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The Top 11 Colognes For Men [That Endure The Test Of Time]

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As a man, choosing a fragrance for yourself can be a process and not one you want to take lightly. Scents can determine how people view you and even how people remember you. When you’re looking for your own distinguished smell and choose it wisely,  you can effectively give off the illusion that your fragrance is a part of you, a natural thing that follows you around and not something you apply within your daily routine.

Your aroma is you.

Less is always more with any type of aroma. What you apply daily as a signature scent eventually goes unnoticed by your own nose. This is a natural reaction of being desensitized by your routine, so do your neighbors a favor and don’t over-do it on the application process. If you can smell it throughout the day, it most likely means every person you pass in the office is bathing in it as well (and not by choice).

It was news to me when I learned that every fragrance is specially made and used for certain times of the year and even certain times of the day. If you get down to its science,  a heavier and more pungent smell is typically used for colder times of the year.

It’s longer-lasting to help stay applied throughout the removal of coats, jackets and the constant change of clothes we can’t escape during winter. A cologne with spicy notes or woody scents doesn’t always make sense in the depth of summer.

Opposingly, a summer fragrance tends to be lighter on the skin, less likely to evaporate in the heat, and won’t leave you feeling greasy or sticky. From eau de cologne to eau de toilette sprays, there is something on this list for everyone.

Without further ado, here are the top 11 best colognes for men!

Christian Dior Homme

Introduced in 2005 and then redefined in 2011, this bold fragrance is a staple piece for any well put together man. The idea behind this particular Dior scent is to take well known masculine notes like Atlas cedar and cashmere wood but intertwine it with feminine touches. The result is a “wear-all-day” cologne that remains manly but not overbearing.

Anyone within your bubble (hopefully still at least 6 feet away) won’t be choking on your aroma. There are at least a few best-selling scents from Dior like the Dior Sauvage collection, but this one remains highly acclaimed and relevant to other popular smells.

Scent:  Lightly woodsy, yet sweet.

Price: $78.00

Size: 4.2 ounces


Hugo Boss BOTTLED Eau De Toilette

Hugo Boss is a key player in the clothing game, and their cologne holds no difference in the values and quality of the products they put out. This particular fragrance is classified under the Oriental family, which can be described as a “seductive” smell.

Have a date night coming up?

Play it safe with a staple scent like this one. A scent like this is ideal for winter months, as most oriental aromas are. This is because the scent is long-lasting and more powerful, able to be noticed through the extra layers you need in the colder months. Hugo Boss has a number of incredible fragrances, but this particular one stood out tremendously.

Scent: Oriental, Apple, Cinnamon

Price: $90.00

Size: 3.3 ounces  

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L’Homme Yves Saint Laurent Eau De Toilette Spray

It’s no secret that France is the tastemaker and biggest exporter of fragrances throughout the entire world. A trustworthy source of smell non the less would be fashion house Saint Laurent, based out of Paris.

Their L’Homme aroma leans towards a fragrance best worn for slightly warmer weather. It boasts top notes of ginger, spicy middle notes and base notes of Tonka bean. Pick up this fragrance of one of their many others if quality is what you’re looking for.

Scent: Herbal, Woodsy

Price: $79.80

Size: 3.3 ounces


Louis Vuitton L’Immensité

Louis Vuitton is easily one of the most well-respected and known brands on planet earth. If you’re sporting a classic LV logo anywhere on your body or on a handbag, we know you like quality, and you’re willing to pay extra for it. The brand is so iconic they could get away with putting out a sub-par smelling cologne, and no one would dare say it smelled anything less than a rose garden.

Luckily that isn’t the case here.

Pops of ginger, grapefruit, and amber make for a vibrant fragrance that still holds tight to its masculinity. If a gift is what you’re looking for, Louis Vuitton makes it easy by offering a complimentary engraving on each bottle. Say whatever is on your mind.

Scent: Grapefruit, Ginger, Amber

Price: $265

Size: 3.4 ounces

Gentleman Givenchy Eau De Toilette

Also out of Paris is Givenchy. A classic fashion brand founded in 1952, and shortly after, created their perfume subsidiary in 1957 with their first release, “L’Interdit.”

Today they are home to more than 250 different fragrances, with Gentleman Givenchy Eau De Toilette being our top pick. With top notes of Black pepper, middle notes of orris, and base notes of black vanilla, this is a perfect scent for evenings or a fancy dinner.

Scent: Woody, Aromatic

Price: $79.99

Size: 3.3 ounces

Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper

For the man’s man, there is the Molton Brown Black Pepper aroma. Something about black pepper and coriander screams musty masculinity. I would rate this scent as a heavier contender compared to the others on this list.

Think whiskey neat versus a light beer. Skip the flowers, the fruits and any other exotics that could water down the bold vibe you’re looking to accomplish.

Scent: Black Pepper, Coriander, Vetiver.

Price: $120.00

Size: 3.3 ounces

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Tom Ford Costa Azzurra Acqua Eau De Parfum

Bringing you the coastal vibes you have been longing for, Tom Ford impresses with this exotic and summery aroma.

Complete with Juniper berry, lemon and Cypress oil, it truly captures what it is to live the beach life. Reviews on this product note that the smell is fantastic, but it’s a shorter lasting smell, so it’s okay if you want to re-apply throughout the day to keep the vibes going.

Scent: Woody, Aromatic

Price: $121.43

Size: 3.4 ounces

 Aesop Tacit Eau De Parfum

Aesop Tacit is a very universal cologne that actually works for both men and women. With eccentric citrus notes, this aroma is perfect for summer nights and springtime days. One reviewer said both he and his wife wear this scent, creating a different aroma on each of their skin.

I think what drives this specific scent is how universal it is for each user and how you can get different results out of it depending on what time of year it is who is actually applying it. This is one of the steeper priced options, but it offers such a unique twist that it is worth trying out.

Scent: Woody, Aromatic

Price: $135

Size: 1.7 ounces


Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 Eau de Toilette

This particular cologne is unique to each individual user, depending on your skin and body chemistry. The idea that it goes on as a cologne but comes off of your skin as a natural smelling musk will have people fooled that you’re wearing anything at all. The warmth of your body re-imagines the molecules of this aroma and creates its own. Sweet!

It begins with a velvet woody aroma, but the fun is what it creates after it goes on your skin. You have to try it to find out!

Scent: Velvet, Woody

Price: $88.04

Size: 3.5 ounces

Versace Pour Homme Eau De Toilette

If you’re over the woody smells and want something more unique, something not everyone is wearing, I suggest you give Versace Pour Homme a try. It offers a more crisp take on a simple, everyday wear cologne. It was created in mind to pair well with other everyday scents; whether that’s your deodorant, body wash or hair styling cream, it adds a nice base layer to create a full-bodied aroma.

With notes of Lemon, Cedar and Tonka bean, I would say this is a must-have aroma for just about any man looking for an Italian cologne.

Scent: Crisp, Aromatic

Price: $85.00

Size: 3.4 ounces


Molton Brown Orange & Bergamot Eau De Parfum

With top notes of bergamot and orange blossoms, this cologne by Molton Brown is an unmistakable men’s fragrance. You really can’t go wrong with anything from the Molton Brown fragrance family, in my opinion.

With base notes of cedarwood and Ylang Ylang and undertones of cardamom and neroli,  this lingering fragrance is bound to bring you some happiness.

Scent: Citrus, Floral

Price: $100

Size: 3.3 ounces


Whether you are looking for something fruity, musky, citrusy or another masculine scent, there’s a men’s cologne out there for everyone! From undertones of bergamot, sandalwood, black currant, or geranium, you can find the best smelling cologne for you and your individual pheromones.

No matter what scent you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered for winter, summer, day or night, and hope you find the scent that completes the aura surrounding your personal style and look!

And remember, the one for you isn’t always the one for your best friend. The wearer of the cologne must understand what zesty scents smell the best one them! Embrace your inner spice bomb with one of these best-selling scents.

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The 11 Best Men’s Colognes:

  1. Christian Dior Homme
  2. Hugo Boss BOTTLED Eau de Toilette
  3. L’Homme Yves Saint Laurent Eau De Toilette Spray
  4. Louis Vuitton L’Immensité
  5. Gentleman Givenchy Eau de Toilette
  6. Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper
  7. Tom Ford Costa Azzurra Acqua Eau De Parfum
  8.  Aesop Tacit Eau De Parfum
  9. Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 Eau de Toilette
  10. Versace Pour Homme Eau De Toilette
  11. Molton Brown Orange & Bergamot Eau De Parfum

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