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How To Style A Pair Of Trendy Mom Jeans [Full Style Guide]

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People love to make fun of mom jeans. Between all the mom jeans meme and that hilarious Saturday Night Live skit from back in the early 2000s, mom jeans have really gotten a bad rap. And in most cases, they deserve it.

But, like all fashion trends, there are ways to make it work and make it cute. Don’t believe us? We’re going to show you how.

Here are the 5 best ways to style mom jeans, so they actually look cool.

What Are Mom Jeans?

So what jeans are considered mom jeans? They’re baggy jeans with a high-waisted fit and tapered legs. They’re usually baggy in the front zipper, and they tend to have long back pockets that can sometimes make your butt look a bit flat.

They’re basically what your mom wore in the 1980s and ‘90s (and there are probably some moms out there who are still wearing them today).

The fit gives them a bit of a retro look and feel, so if you want to make them look cool and fresh, just pair them with a modern top and a great pair of shoes.

One thing that’s great about mom jeans is how comfortable they are. They’re a nice break from the skinnies and straight legs that we wear every day!

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How to Style Mom Jeans

Urban Outfitters 

Ready to work a pair of mom jeans into your wardrobe? Here’s how to style them and make them look super cute.

Cuff Them

The baggy fit makes mom jeans perfect for cuffing. A simple rolled-up cuff creates a more tapered leg that makes it easy to pair with all sorts of shoes and tops.

Make them look super casual with a skinny tank top and sneakers or make them look a little chicer by teaming them with a pretty blouse and ankle boots.

Wear Them With a Cool Jacket

You know what looks great with mom jeans? A really cool jacket.

Because mom jeans tend to have that baggy front zipper area, a jacket is the perfect camouflage piece. If the jacket is long enough, you can conceal that zipper area but still enjoy the comfy feel and laid-back look.

Try pairing yours with a knee-length jacket and a pair of pointy-toe flats or a sexy bodysuit layered with a fitted blazer.

Pair Them With a Crop Top and Heels

Mom jeans aren’t exactly a sexy silhouette, but you can sex them up a bit with a crop top and strappy heels.

The high-waisted fit makes them perfect for wearing with a crop top. Why? Because you can show off the silhouette of the jean but not have to worry about baring too much skin.

Go For an Ultra-Comfy Look

When you’re in the mood for head-to-toe comfort and don’t really feel like showing off your curves, mom jeans are a great option. Plus, they’re practically made for wearing with sneakers, so it’s a no-brainer.

Pair your mom jeans with a pullover sweatshirt or a comfy sweater tucked in at the front. An oversized, tucked in knit top looks great paired with flat sneakers, chunky running shoes, or ankle boots with a chunky or flat sole.

Want to keep it really simple? Embrace the true mom style of the early ‘90s and pair them with a white tee shirt and white sneakers.

Add Fun Footwear

Mom jeans make a statement on their own. Just the fact that you’re wearing them proves that you’re a fashion risk-taker and that you know how to embrace the trends. And that’s something to be proud of!

But if you don’t want your jeans to be the focal point of your outfit, pair them with some statement-making shoes. Colorful sneakers, snakeskin boots, printed heels – add some bold footwear and you’re good to go.

Cute Mom Jeans to Buy Now

Even trendy retailers and youthful fashion brands are getting in on the mom jean’s craze. Here are a few of our favorite pairs that you can style in any of the ways we mentioned above!

BDG Acid Wash ‘80s Mom Jean

Urban Outfitters’ BDG brand features the mom jean in a variety of washes and designs, but we love this retro ‘80s pair the most. The acid wash and the V-shaped front yoke make them extra mom-ish!

BDG High-Waisted Mom Jean

Looking for a pair of mom jeans that your mom would never, ever wear? These ripped and destroyed jeans from Urban Outfitters let you rock the trend in a fresh, modern way.

Topshop Bleach Wash Mom Tapered Jeans

Keep it simple and classic with these light blue mom jeans from Topshop. They have a relaxed, baggy fit with a tapered ankle and they come in a slew of colors if you’re not into the bleach wash look.

Topshop Rip Hem Mom Jeans

Distressed details and frayed hems add a fun twist to these mom jeans from Topshop. They’re high-waisted, baggy, and ripped in front and back so they look cool whether you’re coming or going.

Madewell The Momjean in Downey Wash

This fit in this wash is everything you want a classic mom jean to be! Made from rigid denim, as classic mom jeans were, they’re perfectly slouchy, baggy, and comfortable.

Can I Pull Off Mom Jeans?

Let’s be honest, mom jeans aren’t for everyone. But then again, neither are skinny jeans or yoga pants. The fact is, it’s good to take a fashion risk once in a while! And that means anyone can enjoy this trend while it’s still a thing.

Fashion is all about having fun, so embrace the retro mom look before it’s over and we’re all back to wearing skinnies again every day. As long as you pair them with the right top and shoes, you can rock a mom jeans outfit that will look like it was made for wearing in 2020, not 1990!
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