15 Best Travel Trailers For All Levels Of Explorers

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RVing has always been a great way to travel and see the country. From motorhomes to RVs to campers to travel trailers, there are lots of ways to pack up your gear, hit the road and enjoy a mobile living space for sleeping, showering and dining.

The road trip has never been more popular — and there are lots of reasons why.

For one, the pandemic has made many people leery of air travel and sleeping in hotels. Two, RV travel is an incredible way to traverse the coast, spend a night or two in a national park or crisscross the country viewing iconic sites. And sometimes, it’s just a great way to break from the norm and enjoy some R&R on your own terms.

Thinking about hitting the road for your next vacation? Here are the best travel trailers for individuals, couples and large families or groups.

A Travel Trailer is Not an RV

Before we start talking about the best travel trailer brands and the best models, let’s be clear about what a travel trailer is.

A travel trailer is not an RV. It is not a motorhome. The difference between a recreational vehicle and a travel trailer is that a trailer doesn’t drive itself. A travel trailer needs to be hitched to a towing vehicle, such as an SUV or pickup truck.

There are dozens of travel trailers that offer all of the benefits of an RV, but none of them can move on their own. A trailer always requires a tow vehicle to get it moving.

Most travel trailers have four wheels, but there is a fifth wheel on some models. Fifth-wheel trailers are usually heavy, large and have an extra wheel on the back that allows for more effortless towing. Yet even with that fifth wheel, it won’t move on its own. If it’s a trailer, it needs to be towed.

What to Look For in a Trailer

With so many travel trailers to choose from, settling on the perfect one can be difficult. But there are lots of things to consider that can help you make up your mind on which one to buy.

For most people, an essential aspect of a travel trailer is its size. A couple that’s planning a weekend trip can get away with a much smaller trailer than a family of six looking to spend an entire summer on the road.

Aside from size, you’ll also want to consider its compatibility with your vehicle. Some lightweight travel trailers can be towed with a small SUV, while larger models require a pickup or a larger vehicle for towing.

The accommodations and amenities are also a deciding factor (and significantly impact the cost). You can opt for high-end kitchen appliances or a generic three-burner stove and sink. You can opt for a small sleeping area or a sleeping space big enough to fit a queen bed. You can enjoy a 60” TV and outdoor speakers or opt for no entertainment center at all.

Travel trailers come with different types of cooktops, restrooms, cabinetry and storage space levels. There are tons of amenities in travel trailers of various sizes like a home. The more luxurious those amenities are, the more you’ll spend.

Trailblaze with your Trailer

Now that you understand what to look for in a travel trailer, check out these 14 great options for solo travelers, families or small groups. No matter your wants or troop size, there is a trailer for you.

KZ-RV Sportsmen SE Travel Trailer

There are lots of RV manufacturers that make luxury RVs plus affordable travel trailers, and KZ-RV is one of those brands.

The KZ-RV Sportsmen SE Travel Trailer comes in different sizes ranging from 26 feet to almost 36 feet. The variety of floor plans allows you to customize and find the perfect trailer for you and your needs.

Regardless of the floorplan you choose, every model comes with some essentials, including a power awning, an HDTV antenna with Wi-Fi prep, a three-burner cooktop, exterior speakers and a jackknife sofa.

And you can always make upgrades, such as adding a 15,000 BTU air conditioner for better comfort or a 10 cubic foot refrigerator for more food storage space.

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Grand Design Imagine Travel Trailer

In the Grand Design Imagine Travel Trailer, you can cook, shower and sleep wherever you decide to park for the night. With a queen-sized bed, excellent storage space and a comfortable dinette area for mealtime, this trailer offers all of the comforts of home so you can feel like you’re at home wherever you are.

Grand Design offers various versions and floor plans in their Imagine collection, ranging in size from approximately 27 feet to 36 feet in length. The base price for smaller models starts at $28,428. 

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Grand Design Reflection Travel Trailer

If you’re looking for luxury in a travel trailer, the Reflection from Grand Design is an excellent choice. Large panoramic windows, a stainless steel sink, elegant countertops, a spacious shower, and a roomy living area make it a great option if you’re hoping to hit the road in total style.

Three different floor plans are available, ranging in size from 33 feet to almost 38 feet. The base price for smaller models starts at $41,988.

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Winnebago Micro Minnie Travel Trailer

The Winnebago Micro Minnie Travel Trailer is lightweight, easily towable, and loaded with features to make on-the-road life more convenient. Its small size features a spacious galley kitchen, a comfy bed, an optional sleeper sofa if you want to sleep three, a spacious dinette, and a stall shower.

The Winnebago name is synonymous with road-tripping, and this trailer model lives up to its name. It’s also quite reasonably priced at $22,172.

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Airstream Classic Travel Trailer

If it’s a high-quality travel trailer you’re searching for, you can never go wrong with Airstream. Airstream makes some of the best (and the coolest) travel trailers that money can buy.

The Airstream Classic Trailer is, in fact, a classic. But if it’s a bargain you’re looking for… this isn’t it. The Airstream Classic 2021 model starts at $161,900.

It is, however, super luxurious and modern inside and out. It’s got a 60” TV, a high-end kitchen, tons of cabinetry, and a bathroom with heated floors that’s better than most bathrooms in most homes.

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Airstream Bambi Travel Trailer

Compared to the Classic Airstream, the Bambi model is miniature — but it offers plenty of room for two people looking to hit the road and enjoy the great outdoors. It’s well-organized to maximize every inch of space and includes a convenient outdoor shower so you can rinse off before you head inside.

The interior width is less than eight feet (it is definitely on the small side). But what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for with amenities. Tow this baby down the road and everyone around you will wish they were road tripping with you!

The Airstream Bambi trailer starts at $51,400.

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Airstream Basecamp Travel Trailer

Starting at $39,100, the Basecamp Travel Trailer is Airstream’s smallest and most affordable model. The durability factor is undeniable — and it includes all of the essentials: daytime seating that converts to a bed, a shower, a kitchen, and ample storage space. It even comes with a pre-installed wire kit so you can hook up solar panels for proper off-the-grid travel.

If you have your heart set on an Airstream (as so many of us do), this is the best option for the solo traveler or the couple who doesn’t mind being in close quarters.

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Airstream Flying Cloud

Coming in at $81,200 base price, the Airstream Flying Cloud is a great mid-sized option with 14 different floor plans to pick from. This option can sleep between four to eight people and is praised for its modern appliances and abundant storage space.

Bertie Cowan of Effortless Outdoors specializes in unpacking and understanding the best of RVs and travel trailers, and makes note of the Airstream, “It’s an iconic brand, with a unique style and excellent craftsmanship.”

If you want a classic experience that never goes out-of-style, go Airstream.

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Land Ark Drake RV

The Drake from Land Ark is less like a travel trailer and more like a house on wheels. This modern beauty is beyond chic with pine walls and ceilings, stainless steel appliances, a full bathtub and shower, and two lofted areas sized to hold king and queen mattresses.

At $149,900, this travel trailer offers more comfortable living than most people’s homes. It sleeps up to seven people, making it a super cool option for a large family or a group of friends ready to hit the road together.

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Living Vehicle CORE

Priced at $229,995, the Living Vehicle CORE is undoubtedly nicer than the average home. It’s so luxe, so elegant, and so modern and chic that it’s almost hard to call this one a travel trailer. But it is.

What makes the living vehicle so cool is that it’s built with adaptable spaces so you can create the areas you need when you need them. Turn your trailer into an office or entertainment space. Set up sleeping for four people in four separate areas. Set your pet up with a space that’s all their own.

The Living Vehicle lets you do what you want, how you want and when you want.

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Scamp 13 Foot Deluxe Trailer

Featuring durable fiberglass construction, Scamp trailers are some of the most economical trailers on the market today. The 13 Foot Deluxe trailer has a hitch weight of only 120-160 pounds, and at only 13 feet long, it’s easy to tow and maneuver.

It includes a bathroom, a table that converts to a bed, and plenty of storage area. It can sleep up to three people, but with its small size, it’s ideal for a solo traveler.

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Scamp 19 Foot Deluxe Trailer

Prefer something a bit more spacious? Scamp makes trailers up to 19 feet in length, including a lofted queen size bed, a larger kitchen area, and even more storage space.

Scamp trailers start at approximately $14,000 and increase in price based on size and specifications. They don’t offer the luxury finishes and high-end look of an Airstream or Grand Design, but they’re a great option if you’re working with a tight budget.

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Lance Camper 1475 Travel Trailer

With 14 feet length on the inside, the Lance Camper 1475 Travel Trailer is modern, functional, and perfect for road tripping with a buddy or two. This trailer is on the small side yet still loaded with all of the essentials, including a sizable shower and kitchen area.

This trailer stands out from other, similar models because it doesn’t have the standard dinette. Instead, it comes with two comfortable lounge chairs — perfect for the couple who prefers to take most of their meals outside.

The Lance 1475 trailer starts at approximately $31,000. 

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Lance Camper 2465 Travel Trailer

At 24 feet of interior length, the Lance Camper 2465 Travel Trailer is loaded with great features, including a king-size bed. Despite its size, it’s super lightweight. It also includes the classic dinette, lots of living space and plenty of cabinetry for storage.

You can make the Lance 2465 even more functional by adding solar panels, an exterior awning to create a shaded outdoor area and dozens of other features.

The Lance 2465 trailer starts at approximately $51,000.

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Jayco Eagle HT Travel Trailer

If you have a half-ton truck to pull it, traveling with the Jayco Eagle HT travel trailer feels more like living at home than living on the road. The kitchen and living space are designed in a way that you can enjoy cooking, dine at a separate table and lounge in a separate area while you watch TV, just like you would do at home.

Jayco Eagle HT trailers start at $50,419 and come with just about every amenity possible. Standard options include an outdoor shower, Shaw wood plank flooring, a hide-a-bed sofa, swivel recliners plus a stone and glass tile backsplash located in the bath.

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What Are the Best Travel Trailers?

There’s no one best travel trailer on the market — and that’s because every traveler has a different budget and different needs.

From small trailers that suit one person to massive, towable homes that can sleep six comfortably, travel trailer manufacturers always offer options to upgrade and customize your trailer to your specifications.

So whether you’re looking to go off-road for months at a time or money down the highway for a weekend getaway, one thing is for sure:

There is a travel trailer to suit everyone’s needs!

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The 15 Best Travel Trailers: 

  1. KZ-RV Sportsmen SE Travel Trailer
  2. Grand Design Imagine Travel Trailer
  3. Grand Design Reflection Travel Trailer
  4. Winnebago Micro Minnie Travel Trailer
  5. Airstream Classic Travel Trailer
  6. Airstream Bambi Travel Trailer
  7. Airstream Basecamp Travel Trailer
  8. Airstream Flying Cloud
  9. Land Ark Drake RV
  10. Living Vehicle CORE
  11. Scamp 13 Foot Deluxe Trailer
  12. Scamp 19 Foot Deluxe Trailer
  13. Lance Camper 1475 Travel Trailer
  14. Lance Camper 2465 Travel Trailer
  15. Jayco Eagle HT Travel Trailer

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