The 37 Best Subscription Boxes For Kids Ages 2-14 [Guide]

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Subscription boxes are more prominent than ever, and why not?

You get a fun box of your favorite things delivered like a surprise gift each month. If your kids have been eyeing your subscription boxes with envy, get them a treat of their own, with one of these best kids subscription boxes for kids.

What to Expect with Subscription Boxes for Kids

Like with every subscription box, for any age, before committing to a subscription, you want to examine all of your options, especially when it comes to price and value.

There are subscription boxes for kids out there that are filled with awesome toys, high-end items and educational material… but they’re $50 per box and only come four or six times per year. In other cases, you might get a small box filled with a few items, but that box is only $15 per month and comes monthly.

Choosing a subscription box for your child?

Bottom line: do your research to find the best subscription box for your child, looking carefully at the price and the quality of and amount of items included and the frequency with which you receive each package.

All play a role in picking the best option for you among the many subscription boxes for kids out there.

Subscription Boxes for Kids: Infants

Monti Kids

Who says the fun subscription box for your kids can’t make your life a little easier and enjoyable, too? That’s the case with these subscription boxes made with infants in mind.

First up, the Bluum box. Each Bluum box contains four items curated to your family and your child’s age and stage, and each monthly box includes products that add up to a value of $45 or more. Options are available for infants to preschool. Boxes can contain bath toys, infant skin care, grooming tools, feeding tools and more.

If you fully intend to enroll your child in a Montessori preschool or to incorporate Montessori methods and concepts into their play and learning at home, you’ll want to sign up for a Monti Kids subscription. The boxes are developed for children 0 to 36 months, and parents receive a new package each quarter. The boxes are pretty pricey, though — just under $300 per box. Still, each one is filled with high-quality toys designed to meet your child’s specific developmental needs at their current stage.

Subscription Boxes for Kids: Toddlers

The subscription boxes for kids start out pretty early in a child’s life. You can find subscription boxes for infants, as well as women who are just expecting a child. These options are filled with items suitable for children up to kindergarten age.

The Lovevery boxes for toddlers are designed for those ages 13 to 24 months, with kits delivered every three months. And the best part is every three months, the kit changes to match your child’s rapidly changing cognitive development. So, when your child is 13 months, they might receive a ball game that teaches object permanence, but when they’re 16 months, they might receive a book on processing emotions.

KiwiCo creates many great subscription boxes for kids, and their Koala Crates is their box aimed at 2 to 4-year-olds. With each box, you get high-quality materials for two to three creative activities, activity guides for parents, stories and games and other DIY ideas located online. Each box is designed to engage your toddler’s creativity and imagination.

The HoppiBox is designed for toddlers up to the age of 3. Each custom box is filled with four to five age-appropriate toys designed to inspire learning through play. Parcels are delivered quarterly.

The Sago Mini Box for toddlers, ages 3 to 5, includes three activities and mini-figures for parents and children to enjoy together, with a surprise theme each month. Then, when you’re done with all the fun your box contains, you can use the shipping box to create a new craft. Choose a monthly or yearly plan and get to playing.

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Subscription Boxes for Kids: Elementary Age

Once your child reaches the elementary school age range, they start to develop more specific interests — and there are subscription boxes for kids to fit any of those interests. Subscription Boxes for Kids: Elementary Age

Little Passports

Once your child reaches the elementary school age range, they start to develop more specific interests — and there are subscription boxes for kids to fit any of those interests.

If your child enjoys cooking and baking in the kitchen, they might enjoy a KidStir subscription box, which delivers fun cooking kits right to your door. Each kit teaches kids about good food and cooking, plus it gives you and your child a fun activity to enjoy together.

Car-loving kids will enjoy the Road&Track Crew subscription box, which offers six themed packages per year, with each pack including car-themed accessories and gifts, STEAM activities and a car-themed magazine. The most recent box, for example, includes some temporary tattoos, a t-shirt, sunglasses and a construction project.

And for those elementary-age kids who are already turning into accomplished globetrotters, the Little Passports subscription box is just the thing they need, filled with travel-related and educational items that will inspire their wanderlust and introduce them to new cultures.

If you have a Build-A-Bear fan in the family, but you don’t find yourself at the mall as often as they’d like, sign up for the Cubscription Box by Build-A-Bear (see what they did there?). The boxes are $30 per quarter, and every season your child will receive six to eight exclusive Build-A-Bear items that you won’t find in the store. Think items like notebooks and stickers, matching accessories for your child and their bear, cups and pillowcases, scarves and socks, decals and posters. Of course, each box comes with a 12-inch, exclusive stuffed animal.

For LEGO fans, Brick Loot is the ultimate subscription box. Each package starts at $25 per month, including a range of fun items, like custom LEGO kits, LEGO accessories, LEGO mini figures, and LEGO compatible products.

One unique option for elementary-age kids with autism or sensory needs is the Sensory TheraPlay subscription box, which comes packed with toys that help calm and manage anxiety, stimulate the senses and develop critical sensory-motor skills. Each box has items that were picked out by a licensed occupational therapist every month.

For children with an artistic flair, Guide Dots is a month-to-month subscription box that helps your child discover their inner artist and become more confident in their artistic abilities. Suitable for children ages 4 to 10, your first box will be a starter kit with full-size supplies to get your child going. Then, every month, you’ll receive monthly art projects that use the supplies in your starter kit for a fun drawing or painting activity.

Attempting to instill in your children a healthy appreciation for the outdoors? Try Think Outside, a subscription box appropriate for kids ages seven and up. It comes with a monthly outdoor challenge, activity book, resource cards and five outdoor gear pieces. Your first $40 box comes with a backpack, and from there, gear might range from camp cookware set to a compass. Themes include nature, navigation, weather, first aid and wildlife, to name a few.

Subscription Boxes for Kids: Tweens

And then, of course, as kids get into that tween area, 10 to 14, they start to really care about things being “cool.” You can be the cool parent when you sign them up for one of these fun subscription boxes for kids.

Another offering from KiwiCo, the Maker Crate is designed for those ages 14 and up. It is intended for your crafty kid, and each box comes with hands-on projects and high-quality materials, as well as access to video tutorials. Each box teaches a lifelong skill, whether it’s creating a hoop rug or knitting a pillowcase.

For your nerdy kid (hey, there’s nothing wrong with it!), LootCrate offers up a subscription box that’s so cool, you’ll want to regularly steal it for your own enjoyment. Each month, you’ll get a box themed around their favorite fandom or favorite fantasy- or sci-fi-related genre. Options include a Harry Potter-themed subscription box, a Marvel-themed subscription box and more.

And then, KiwiCo makes another tween-friendly subscription box called TinkerCrate that’s more for the science-fascinated 10 to 16-year-old in your life. Each box comes with a STEM project, teaching kids all kinds of skills.

Owl Crate Jr. is a kid-friendly version of the adult subscription box that delivers books and book-themed goodies every month. Starting at $28 per month, the Owl Crate Jr. subscription box is suitable for kids ages 8 to 12. Each kit includes a middle-grade appropriate book and gifts related to the book, such as stickers, posters or gender-neutral accessories.

Strong Selfie is a seasonal subscription box designed for tween and teen girls. Starting at $54 per box, pick between packages for ages 8 to 12 or 13 to 17. Boxes are all designed to promote girls’ wellbeing, mental health and self-image, so items feature positive messaging and range from journals and school supplies to jewelry and skincare items.

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Subscription Boxes for Kids: Educational

While most of the above subscription boxes for kids have some sort of educational component, if you really want to hone in boxes that will teach your child a few things each time they receive their subscription box, you might want to consider one of the following options.

The Green Kids Craft: DIY STEAM Projects subscription box uses sustainable-only materials and offers DIY STEAM projects for kids ages 2 to 10.

The girls-geared Smore Box: Smart Boxes for Smart Girls subscription box provides STEAM-based materials, books and more for ages eight and up.

The Club SciKids Labs subscription box is similar, created for those ages seven and up, and is designed with aspiring scientists and engineers in mind.

The MEL Science monthly subscription box is suitable for ages 10 and up, and each package includes two to three experiments per month. Experiments cover a range of topics, but all are related to chemistry in some way. There are 24 total sets in the collection, enough to last your child two years. The monthly subscription is $35 per month, and you can pause or cancel at any time.

Another educational subscription box built with girls in mind, the Girls Can! Crate from Crate Joy comes with items aimed at girls ages five to 10, including an activity book featuring a female role model, STEAM activities and play props. Past boxes have focused on empowering women role models such as Marie Curie, Wangari Maathai and Irena Sendler.

If you anticipate your child having a future in coding and app development, get them started with BitsBox. At $40 per month, this educational subscription box is a little pricier than most subscriptions on our list, but you get new projects every month, with each box introducing a new computer science concept. Each is suitable for beginners with no experience in coding, ages six to 12.

The Little Feminist Book Club offers book subscriptions for kids less than a year old to nine, with each box containing a book, art, a science activity and empowering conversation starters. And don’t think that this book club is just for girls — they’re aimed at educating the entire family. Boxes start at $23 per month.

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Subscription Boxes for Kids: Cooking

Harlow’s Harvest

For an educational experience the entire family will find tasty, look to Harlow’s Harvest. The subscription sends you monthly themed kits to use in the kitchen, and each kit teaches your child culinary skills, STEM concepts and cultural and geographical facts. Starting at $19 per month, the boxes are geared toward children of nearly all ages, four to 15. Each kit includes kitchen tools, a project, laminated recipes and even activities that teach grocery shopping and budgeting skills.

Along these lines, if you think your child will especially love leveling up their skills in the kitchen, you can also look into Raddish, the cooking club for kids. Monthly boxes include a tool and recipes, a craft or game and access to online resources for both kids and parents. You can also find info online about modifying recipes for allergies or special diets. Recent boxes have included items such as cookie cutters and recipes for seasonal cookies, pancakes and stews.

For bi-monthly cooking fun, Foodstirs delivers a $26 box designed for children ages six and up. All of the boxes focus on baking, but all are free from preservatives and artificial ingredients. The projects are a little more hands-off than some of the other cooking-geared subscription boxes.

You can expect your elementary-age child to be able to do most of the work, thanks to pre-packaged, pre-mixed and pre-measured ingredients, save for the perishable items you may need to provide yourself, such as milk or eggs. Kits result in truly adorable baked creations, such as cupcakes topped with melting marshmallow snowmen or cupcakes topped with gummy bears chilling on a tropical beach.

Subscription Boxes for Kids: Clothes

Stitch Fix Kids 

If shopping with your elementary-age child is a hassle and a headache, Stitch Fix Kids might be a better option than dragging your child to the nearest department store and forcing them to try on an endless line of shirts and shoes.

The Stitch Fix Kids subscription works just like the adult Stitch Fix service, in that each box sends you a small selection of items fitting your child’s preferences; you can keep what you like and return what you don’t, and pay only for those clothing items you choose, plus a $20 fee per box. The Stitch Fix Kids subscription is available for sizes 2T to 14.

If there’s one thing that kids wear out fast and seem to need constantly, it’s shoes. All that playing takes a hard toll on your children’s footwear, and they always seem to be growing out of the pair you bought them just a season ago. Now, you can get those new shoes delivered straight to your door at a discount, thanks to Nike’s Adventure Club subscription box. Either quarterly or monthly, you’ll get to pick a pair of shoes for your child, and then they’ll be delivered along with some fun activities. When you break it down, you’ll be paying less than what you are in the store, at $20 per month for four pairs of shoes; $30 per month for six pairs of shoes; or $50 per month for 12 pairs of shoes.

Kidpik is the fashion subscription box for boys and girls ages four to 16. It works similarly to Stitch Fix, in that you take a quiz, choose your delivery frequency and then receive a box of clothing handpicked for your child. Keep what you like and return what you don’t. Each package includes seven pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories, all of which create three coordinated outfits. Unlike Stitch Fix, though, there’s no styling fee with Kidpik, so you’re only paying for the clothes you keep.

Fabkids is similar, with boys and girls clothing subscriptions for sizes two to 16. Each month, you pay $30 for your membership fee, and then that applies to the purchases you choose from a monthly box. Each monthly package includes a two-piece outfit, and prices are 40% off retail prices. You can keep the clothing for up to 30 days, use it as much as you want and then return it for a refund or exchange if you decide you don’t care for the clothing.

Subscription Boxes for Kids: Affordable

Of course, since subscription boxes for kids can get pricey, if you’re looking for the best deal possible, you’ll want to consider one of these value-heavy options.

The Amazon STEM Club subscription box is $20 per box, with a package delivered each month, and is available in different versions for three to 13-year-olds. The box is filled with STEM toys, which, if you bought separately, would cost you up to 40 percent more.

The Surprise Ride box also ships every month and includes a different creative activity each time, along with a snack and a book, for an instant boredom beater for kids aged six to 11.

Start building your child’s library with Bookroo. The book club sends you a regular box of board books for children up to three years of age. Each package also includes some materials for mom or dad on the book authors and illustrators. A picture book club is also available for kids up to six. Subscriptions start at just $17.

Subscription Boxes for Kids: Convenient


Another subscription box aimed at children that can simultaneously make your life easier as a parent? Yumble. This kids’ meal service sends you prepared, full meals for ages three to six. Pick the meals you want to receive with each weekly box, or let Yumble fill your box with some of their most popular picks, such as a taco bowl or pizza pocket.

Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that all items are both healthful and tasty to the pickiest of palates. The price breaks down to about $7 per meal.

Considering purchasing a subscription box for your child?

Subscription boxes make an excellent gift for any kid.

You’re sure to find something that appeals to their interests or sparks their curiosity, and it doesn’t even have to be expensive to surprise them every month.

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The 37 Best Subscription Boxes For Kids (Ages 0-14):

  1. Bluum box.
  2. Monti Kids subscription
  3. Lovevery boxes
  4. Koala Crates
  5. HoppiBox
  6. The Sago Mini Box
  7. KidStir
  8. Road&Track Crew
  9. Little Passports
  10. Cubscription Box by Build-A-Bear
  11. Brick Loot
  12. TheraPlay subscription box
  13. Guide Dots
  14. Think Outside
  15. Maker Crate
  16.  LootCrate
  17. TinkerCrate
  18. Owl Crate Jr.
  19. Strong Selfie
  20. Green Kids Craft: DIY STEAM Projects
  21. Smore Box: Smart Boxes for Smart Girls
  22. Club SciKids Labs
  23. MEL Science
  24. Girls Can! Crate
  25. BitsBox
  26. The Little Feminist 
  27. Harlow’s Harvest
  28. Raddish
  29. Foodstirs
  30. Stitch Fix Kids
  31. Nike’s Adventure Club 
  32. Kidpik
  33. Fabkids
  34. Amazon STEM Club
  35. Surprise Ride
  36. Bookroo
  37. Yumble

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