17 Of Our Favorite Floor Lamps From Wayfair [Buyer’s Guide]

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A floor lamp can be a practical and stylish room addition that reflects your overall style. Whether you need a reading lamp or ambient lighting to set the mood, there are almost 7,000 to choose from at Wayfair. Here are our 17 favorites that highlight a wonderful combination of form and function, by style.


If you’re seeking a floor lamp that goes with shiplap and a casual, neutral color scheme, consider these options:

Elfrieda 62″ Floor Lamp 

Available in two finishes, the long tubular legs of this Elfrieda floor lamp make a nice visual statement, starting at $171.99.

Arrington 63.5″ Floor Lamp

Available in a polyresin finish with rustic gold highlights with a bit of cottage flair, the Arrington lamp is priced at $194.99.

Chattahoochee 58″ Arched Floor Lamp

Available in several metallic finishes with a crisp utilitarian look, you can grab the Chattahoochee for just $79.99.

Velay 58″ Task/Reading Floor Lamp

Available in three finishes, this Velay metal domed task light makes the best reading companion, priced at $137.99.

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If your décor style reflects clean, cool lines and a clutter-free approach, here are a few examples that might appeal to you:

Dina 81″ Arched Floor Lamp

Available in four upscale finishes with a marble base, the Dina is priced at $229.99.

Haywards 59.5″ Tripod Floor Lamp

With a definite mid-century modern vibe and beautiful wood finish, the Haywards is $333.99.

Heanor 68″ Column Floor Lamp

For $339.99, the Heanor is a sleek, space-saving column style wood floor lamp that would fit great in an office or living room.

Dacia 78″ Arched Floor Lamp

The slim brushed steel finished arm and large metal dome shade, the Darcia modern look is a classic, priced at $169.99.



If you’ve got interior brick walls, high ceilings and a desire for vintage flair, take a look at these factory-inspired lamps:

Gessner 66.5″ Novelty Floor Lamp

A bronze orb with vintage-look crystal accents, this Gessner floor lamp could be yours for only $263.99.

Foshee 70″ Task Floor Lamp

The Foshee is a unique pulley-style bronze lamp with an adjustable suspended shade, priced at $128.99.

Cainsville 72″ Novelty Floor Lamp

The Cainsville dramatic impact lamp comes with adjustable height and wooden tripod base, for $156.99.

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If your home style is sleek and up-to-date, here are a few cutting edge examples:

Vaucher 55.5″ Floor Lamp

Beautiful polished chrome, rectangular casing, and a sharp 90-degree angle make the Vaucher lamp extremely stylish, priced at $410.00.

Taquan 63″ LED Novelty Floor Lamp

The sculptural, spiral design creates a floating piece of art in your room. The Taquan could be yours for only $319.99 and double as a lamp and art.

Dunham 65.5″ Traditional Floor Lamp

Classically contemporary, this mix of gilt spheres and straight lines has a touch of glamour, The Dunham lamp is on the pricier side at $1,340.00.


If you are a bit of a traditionalist or your décor is transitional, here are a few time-honored styles you might like:

Sackman 63″ Floor Lamp

This traditional Tiffany-style lamp is made with hand-cut pieces of stained glass, priced at $209.99.

Courtland Adjustable 65″ Floor Lamp

This traditional marble-based brass-finished Courtland lamp is also adjustable for a perfect fit in your room, priced at $154.99.

Dayna 65″ Arched/Arc Floor Lamp

The Dayna brass arc lamp offers your choice of clear or seeded glass shade for a stunning time-honored look, for only $101.99.


Choosing your Lamp

No matter what your décor style, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your lamp.

Before finalizing your lamp choice, consider what purpose you wish the lamp to serve. If it is for reading or working on your laptop from your chair or sofa, then look specifically at task lamps that focus the light down towards your book or computer.

If your lamp is to augment the natural light in the room or create ambiance, consider a column or sculptural lamp.  Another possibility is a torchiere, a type of floor lamp that shines the light up towards the ceiling rather than down.

The height of your lamp is especially important in order to avoid glare when reading or working.  A good rule of thumb is to position the bottom of the shade at or below eye level from your seated work position if you are placing your lamp close to your chair or sofa. The further away the lamp from your seating, the taller it may need to be.

Sectionals and other larger upholstery pieces often benefit from an arched lamp that extends over from its base and provides a larger pool of light.

In addition to considering the purpose and height of your lamp, make sure to look for additional features that enhance functionality. You may find your favorite lamp has a built-in USB port for charging your devices, built-in dimmers, tables of small shelves for things like your phone or remotes, and adjustments for both height and angles.

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