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The 15 Best Tech Gadgets [Holiday Guide]

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With the holidays quickly approaching, many of us are deep into making our holiday shopping lists and searching for the perfect presents for our loved ones.

If you’re scratching your head at what to get your tech-savvy teen or your gadget-loving sister, look no further than ChatterSource.  We’ve compiled the coolest tech gadgets for our 2021 holiday gift guide that will surely impress even the hardest to buy for Techie.

What Kind of Techie do you Have?

First things first- you have to identify what kind of giftee you are shopping for. Are they into fitness tracking? Do you have a serious gamer on your hands? A wellness guru? Maybe they are setting up a smart home or are super into gadgets that make life easier?

Whatever their particular tech persuasion may be, we’ve got 15 cutting-edge gift ideas to help make your holiday shopping a little easier.

Health & Wellness Tech

We all know someone who is into the latest and greatest gadgets when it comes to health and wellness. These gifts will not disappoint.

Apple Watch Series 6

As far as health tracking and monitoring go, this smartwatch does it all. If your giftee is already an iPhone user, consider this gadget a no-brainer.

From the state-of-the-art ECG monitor, blood oxygen sensor and the myriad of other health and wellness-related apps are all designed to take your body’s readings and turn them into an understandable performance. Plus,  the LTE connectivity makes this watch a phone replacement, so no more iPhone strapped to your arm while you try to get a run in.

Apple Airpods Pro 

OK, so these are not technically a piece of Health and Wellness Tech,  but we’re talking about Apple, so boom, here we are.

The new wireless earbuds from Apple feature an active noise-canceling system and a new Transparency Mode to let you hear and interact with the world around you with the touch of a button. And, with up to 24 hours of battery life, you’ll be rocking out to your favorite banger and taking your Zoom meetings in even the loudest rooms.


The Dodow is a perfect gift for anyone who struggles to fall asleep. This revolutionary sleep tool will have them feeling calm and centered, letting you drift to sleep up to two times faster, meaning you won’t be reaching for the snooze button on your alarm clock.

Tap a button when you hop into bed, and a blue glowing light projects onto your ceiling. It sounds too easy, but all you have to do is synchronize your breathing to the light pulses and voila, sleep is yours. The secret is the elongated exhale and speed at which you go from inhale to exhale.

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Oura Ring


This wearable tech gadget has been on the market for some time now but is growing in popularity for those who want wearable health and fitness tracking but who don’t want to wear a space-age looking smartwatch or Fitbit.

The specialty of the Oura Ring is sleep tracking, as many users find a ring is uncomfortable for heavy workouts, and their easy to navigate app which aggregates your body’s data into three easy to follow scores.

And for all those who are trying to limit EMF exposure, you can wear this device in airplane mode and upload the stats to the app once per day. You’ll lose the real-time activity and heart rate tracking but gain powerful insights in an EMF freeway!

Kailo Patches


Do you know an athlete who battles with injuries or chronic pain? Then the Kailo Patches may be just the thing they need. These lightweight patches adhere to the skin or clothing and use nano capacitors to disrupt the pain receptors from the brain.

Plus, the Kailo Patches are water-resistant, require no batteries or power, and are super durable and reusable.

The Hardcore Gammer

It can be tough to shop for a gamer, but this year there are plenty of new options that any gamer will love!

Sega Genesis Mini

So this one is a little bit of a throwback, but anyone who lived in the golden age of late 90s video games is going to lose it over this.

The Sega Mini comes preloaded with 40 classic games, two controllers and an HDMI cable to keep up with modern technology. If they’ve been jonesing to play some old Sonic the Hedgehog or swim the oceans with Echo, or even know who those characters are, this is the perfect gift for them.

Nintendo Switch Lite 

OK, OK, we know this came out last year. But since the new Nintendo Switch 2 has been teased for the entirety of 2020 and not slated to be released until sometime in 2021, the Switch Lite is still a popular system and has lowered in price since it’s release in 2019.

This system is a perfect gift for gamers on the go thanks to its entirely handheld platform and comes in four killer colors.

Sony PlayStation 5

The new Sony Playstation 5 released November 12th and is going to be one of the most coveted gaming systems this holiday season. So coveted, you’ll have a hard time finding a place to order it online, and the price is as high as $1,300 on eBay already. You’ll have another chance to buy it on November 27th, so if you haven’t ordered one for your Gamer already, sign up to receive notifications for availability and be ready to splurge.

So what makes this PlayStation so badass? Start with the near-instant load speed and factor in graphics like you’ve never seen before, thanks to the Ray Tracing technology.  Plus, with a few extra pieces of hardware, you can turn the PS5 into a VR console.

Xbox Series S


Another gaming system that’s going to be near-impossible and beyond coveted is the Xbox Series S. This system was released on November 10th and is already sold out across online retailers, Amazon and Best Buy included. You’ll want to get on a notification list to start scouring physical locations if this system is on your list.

This version of the Xbox is completely disc-free, which sounds like a bummer, but don’t dismay. This console comes preloaded with 100 games right out of the box. If your gamer likes to play multiple games at a time, then they are going to love the Quick Switch feature, allowing users to seamlessly hop from game to game without disrupting gameplay.

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Helpful Home Gadgets

Can you really ever go wrong with a home tech gadget? We don’t think so. Check out a few of our favorites that will last for years to come.

Ember Mug

Available as a classic coffee mug or travel mug, Ember is an app-controlled smart mug that keeps beverages at the user’s perfect temperature.

Beverages will remain hot for over an hour on a single charge or all day using the newly redesigned wireless charging coaster. Also newly redesigned is the scratch-resistant ceramic coating that’s safe for handwashing and can be submerged up to a meter.

Use this as a stocking stuffer for your coffee addicted gadget lover and throw in some of their favorite brew for a thoughtful gift they’ll soon not know how they lived without.

Amazon Echo Show 10

While the release date has been widely speculated, Amazon has assured its customers that the new Echo Show 10 will be available for the holiday shopping season.

What looks like an iPad attached to a 3rd Generation Echo Dot functions as a hub for all your compatible smart devices like security cameras, lights and thermostats. You can also use the Echo Show to view the room it’s in while you’re away with the Alexa app.

Use the 10″ touchscreen to stream Netflix, family photos or make video calls and connect your mobile device to take full advantage of the killer Bluetooth speaker.


This handy little device is like a pocket-sized mechanic and makes a great gift for someone who just got their first car or who may be moving away from home for the first time.

Simply plug this device into your car and have diagnostic information sent to your smartphone. Find out in real-time what the pesky check engine light actually means, and get an idea of how much the repair is going to run you.


Do you have a loved one that’s always losing their keys or wallet? Then Tile is the gift for them. These Bluetooth tracking devices sync to an app on your smartphone and help you locate the item they are attached to. With sizes perfect for everything from keys and wallets to remotes and backpacks, the Tile locator system will keep you from searching the house endlessly for items you know are there.

You can even pair the Tile system with any Alexa enabled device and ask, “Alexa, where are my keys?”

SONOS Beam Sound Bar 

The SONOS soundbar is a high-quality, compact smart speaker with superior sound quality. Designed by sound engineers to perfectly deliver the sound of the human voice, you’ll give the gift of clarity to your tech-loving giftee.

The Beam can be used solo or connected through your home’s wifi to other SONOS speakers to create a full home studio system that rivals what competitors like Bose can offer. The Beam is also compatible with Apple AirPlay 2, can be wall-mounted and works with Alexa.

Top Vision Mini Projector

This small but mighty mini projector has a lot of bang for the buck. With 1920×1080 resolution and an included 100″ projector screen, your giftee will be able to turn their backyard or basement into a theatre, perfect since no one is actually going to the movies this year.

You will need an adapter to connect this projector to your smartphone, but it comes with two HDMI cables and is ready to stream from your laptop without anything extra. Unlike many projectors of this size, the built-in speakers are fully functional and fill a room with sound without any issues.


No matter who you’re shopping for these 15 awesome tech gifts are sure to make your gadget lover swoon come present time.

From the ChatterSource family, we wish a happy and merry everything and a very techie new year.

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The 15 Best Tech Gifts for 2020: 

  1. Apple Watch Series 6
  2. Apple Airpods Pro 
  3. Dodow
  4. Oura Ring
  5. Kailo Patches
  6. Nintendo Switch Lite 
  7. Sega Genesis Mini
  8. Sony PlayStation 5
  9. Xbox Series S
  10. Ember Mug
  11. Amazon Echo Show 10
  12. FIXD
  13. Tile 
  14. SONOS Beam Sound Bar
  15. Top Vision Mini Projector

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