rust.

Striped Maxi Dresses

If the lightweight spring sweater dress trend passes you by because you’re stuck at home, don’t worry. These are so comfortable there’s a good chance this trend will carry through fall.

For spring, we’re seeing a lot of colorful stripes. Look for repeat patterns and variegated stripes in slinky, bodycon silhouettes.

What’s perfect about this trend is that it’s super easy to dress up or dress down. Throw on a striped maxi dress with a pair of sneakers for a super casual Saturday look or team one with a low pair of heels for a cute but casual day in the office.

Puffy Sleeves

Fashion is always cyclical. And you know you’re getting old when trends you remember from childhood look fresh and new again.

Puffy sleeves are one of those trends. A nod to excessive 1980s fashion, puffy sleeves are everywhere. And we love them.

From tee-shirts to blouses to sweatshirts to dresses, big oversized shoulders and puffed sleeves are happening. And just like in the ‘80s, the bigger, the better.

Bra Tops

The bra top trend isn’t about wearing innerwear as outerwear. It’s about wearing bra silhouettes as teeny, tiny crop tops.

Bandeaus, tube tops, strappy bralettes, this trend is perfect for those of you that love to show some skin. But that’s no excuse to look sleazy. You can keep it classy and still look respectable just by layering it with a jacket or a blazer.

Bra tops are also perfect for pairing with high-waisted bottoms. The higher the waistband, the less skin you’ll have to show!

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How to Wear the Newest Trends

A lot of the spring 2020 trends are nods to retro eras. But there’s no need to look like you just walked off the set of an ‘80s movie or a 1970s sitcom. The best way to wear these trends is to mix and match them with fresh, modern pieces.

Follow your fashion favorite influencers or check out the style guides of your favorite online stores. These trends are already out there in full swing, and stylists and fashionistas are already wearing them.

A few minutes of scrolling on Instagram and you should find plenty of inspiration for how to put some fresh and modern retro-inspired looks together.

What Are the Must-Have Spring Trends?

Some of our most stylish friends happen to be men (sorry ladies!) So guys, in case you’re wondering what’s new for you, here you go:

Bold prints: look for tropical patterns, leopard prints, patchwork designs and splatter prints

Shorter shorts: guys, your shorts should always hit above the knee

Cargo pockets: bellows pockets and flap pockets are everywhere, on shorts, jackets, pants and tops

Coordinated sets: if you’re brave enough, a matching shirt and short combos are a great way to stand out from the crowd!

Ladies, for you, this is a season to embrace some new details and some new silhouettes. From Bermuda shorts to puffy sleeves to skimpy bra tops, it’s all about finding your proportions and finding what you feel most comfortable in.

And remember, just because it’s a trend doesn’t mean you have to rock it. Wear what flatters your body, what you feel most comfortable in. After all, the most important thing you can wear is your confidence!

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