Vessel Bag Review [And Why You Need To Invest In Luxury Travel Gear]

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If you haven’t heard of the company Vessel yet, you are missing out. Vessel is a luxury bag company with a home base in Carlsbad, CA.

They make a variety of high-end bags and travel staples as well as tennis and golf gear and accessories. Not only does Vessel make luxury products, but they also have a pretty stellar mission and thoughtful outlook– two things we can get behind.

We love a company with a good mission that is making a difference in this world. Vessel is inspired by love and driven by purpose. They donate a school backpack to a child in need with every bag sold. Since launching this program, they have donated over 50,000 bags to underprivileged children.

Curating luxury products and giving back to the community isn’t all they are known for though. Vessel products are designed with performance and functionality in mind. With the finest attention to detail and high-quality materials, the craftsmanship is unmatched.

From their classic men and women’s line to their sports gear, Vessel offers something for everyone. We will dig a little deeper into why you should invest in luxury travel gear, our favorite Vessel bags on the market and more.

Why You Should Invest in Luxury Travel Luggage


While you might not be busting out your luggage as much this year as you have in previous years, there are still plenty of reasons to invest in luxury travel gear.

Have you ever sprinted to your gate to catch a flight and the handle on your roller bag broke? Or maybe you packed your bag at the end of vacation a little too tight and the zipper snagged or got stuck? We all have a story (or ten) about luggage busting at the worst times!

By investing in a luxury travel bag, you can throw those worries out the window.


Luxury travel pieces are an investment in yourself and your travel experience.

Fast fashion items do not belong in the travel department.You need something that can withstand various baggage carousels, overhead compartment Tetris and the inevitable coffee spill while keeping your valuables safe and sound.

Whether you are looking for a duffel bag, rolly bag or the perfect carry-on backpack for traveling, the lifespan of your luggage matters. Invest in some good durable gear and it will last for years.


Comfort can be king even when it comes to your travel gear.

Do you really want to be running through an airport with only a handle strap? Probably not. Invest in gear that is multifunctional. Maybe that is a travel bag with a dedicated shoe compartment. Maybe it’s a backpack with a laptop sleeve. Or maybe it is a duffel with a shoulder strap and a trolly sleeve for a longer vaca.

Investing in gear that is comfortable and has extra features is the way to go.

Something that has multiple pockets so you can easily access important items. You don’t want to be the one holding up the line digging around the bottom of your bag for your long lost boarding pass! Finding gear that is easy and comfortable to carry and use is a win-win.


The craftsmanship of the materials is vital when selecting a luxury piece.

Whether you are looking for something with genuine leather, synthetic leather or a durable canvas, make sure the materials are high quality.

There is nothing worse than splurging on something only to have it break or fall apart within the year. There is a reason quality materials cost more.

When investing in a luxury travel item, it is also important to be conscious of if the material is weather-resistant and easy-to-clean. While genuine leather will last decades, it might not be the easiest to clean up if your child decides to use your backpack as their personal napkin.

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Different Types of Vessel Bags

While there are hundreds of options to choose from on the Vessel site, from shoe bags to cart bags to crossbody bags to stand golf bags and tennis bags, we chose our top two favorites among the entire collection to review in more detail.

While jet setting might not be in the near future for you, everyone needs a high-quality travel bag and toiletry kit. Whether you are going out of town for a long weekend or on a quick overnight, we all need a place to throw our toiletries and clothes.

Our Favorite Large Bag – Signature 2.0 Garment Duffel

Duffel bags are great for so many reasons. They are easy to carry, offer tons of space and typically fit nicely in an overhead compartment, doubling as the perfect carry on.

Duffel bags can be used for a quick overnight trip, or accompany a rolly bag on a longer getaway.

Storage and Features 


The Signature 2.0 Garment Duffel offers something your standard duffel does not. As you might infer from the name, it also comes with a garment bag so you can store your suits, dresses or other items that you don’t want to get wrinkled safely inside.

You can easily fit 3 items safe and snug in your garment bag, protected from everything else in your duffel. It opens completely flat as a regular garment bag, but there is much more storage with this garment duffel duo.

This would be the perfect bag to bring for a wedding weekend, a quick business trip or an overnight date night in the city. It also works great for a longer trip where you need to pack a few fancy outfits and want to make sure they stay wrinkle-free in a separate area than the rest of your clothes.

Some other features that make this luxury duffel bag stand out:

  • Tons of pockets for organizing inside and outside of the bag (3 zipper pockets and 2 elastic pockets inside, 2 pockets with magnetic pockets)
  • Elastic pockets can easily store other bags like toiletry bags, shoe bag or other accessories
  • Magnetic and zipper are the perfect valuables pocket for items like jewelry, passports, boarding passes, etc.
  • Single waterproof zipper
  • Personalization options (logo or initials)
  • 5 color choices (Grey, Black or Navy/Black Pebbled, Black Matte/Crocs or Navy Tech)
  • Button clasp on handles

No matter where you are traveling or how long you’ll be gone, we always recommend investing in a few packing cubes. They help conserve space, stay organized and pack more! It is great to use one for dirty laundry too to keep it separate from your clean clothes.

Size and Materials 

  • 23”L x 11.5”W x 12”H
  • Made with synthetic leather and an inner nylon lining

Durability and Functionality 

Like all good duffel bags, you can carry this bag by the shoulder strap or the handles. It also has a trolley sleeve if you bring a roller bag and need to attach your duffel to it to navigate through the airport or hotel.

The versatility makes it easy to maneuver no matter what transportation mode you are taking for your travel. We especially love how easy it is to pack and lay out flat. While you can’t shove things in at the last minute as you might with a standard duffel, you can fit all the essentials. You’ll feel organized and sleek with the garment duffel.

With all Vessel bags, they offer a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.


  • $265
  • $65 to add a custom logo
  • Free Engraving

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Our Favorite Accessory Item – Signature 2.0 Toiletry

Men and women both need a quality toiletry bag. A good toiletry bag has separate compartments for things like cologne, perfume, hair products, makeup and toothbrush and toothpaste. We all deserve a little self-care, even on the road!

The last thing you want is your travel toothpaste or foundation to get on the one pair of nice pants you packed for your trip! Keeping everything organized in a toiletry bag is not only convenient but makes packing much more manageable.

Storage and Features 

The Signature 2.0 Toiletry opens like a book and has dual-sided pockets and is extremely easy to keep organized and fit all of your travel toiletries all in one place.

Some other features that make this luxury toiletry bag stand out:

  • Both mesh and zipper pockets
  • Hanging hook
  • Built-in elastic dividers for face creams, cleansers, serums, etc.
  • 7 color choices (Rose Gold, Tan, Navy, Black and Black/Croc Pebbled, Black Tech and Black Matte/Jet)
  • Waterproof zippers
  • Tons of storage
  • Logo personalization option
  • Easy to clean material

Size and Materials 

  • 9 1/2″L x 3 1/2″W x 6 1/2″H
  • Micro-suede synthetic leather

Durability and Functionality

You will likely splash something on your toiletry bag over its use. It is left in the bathroom, after all!

The Vessel toiletry bag is super easy to clean and wipe off if something spills on it. And because it has waterproof zippers, you don’t have to worry about something leaking into your luggage if you have an accidental liquid explosion during your travels.

The thoughtful organizational features make it easy to keep your makeup or other face products in one area, and your shampoos, body washes and deodorant in a separate compartment. And then you can throw your toothbrush in a separate mesh pocket, so it isn’t touching anything else in your bag.

Everything you need to pack has a designated spot.


  • $85 
  • $65 to add a custom logo

Which Vessel Bag is Best for Me?


You really can’t go wrong with any of the bags from Vessel, in our opinion. But, the best bag for you is going to be the one that you actually use!

We all have been guilty of buying something, and all it does it collect dust in our closet. Finding a stylish and functional piece is very important, but purchasing a bag you will use and will have a long life span is even more important. With Vessel, you get the best of both worlds.

We love that they offer their bags in matching sets.

For instance, in the Signature 2.0 collection, you can grab a briefcase, backpack, rolling luggage, toiletry bag and a garment duffel that is all in the same color and texture. This fall, with the upcoming Crosshatch Collection, you can grab a matching medium tote, zippered wallet, clutch wallet and mico backpack.

Any Vessel bag collection offers a professional look, with meticulous efficiency, to easily access your essentials.

Vessel is known for its luxury and performance, which does not stop at your travel and business needs.

As we mentioned earlier, they also offer a wide range of products for the golf and tennis communities. From racquet bags to stand bags to carry bags and other golf equipment, they offer top of the line tour-grade performance products.

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This would not be a complete review if we didn’t take some time to talk about Vessel’s influence in the golf community. You may even see a few of these bags on the next PGA tour. Over 100 PGA and LPGA players carry Vessel gear on the links.

Vessel is unique in the fact that they offer customization in their golf and stand bags. Golfers can golf on the course with the same bag in theory, but they might not look the same at all. There are eight different Vessel golf bags to choose from to customize.

But what does customize mean?

You can pretty much choose the color and finish down to the little details on your Vessel golf bag. There are over 15 colors to choose from and 7 finishes. You pick a primary color, a secondary color, an accent color, and even a zipper color.

There are endless options when it comes to creating a custom Vessel golf bag. If you aren’t quite sure if your colors look great together on the fairway, you can chat with a design expert to make sure you are curating something you will love for years to come.

They make some of the best golf bags on the market. Their bags are made with vegan leather and can withstand high temperatures and uncooperative weather, which any avid golfer knows all about!

They have collaborated with companies like Cobra Puma to match the footwear and apparel line with their stand and staff bags.

If you aren’t sold yet, the golf bags also come with magnetic rangefinder pockets, an umbrella holder sleeve with matching rain hood and dual water bottle compartments.


Vessel can be summed up in three words: purpose, luxury and performance.

They pride themselves in their craftsmanship of premium products that look as good as they perform.

In our opinion, you really can’t go wrong with any of their bags, but our favorites are the garment duffel and the toiletry bag from their Signature 2.0 collection.

One of the best parts about Vessel is their mission to give back. You can feel good about any purchase you make and know that they are giving back not only to the local community but to kids in need around the world.

They partnered with World Vision and filled backpacks with classroom supplies and handwritten notes to kids in need.

Happy luxury travel bag shopping!

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