The 10 Best Tech Shorts For Summer

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Shorts are arguably the most underappreciated article of menswear in anyone’s closet.

The reason for this is twofold: first, they have limited utility, and second, they are considered to be unfashionable and even tacky.

To address the first problem – yes, shorts are limited in utility by the nature of the events that they can be worn at, and even by the season which you plan to wear them in.

There are scarcely any formal occasions where shorts are considered an acceptable item of clothing, especially if you attempt to combine them with a sports jacket.

And yes, the problem in trying to wear shorts in the winter and even in the autumn seasons is primarily because of the cold, rather than because it’s a fashion faux pas.

So, shorts are rightfully considered to be limited in their use.

However, we disagree with the assertion that shorts are altogether unfashionable.

The Wrong Way to Wear Shorts

The main reason why many people consider shorts to be tacky has very little to do with the article of clothing itself and much more to do with the way that many men wear them.

If the fit is too tight or goes too far up the legs, then they would be incredibly uncomfortable to wear and move around in.

If the fit is too loose, then the hem would be far too wide for your waist, and you would need to keep adjusting them.

Shorts should fit comfortably on your waist and be long enough to cover your thighs down to your knees while not being too loose or too tight on the legs.

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Everything Has Its Use

We all have our preferences. Some people prefer wearing baggy jeans, others go for cargo shorts, and yet others – well, they wear khakis.

In any case, being comfortable in what you wear is very important, but there will be times where you won’t be able to substitute one article of clothing for another.

What we mean by this is that you wouldn’t turn up to work in sweatpants, just as you wouldn’t put on dress pants for lounging around the house.

We mentioned that shorts are limited in utility by circumstances, but this is true of every clothing garment.

And much like every other article of clothing, shorts can do what other types of pants can’t.

What Shorts Are Great For

Bright faced, happy guy wearing tech shorts

In brief – shorts give us comfort and mobility.

They are the go-to clothing of choice if your day is geared towards being active and constantly being on the move.

They are also a godsend in the summer months since they can help keep you cool and styling at the same time. You can wear them with anything, including a polo shirt, a button-down, and a plain t-shirt.

The matching will really depend on the type of shorts, but there are plenty of styles that can be used for sporting activities, looking good in public, or both at the same time.

What Are Tech Shorts?

It’s about time we addressed the main topic of this article and actually explained what tech shorts are.

Simply put – tech shorts are made of technical fabrics, synthetic materials that are made by combining two or more types of fibers. These fabrics are designed in order to have specific properties to optimize the garment’s utility.

Essentially, the benefits of these sorts of fabrics are passed onto the shorts made from them. 

For example, specific tech fabrics like elastane can add elasticity, better moisture absorption, odor resistance, antibacterial properties, and even fire retardancy to what otherwise would be your average pair of men’s shorts.

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Best Men’s Tech Shorts

Now that you know the benefits of tech shorts let’s check out our favorite options on the market.

ExOficcio Men’s Nomad Shorts

While they seem like typical chino shorts, the Nomad shorts are made from a stretchy nylon textile that will give you a bit more freedom of movement, on top of making the shorts more durable and tear-resistant.

The material itself is also a lot more water-repellent than something like cotton, meaning that water or sweat won’t be so noticeable.

Amazon Stretch Golf Shorts

Amazon Stretch Golf Shorts

The Amazon Stretch Golf Shorts are one of the best tech shorts around and an ideal fit for the businessman on the go. While these won’t be a good fit for office meetings, they will prove very useful to anyone that has to travel a lot for their job.

The button-up back pockets and slant front pockets will ensure that all of your valuables stay in place, while the light material will ensure that you stay cool while working.

Under Armour Showdown Golf Shorts

Under Armour Showdown Golf Shorts

Sporting a straight cut with a slightly loose-fitting hem, these Showdown shorts will match perfectly with a button-down shirt and maybe a pair of slip-on casual shoes.

Much like the previous entry, the polyester-infused material makes the shorts much more moisture-resistant, allowing you to avoid awkwardly placed sweat marks after sitting for long periods of time.

Under Armour Raid Gym Shorts

Under Amour Raid Gym Shorts

Made from the moisture-wicking combo of polyester and elastane, the elasticity and quick-drying qualities make these some of the best tech shorts that you can use for the gym, for jogging, biking and so on.

The Raid shorts also have zippered pockets, which are very useful if you decide to use them as running shorts and go for a quick jog without worrying about accidentally dropping any money or other items you took with you.

Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Cargo Shorts

Columbia Men's Silver Ridge Cargo Shorts

Unlike the other shorts on the list, these Columbia Silver Ridge Shorts are almost entirely made out of nylon and while they might not be board shorts exactly, they are still incredibly water-resistant. 

This characteristic makes them the most obvious choice if you’re planning to take a trip to the beach.

The style of these shorts allows you to pair them with a good pair of sandals, and the multitude of front, back, and side pockets are always a welcome addition.

R-Gear Mile Master

R-Gear Mile Master

The short legs and the slits on the side provide you with maximum mobility and make sure that absolutely nothing obstructs the movement of your legs once you hit the track.

Aside from that, the Mile Master shorts are pretty simple, sporting only a zippered back pocket for the essentials, as well as an elasticized drawstring waistband.

Onia All Purpose Shorts

Onio All Purpose Shorts

These nylon-spandex Onia shorts feature a stretch fabric material that’s much more flexible than your average pair of pants, while also being very breathable and fashionable.

The zip-fly and front slant pocket style of the shorts will allow you to wear them with something like a polo shirt and loafers, so you can still give off that sort of casual businessman look.

Chubbies The Staples

Chubbies The Staples

Chubbies shorts come with an elastic waistband and can be purchased in 4, 5, 6 and 7-inch inseam lengths and in any size from S to XXXL.

The adaptable fit and four-way stretch material ensure that these shorts can be worn by pretty much anyone.

Additionally, the simple style of the shorts makes them the perfect pair of shorts for any sort of casual occasion since they can be worn in combination with a variety of outfits and still not look out of place.

Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece

Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece

These are probably the smartest choice of tech shorts you can wear in the winter.

The super-soft material they’re made of is designed to keep you warm, while not adding any additional weight to the shorts themselves.

If you want to keep active during the colder months, then the best course of action is to get some equipment for a home gym, put on a pair of these gym shorts, and keep up with your workouts.

Lee Men’s Extreme Comfort Tech Cargo Shorts

Lee Men's Extreme Comfort Tech Shorts

These are everyday shorts that are geared towards the casual look and they would go great with a pair of sneakers and something loose fitting like a t-shirt or a hoodie.

Lee Men’s Extreme Comfort Tech Cargo Shorts are made out of durable soft cotton with added spandex for stretch and shape retention, as well as deep front pockets and a button-up side pocket.

Why Just One Pair?

There are many different styles of shorts that we covered on our list, and all of them would be considered the best shorts for certain occasions.

If any of these have piqued your interest, then we encourage you to check them out for yourselves and find out exactly why we put them on our list of best tech shorts.

Additionally, the great thing about having so many varied types of shorts is that you don’t have to choose just one pair.

No one has a single pair of jeans and a single t-shirt which they wash on a daily basis, so there isn’t really a reason to limit the number of shorts that you own either.

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The 10 Best Tech Shorts:

  1. ExOficcio Men’s Nomad Shorts
  2. Amazon Stretch Golf Shorts
  3. Under Armour Golf Shorts
  4. Under Armour Raid Gym Shorts
  5. Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Cargo Shorts
  6. R-Gear Mile Master
  7. Onia All Purpose Shorts
  8. Chubbies The Staples
  9. Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece
  10. Lee Men’s Extreme Comfort Tech Cargo Shorts

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