See The Cast From The Sandlot Now [You’re Killing Me Smalls]

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It’s hard to believe we heard the infamous line of “heroes get remembered, but legends never die” by the Babe 27 years ago.

The Sandlot is timeless, and no matter how many times you watch it years later, the one-liners are still just as good and quote-worthy.

But have you ever wondered what the actors from the ‘90s movie are up to today? Well, they obviously aren’t kids anymore and the adults are ever older adults. Are they still acting? Are the kids parents themselves? We will give you the lowdown on where the cast from The Sandlot is now.


Scotty Smalls (Tom Guiry)


Little shy Scotty Smalls is 38 now, but we still remember him as a kid with a massive black eye.

Since The Sandlot, Tom has acted in a variety of movies and TV series. Some you might remember are Lassie, Black Hawk Down, Mystic River, Chicago Justice and The Revenant. He has been in way more.

And while Tom has been quite successful in his cinematic career, he hasn’t been the best-behaved citizen. He actually missed the 20th The Sandlot reunion because he supposedly head-butted a police officer and they detained him. Maybe he is still rocking the black eyes?

He’s not active on social media, but at least he still makes an appearance at baseball stadiums.

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Hamilton ‘Ham’ Porter (Patrick Renna)


Hamilton “The Babe” Porter was full of one-liners throughout The Sandlot. Some of our favorites:

“You’re killin’ me, Smalls!”

“You call that pitching? This is baseball! Not tennis!”

Patrick Renna has probably had the biggest acting career since The Sandlot, including The Big Green, The Secret Life of Girls, P.U.N.K.S, Boy Meets World, Bad Roomies and most recently, GLOW the cupcake show.

But now, at 40, he has settled down with his wife Jasmin and son Flynn. However, now he is teaching his son things like how to make a proper s’ more and we are quite smitten about it.


Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez (Mike Vitar)


Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez was the leader of The Sandlot crew and it seemed like he was always running. Thank goodness for those PF Flyers.

After The Sandlot Mike Vitar was in a few more movies like D2: The Mighty Ducks, D3: The Mighty Ducks and the TV series Chicago Hope. But his television role ended in the late ‘90s.

Now at age 41, he is married, has 3 kids and is a firefighter in Los Angeles. We imagine he is still inspiring young minds.


Michael ‘Squints’ Palledorous (Chauncey Leopardi)


You might never see a happier kid than when love-obsessed Squints scored a kiss from Wendy Peffercorn that day at the pool. Grinning from ear to ear, that was a historic moment for those kids.

Chauncey Leopardi now 38 has also been in a variety of movies and shows since The Sandlot from Boy Meets World, Walker Texas Ranger, 7th Heaven, Freaks and Geeks and Gilmore Girls. He also was in The Sandlot: Heading Home as Squints.

Now he spends a lot of time with his family and seems to be living his best life. He also is still rocking those thick-rim black glasses.


Alan ‘Yeah-Yeah’ McClennan (Marty York)


Though Alan “Yeah-Yeah” McClennan was known for his repetitive nature, he also took some risks. Would you be as trusting to go fetch a ball over the fence where Hercules lived?

Since The Sandlot he has been in a few other things like Boy Meets World, Hey Arnold! and The Brothers Sinclair.

Marty York is 39 lives in New York and is very invested in personal training and keeping his body in tip-top shape. Rumor has it, he might also struggle with excessive alcohol consumption.


Timmy and Tommy ‘Repeat’ Timmons (Victor DiMattia and Shane Obedzinski)


Timmy and Tommy played very realistic brothers in The Sandlot, always getting on each other’s nerves. And the little brother always copying the older brother.

Both Victor and Shane did some acting after The Sandlot. Victor (Timmy), now 39, was in Children of the Dark, A Peaceable Kingdom and Get Married or Die. While Shane (Tommy), now 37, had roles in Clarissa Explains It All, Hidden Fears and Space Filla from the Deep.

Both Victor and Shane aren’t super active in the movie scene anymore. Shane owns a pizza company in Florida and Victor works behind the scenes on some smaller projects.


Bertram Grover Weeks (Grant Gelt)


Always equipped with a pack of Big Chief even though that didn’t always work out in the team’s favor. We all remember the infamous puking scene. We don’t need to remind you of the details. But, carnival rides and chewing tobacco is never a smart combo.

Grant wasn’t really in the acting scene after The Sandlot. He moved on to music and lives in Nashville with his wife. You can still catch him in a baseball hat, though.


Kenny DeNunez (Brandon Quintin Adams)


Always rocking a Heater’s logoed hat throughout the film, Kenny was their all-star pitcher. He’s the one to thank for that big win against the Tigers.

Brandon was in a few TV series and movies after The Sandlot like D2: The Mighty Ducks, Boy Meets World, Sister, Sister, Moesha and Reborn. 

He is now a dad, a rapper and a big family man.


Mrs. Smalls (Karen Allen)


Mrs. Smalls encourage Scotty to make some friends and get outside during the summer as any Mom would!

Karen Allen, now 68, has been in a plethora of movies, TV series and even the voice in a video game. A few of them are National Lampoon’s Animal House, Raiders of The Lost Ark, The Perfect Storm and Indian Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. She’s also slotted for a few films in 2020.


The Babe (Art La Fleur)


Playing The Babe, an iconic in real life and The Sandlot was a role model to the kid’s actors in the movie and in real life. He looks so much like Babe Ruth that was the perfect role for Art Le Fleur.

He has been in a wide range of movies from Man of the House, Lewis & Clark & George, The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, House Hunting and more. He is 76 now and still looks like the great Babe Ruth.


Wendy Peffercorn (Marley Shelton)


Wendy Peffercorn was the biggest heartthrob for all of the boys in The Sandlot and most likely, the boy’s watching the movie at home. She was cool, cute and 100% out of the boys leagues. Squints was lucky enough to get a kiss, even if it was sneaky.

Marley Shelton, now 45, was in a lot TV shows after The Sandlot like Fantasy Island, American Dad!, Eleventh Hour, The Lottery, Rise and Dirty John. 

While she is still in movies and TV shows, she spends a lot of her time outdoors and her dog, Lily.



The Sandlot will always remain a coming of age movie and we are okay with that. We will also probably always remember the cast as young kids. It’s hard to digest that it came out 27 years ago, but now we can share this timeless classic with our kids.

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