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The 34 Best Subscription Boxes For Women In 2022

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Subscriptions are having a moment, and we’re here for it. Regular delivers not only make our lives way easier, but they also make a fun gift for others or yourself. 

But which ones are the best? And are there any new options that you maybe haven’t heard of?  

If you’re looking for a subscription service for yourself or a special lady in your life, consider one of these 34 best subscription boxes for women. 

Best Subscription Boxes for Plant Mommas 

Who can resist the look of fresh greens and flowers? These subscription boxes are a great way to add some life back into the dreary corners of your humble abode. Send them to a friend, Grandma or even keep them for your own tablescape. 

The Sill 

Woman holding plants from the Sill subscription box

Love plants? Love buying plants, more specifically? Whether your house looks like an indoor rainforest or you’re more known for cultivating and then accidentally killing your favorite plant of the week, if you love plants, The Sill is for you.

The Sill offers you a new plant in its own planter, delivered every single month, starting at just $35 per month. Subscriptions come as three-month commitments at one time, and you can choose a subscription that fits your needs — pet-friendly, low light or best for beginners.


Bouquet with eucalyptus, white flowers and a succulent

Maybe you have caring for your own plants covered, but you’d love to have more fresh blooms throughout your home — including fresh flowers that are expensive or inconvenient to grow yourself. 

If that’s the case, then you need a Bouqs flower subscription. You can choose from a wide array of subscription options, starting at $52, for weekly, biweekly, monthly or bimonthly bouquets shipped to your home. You can opt to just have fresh roses delivered on the regular, or pick a bouquet style, from classic to seasonal to farmers market picks.


Plants from Horti

Do you think you still can’t handle the pressure of The Sill’s monthly plants? Your green thumb just not green enough yet?

Opt for Horti, where the subscription boxes (starting at $22 per month) feature only hard-to-kill houseplants. The brand starts you off with the absolute easiest-to-care-for plants in your first box, and then gradually works you up to other, more sophisticated plants, based on your success (or lack thereof). 

Each plant comes with its own terracotta pot and saucer, in a color of your choosing to match your personal style and home decor.

Best Subscription Boxes for Stylistas  

If COVID has your shopping experience somewhat limited, you’ll be happy to know that there are still ways to stay up with the latest trends without having to leave the house. 

Smartass and Sass

Smartass and Sass subscription box for women

So, not all fashionistas will love this clothing subscription box, but those with a sense of humor certainly will. Smartass and Sass delivers a monthly box, for just $14, and it’s filled with fun, punny and totally smartass items. 

If you buy just the basic subscription, you’ll just get a shirt with some sort of witty saying on the front (and the shirts all come from small business owners, too, which is nice). If you upgrade to an expanded subscription, you’ll get extra goodies ranging from socks to accessories. 

Stitch Fix 

Stitch fix clothes

You already know Stitch Fix. This fashion subscription box brand has been around for ages, but for a good reason — it provides excellent service and items in each box. 

For the uninitiated, Stitch Fix basically works like this. 

You pay a $20 styling fee and then Stitch Fix sends you a box of five clothing items, based on an extensive style quiz that you fill out when you sign up. Then, you only buy the items in your box that you want, but if you buy all the items delivered, you receive a 25% discount on the clothing.

This box is also nice because you don’t technically have to sign up for a full subscription to enjoy the perks. You can get boxes delivered just as you want them, or on a monthly or quarterly basis. 

Box of Style

Box of Style Subscription box

Another fashion box that’s been around for a while, Box of Style is on the pricier side, but it offers high-end clothing items curated by a Hollywood fashion icon and stylist, Rachel Zoe. 

With subscriptions starting at $100, you can find each seasonal box filled with unique fashion items, from handbags to earrings, sarongs to skin and hair care products. 

Gwynnie Bee

For the women that just can’t seem to make a decision, Gwynnie Bee is a rental subscription service that lets you try on clothes without the pressure to commit to anything. 

Whether you decide to wear an item once or need it for a few more occasions, you simply send them back to Gwynnie Bee for cleaning. That’s right, they clean each item for you and offer free shipping. 

If you really love a piece, you can purchase it at a discounted price. 

Gwynnie Bee pricing depends on how many items you want to rent. Plans start at $49 for one item at a time, albeit unlimited rentals throughout the month. For the fashion aficionado, you can opt for more. Their largest subscription of 10 items at a time is $199/ month.     


Woman wearing Rocksbox necklace

If your fashion tastes trend more toward jewelry than clothing or beauty products, then you may enjoy Rocksbox. Starting at $49, the subscription sends you three pieces of designer jewelry in each box, and you get to keep them or swap them out at any time. (However, do note that you do technically have to return each item at some point in order to get a new one; if you want to keep a piece long-term, you’ll have to buy it separately.)

Each box is different and comes suited to your particular jewelry preferences and personal style.

Emma & Chloe 

Earrings from Emma & Chloe subscription box

Another jewelry-themed box, Emma & Chloe sends metal-loving subscribers designer jewelry worth $50-$100 each month for just $35. 

Each piece is made from either stainless steel or recycled brass and plated with 18K fine gold or silver rhodium. When stones are involved, you will receive natural stones––meaning each piece is unique.

And, the best part is that you get to keep these pieces.   

Elite by Adore Me 

Adore Me's Elite Box

Fashion subscription boxes don’t end there. Beyond clothing and jewelry, you can also enjoy a subscription box filled with pretty women’s undergarments and lingerie to make each day a little more special, regardless of if you’re only wearing an old t-shirt and sweats on the outside. 

The Elite by Adore Me box is similar to Stitch Fix, in that the brand basically sends you items based on your sizing and preferences to try on and try out, and then if you like what they send, you can buy it separately, at a discount. 

Best Subscription Boxes for Beauty Lovers

Who says beauty has to be painful? These beauty boxes are a convenient way to test out some of the industry’s hottest trends without the struggle of driving to store after store only to blow your budget on an impulse buy.  

The Target Beauty Box

Target Beauty Box

If you’re more into skincare and makeup than you are clothing, and you’re looking for a very affordable subscription box to start off, you may want to check out the Target Beauty Box.

Each month or season, you’ll receive a box of sample products, featuring products from across Target’s most popular brands. Monthly boxes start at $7, but sell out fast. Target also offers capsules for $15. Either option you choose, there’s no commitment required, so you can buy them when and if you want them. 

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Birchbox next to painting supplies on a desk

Birchbox is another highly popular fashion and makeup subscription box brand. 

Pick your subscription based off your skin type and beauty needs and then enjoy the affordable boxes (starting at $15) shipped to your home. Each box is filled with top and new items from favorited skincare and beauty brands, like Living Proof, Kiehl’s, Benefit Cosmetics and others. 

Boxy Charm

A similar makeup and beauty subscription box, Boxy Charm offers subscriptions starting at $25, and each box includes at least $125 worth of products. 

Rather than receiving sample-size items, you get five, full-size products, from top beauty brands, exactly like what you’ll find at Sephora or Ulta (think Tatcha, Tarte and Glamglow). 

Similarly options like Ipsy’s Deluxe Glambag, Scentbird or Glossybox are excellent choices as well. 


ox opened on a table outside with some decorative pillows in the background

Based in the UK, Glossybox curates some of the highest-quality beauty products in a lovely $21 box. 

Each box is intentionally built with 5 deluxe-sized products. We love this company’s focus on vegan, cruelty-free and quality ingredients that won’t leave your face feeling like a plastics factory. 

As an added bonus, subscribers can purchase items through the marketplace at a discount. 


Scentbird tubes with designer perfumes nearby

Work hard, play hard. And if you don’t want to smell like you’ve been working hard all day, Scentbird is for you.

A $16 subscription will get you the most popular scents in convenient trial-size tubes that are perfect for your purse.

Your first month will run you a bit less and include a cute holder for your spray bottles. 

Skylar Scent Club

Woman holding a Skylar Scent tube

When you want to smell nice without slathering on toxic chemicals, Skylar Scent Club is a great alternative. 

For just $20, you will get a rollie filled with a hypoallergenic, cruelty-free scent. Each fragrance is free of parabens, phthalates, SLS and synthetic dyes. If you don’t like a particular scent, Skylar Scent Club offers free exchanges. 

And if all that isn’t enough, this company also supports non-profits.   

Best Food & Drink Subscription Boxes for Women

Despite the misconceptions that women don’t actually eat…we do. For our fellow foodies who enjoy good eating (and drinking), these boxes are for you. 


Mouth Subscription Box

While Mouth is a great subscription option for anyone who loves to eat, it’s particularly suited to those women who love to snack in a health-conscious manner.

Mouth offers a great box of snacks delivered to your door on a regular basis, including a wide range of snacks that are all vegan-friendly and healthful.

Recent boxes have included items like almond butter, rosemary and olive oil popcorn, a more healthy take on Swedish Fish, granola and more. 

Ryan Brothers Coffee

You don’t have to venture to southern California for a quality cup of artisan coffee thanks to the Ryan Brother Coffee subscription. 

Enjoy sustainably crafted coffee, tea and hot chocolate delivered straight to your door. 

Your monthly cost will vary depending on the type of drink you choose, but subscribers get 10% off retail prices. Get a sample box for just $9 and find your favorite blend. 

Hungry Root

For the woman on the go, Hungry Root combines meal planning, grocery shopping and food prep into one simple service. 

This previously plant-based platform has expanded its selection and now includes dairy, eggs and meat in addition to their usual plant-based proteins. You can also shop for bread, snacks, desserts and other pantry items. 

Plans start at $59 with the ability to adjust or cancel your orders whenever you need to. 


Get your wine delivered, with Winc. Take a fun quiz before choosing your subscription and then receive a box of wines on a regular basis from partner vineyards, all wines suited to your particular likes and dislikes. 

Subscriptions start at $39, but when you consider that you’ll be getting approximately four bottles of wine each time, that’s definitely not expensive. 

Firstleaf Wine Club 

Do you consider yourself the wine pro among your friends? Then you can appreciate Firstleaf Wine Club’s wide variety of high-end wines from around the world. 

Like with Winc, you fill out a survey so the brand can find wines to suit your tastes, then you’ll receive a box of that wine every month, two months or three months, with bottles coming out at an astounding cost of $5 per bottle. 

Craft Beer Club

Friends with beer bottles toasting to something

Prefer a six-pack to a bottle of wine? Craft Beer Club has you covered. For $42 per monthly delivery, you’ll receive twelve beers sourced from microbreweries located all across the United States. 

Each month, the box highlights two breweries from different areas and gives you three beers in four different styles. So if you find something you like, you’re not disappointed to only have one bottle or can. 

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Best Subscription Boxes for Healthy Women

From exercising to mental health, these boxes are designed to help you live your best, most healthy life. 


Woman opening up a Therabox subscription box

It’s like if your therapist created a monthly box intended to help you just chill out and focus on your own wellbeing. Therabox offers therapist-curated products that are meant to relieve stress, increase joy and help you work through your more negative emotions. 

The monthly subscriptions start at $35 and products have included aromatherapy candles, journals, skincare products, face masks, tea and other self-care items. 


If you’re always in need of some new activewear, Ellie can keep you stocked, sending you two to five activewear items each month, starting at $40 per month. 

Subscription options allow you to receive one top and one bottom per month; one top, one bra and one bottom per month; or one top, one bra, one bottom and two accessories or other fitness-related items per month. Those fitness-related items might be a foam roller, fitness band or an activewear bag, among other options. 


Woman stretching while wearing clothes from YogaClub

If your fitness interests are primarily focused on yoga, then you might want to skip Ellie and go straight for YogaClub

Take a quiz and then start receiving yoga-centric workout pieces from brands that know yoga best, such as Beyond Yoga, Manduka and Splendid. 

You can choose from a monthly membership or a quarterly membership, and each box includes three pieces. The monthly membership is $79 per month, while the quarterly membership is $89 for each box. 


Lola subscription box for women

There are few things women can count on, but the fact that you’re going to need to buy regular period products is one of them. And you can either make an uncomfortable trip to the store each month, or you can have them delivered conveniently to your door. 

A subscription with Lola will have you enjoying nontoxic and hypoallergenic period products delivered regularly so you never have to worry about running out. 

But the love doesn’t stop there. Lola also provides products for intimacy and hygiene, and they help underprivileged girls get the supplies they need. 

Subscription pricing depends on the products you choose, but they start at $7.

Best Subscriptions Boxes for Women Who Need a Hobby

Quarantine or not, life should be more than just working and sleeping. Bring a little fun into your day with one of these activity boxes. 


Woman with items from her Cairn subscription box overlooking a mountain view

Discover your crunchy side and get outdoors this summer. Find new favorite outdoor hobbies, with a $30 monthly subscription box from Cairn

You start by making a profile that tells the brand all about your favorite outdoor and adventure activities, and then they send you a surprise box every month, filled with items designed to make those adventures more convenient or to introduce you to new ones. 

Expect items like beginner gear, apparel, snacks, skincare or outdoorsy tools such as a rock-climbing rope or a waterproof hiking bag.

Cloth & Paper

Cloth & Paper Subscription Box for Women

If you’d prefer to stay indoors to explore a new hobby, a Cloth & Paper subscription box might be more up your alley. 

The $38 per month box comes with six to eight stationary items, perfect for sending off a note or two to grandma or getting yourself a new pen pal. Expect items like envelopes, stickers and pens, each with a very aesthetically pleasing and high-end design. 

Hunt a Killer

Hunt A Killer Subscription Box

The Hunt A Killer subscription box requires you to use your brain to solve an intricate murder mystery. It’s the perfect thing for a murderino, but do note that it requires a commitment. 

The subscription box features one murder over the course of six months, so if you actually want to find the killer, you’ll have to subscribe for that entire six months. 

Not up for the time commitment? You can find others like this that are more low-key (and a little more PG).

Women Who Want A Little bit of Everything

When you can’t decide what you want, or want to enjoy a little variety, these boxes will give you a little bit of everything. 


Women holding up the new Alltrue Flag

Formerly Causebox, Alltrue curates quarterly boxes filled with artisan goods from all over the globe. Each sustainably made item supports fair wages and women workers around the world. 

Members will enjoy seasonally appropriate beauty products, jewelry and home goods, among other things. You will also have access to the member-exclusive add-on marketplace. 

Subscriptions start at $55 with savings if you buy a year at a time.  


Globein Sip Subscription Box

Another artisan box, Globein provides one of a kind home goods that were sustainably made from artisans all throughout the world. 

Much like Alltrue, Globein offers an add-on marketplace for members to shop their past-box favorites. But unlike our previous pick, Globein delivers boxes each month, so you don’t have to wait for the seasons to change to get another set of goodies.

Memberships start at $35 if you sign up for a year long commitment. For a 3 month membership, you’ll pay $40. 


SinglesSwag Subscription Box for Women

Being single is not a death sentence. In fact, there is no lamenting necessary. Celebrate yourself and the season of life you’re in with a SinglesSwag subscription box

Each month, you will receive 4-8 full-sized items designed to inspire, empower and remind you how beautiful you are. 

The number of items and the monthly cost for this box depends on the size. A regular box will run you about $38 and give you 7-8 products while the SinglesSwag Petite Box will cost just $24 and contain 4-5 items. 


Take care of your beauty needs, inside and out, with FabFitFun’s seasonal lifestyle subscription. Each quarter, you’ll receive top picks and trendy items, ranging from beauty products to wellness products to skincare products — all items guaranteed to be either fab, fit or fun, of course.

The brand promises each curated box will contain a minimum $200 of products, which is a steal considering the box itself is just $50. You can even choose some of the products that come in your quarterly box, with seasonal subscribers allowed to choose three of their items and annual subscribers allowed to choose five of their items. 

Recent boxes have included skin scrubs, facial masks, cozy slippers, mental health journals and other items.

BE KIND. by ellen 

Smiling woman holding up her BE KIND. by ellen box.

In a world in which you can be anything, be kind. BE KIND. by ellen makes a great gift for mom, yourself or any other special lady that needs a break from the callousness of the world. 

Each quarterly box contains some of Ellen’s favorite beauty and home items, sure to bring some luxury and fun into your home.  

Subscriptions start at $55, and if you choose to preorder the year, you will enjoy some extra savings. 


HopeBox on display

It seems like everyone needs a little more hope in their lives now and then. Take a break from all that’s happening in the world and enjoy a little encouragement for yourself or share it with those around you. 

Each Hopebox contains handmade treasures and a personalized, uplifting letter. 

Boxes range from $48 to $89, depending on the number of goodies you choose.  

Finding the Right Subscription Box For You

Finding the perfect subscription box for you (or a loved one) shouldn’t be a huge task. All you need to do is consider what you like, what you need and how much of a time and cost commitment you’re willing to make. After that, it’s as simple as sitting back and waiting for a monthly subscription box of joy to show up on your doorstep. 

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The Best Subscription Boxes for Women:

  1. The Sill 
  2. Bouqs
  3. Horti
  4. Smartass and Sass
  5. Stitch Fix 
  6. Box of Style
  7. Gwynnie Bee
  8. Rocksbox
  9. Emma & Chloe 
  10. Elite by Adore Me 
  11. The Target Beauty Box
  12. Birchbox 
  13. Glossybox
  14. Scentbird 
  15. Skylar Scent Club
  16. Mouth
  17. Ryan Brothers Coffee
  18. Hungry Root
  19. Winc
  20. Firstleaf Wine Club 
  21. Craft Beer Club
  22. Therabox
  23. Ellie
  24. YogaClub 
  25. Lola
  26. Cairn
  27. Cloth & Paper
  28. Hunt A Killer
  29. Alltrue
  30. Globein
  31. Single Swag
  32. FabFitFun 
  33. BE KIND. by ellen 
  34. Hopebox

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