The 54 Best Super Bowl Snacks [Feed The Entire Gameday Crew]

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The Super Bowl is just around the corner and if you are one who enjoys hosting the great game day party, we want to make sure you are prepared to serve your guests with a delicious spread.

The spread of munchies is equally as important as the game on Super Bowl Sunday.

Here are 54 Super Bowl snacks guaranteed to keep your crowd happy no matter what team they are rooting for this year during Super Bowl 54.


Whether you order take out from Buffalo Wild Wings, get hot and ready wings from your local grocery store or grill them yourself, chicken wings are a must and go-to snack at any Super Bowl party.

Make sure to stock up early; supermarkets have been known to sell out of wings leading up to Super Bowl Sunday.

Here are a few wing recipes we love if you decide to make them at home:

Remember the dipping sauces because nothing goes better with wings than the zesty taste of ranch or creamy bleu cheese.

Soft Pretzels

You can never go wrong with baking soft pretzels as the warm, golden-crusted treat goes perfectly with warm queso or a spicy brown mustard.

Make sure to find the happy medium of salt to pretzel ratio. The baking process is pretty simple with minimal ingredients and you can make full pretzels or pretzel bites depending on how many people you are serving.


With so many different options of what to put in a tortilla with melted cheese, this makes for an easy and delicious treat on game day. All ages will enjoy a warm gooey quesadilla.

Layered Dip

A go-to snack that will guarantee satisfaction is the heavily loved layered chip dip. With plenty of variations, it’s impossible to go wrong with this snack.

A classic go-to is refried beans, cheese, guacamole, sour cream and salsa. Here is a simple but tasty recipe by Lil Luna.

Muddy Buddies

Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth?

It’s hard to go wrong with muddy buddies as the rich chocolatey peanut butter mix reminds you of Reece’s peanut butter cups.

Chex’s signature recipe is easy and very addictive.

This will get gobbled up quickly; we suggest making a double batch.

Snack Mix

Snack mix can be made a ton of different ways and every way you make it, it’s addicting just like muddy buddies.

Just add your favorite seasonings and extra snacks to spice it up like Cheetos, Goldfish, rye chips or whatever else you are craving. Be creative and your taste buds will thank you.

Here are some party snack mixes:


While making real-sized burgers on the grill can be a pain for a large party, sliders are a great option.

These are easy to make and will also give your guests some protein-packed options throughout the game.

Here are a few of our favorite slider recipes:

Jalapeño Poppers

No one ever turns down a jalapeño popper. Wrap them in bacon and your guests will probably start grabbing two at a time.

These are super easy to make and even your friends who don’t like spicy food will be asking you to make these for your next party!

Veggie Platter

Some people like to be healthy, cut up the veggies yourself, or grab a pre-made platter at the grocery store. This is a great option instead of chips or crackers for dips too.

Gimme Delicious has a great How to Assemble a Veggie Platter recipe.


Bring out the toothpicks! Meatballs are great to serve at a party but can be messy. Make sure to have napkins and toothpicks nearby to minimize the clean up.

We love these meatball recipes:

Hot Dips

Is it even a party if there are no chips and dips to snack on? Hot dips are great to keep warm in a crockpot for everyone to enjoy throughout the entire game.

You can’t go wrong with:

Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are perfect for any potluck occasion. They are super easy to make and you can add extra seasonings to get them some spice. These Hamilton Beach Football Deviled Eggs could not be more perfect for game day.

Cold Dips

Hot dips are great, but you can’t forget about cold dips! Cold dips are great for chips, wings, veggies or slider toppings. Make sure to make double batches of your cold dips; you’ll be surprised how quickly they get eaten.


Rolled up to perfection taquitos are a great appetizer. You can make them ahead of time and pop them in the oven to crisp up for your guests. These little rolled up tortillas are packed with flavor.


Providing your guests with a tasty spread will instantly make you the MVP of the Super Bowl.

Everyone will be a fan of these Super Bowl snacks and be begging you for the recipes by the end of the game.

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