The 37 Best Wine Delivery Services [Sip, Sip Hooray!]

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Want to get your wine fix without leaving the house? 

A wine delivery service can bring your favorite bottles of vino straight to your door. Whether you want the best deals on a good bottle of wine or you want to try something new you may have never seen before, a wine subscription service will deliver. 

However, there are quite a few delivery services to choose from. Which might be right for you? 

Here are the 37 best wine delivery services out there.

Why Order Wine Online 

There are so many reasons to order your wine online. The first is, of course, that you won’t have to leave your house. Especially during times of social distancing, this is a big plus for many shoppers who want to still enjoy their creature comforts but do so in the safety of their own homes. 

Those who are new to the world of wine might find that ordering wine online provides a more comfortable shopping experience. Forget the days of strolling the aisles at the store, looking at the bottles upon bottles upon bottles of wine and wondering exactly the difference between them all (and being too worried to ask a clerk for fear of looking dumb). 

Most wine shopping websites offer easy-to-use tools that allow you to find wines you might like based on your tastes. You can get into your comfies, explore a selection of wines with wine experts and settle on a bottle without the pressure of making a decision under fluorescent lights. 

You can also often find better deals when you order wine online, especially if you buy several bottles of wine at once. If you find that you want to order several bottles at once or that you continue going back to the same wine delivery service over and over again, you might want to consider a subscription option. Through subscription services, wines are delivered to your door at a scheduled time each month, and you can opt for handpicked options or surprise wines you may like.

One-Off Wine Delivery Services

If it’s just a single bottle you need currently, though, you have a few different options. is the most basic place to start. Search wines by varietal or region and find sales on popular wines from around the world. Buy as little or as much wine as you want and get it delivered right to your home.

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Laithwaites also offers a variety of wines from around the world, but with a focus on small-batch wines. 

Not sure even where to start when it comes to looking for wine? No clue what the difference is between red and white wine, let alone between Malbec and a cabernet? Use the website’s handy search feature to discover wines with tasting notes you might like based on your flavor preferences. 

Usual Wines offers a unique option: wines by the glass, individually bottled, so you never have to worry about a bottle going bad when you can’t drink it all. These small vials hold 6.3 ounces and come in a unique, triangular shape. Choose from red, rose and brut varieties. You can even purchase a mixed pack of wines for sipping and sharing. 

MYSA is a good place to look for all-natural wines. One of the few places you can find direct-to-consumer, international, natural wines, MYSA offers a wide range of natural wines from small producers. Shop various varieties from around the globe. 

MYSA also offers a “club,” but it’s not really a subscription plan so much as a VIP shopping experience. Join the club and enjoy access to the brand’s team of pros, who’ll handpick bottles for you any time you like. Order whenever you want and choose to receive a box of three, six or 12 full bottles. 

Wine Society is a fun option if you’ve yet to try the growing-in-popularity canned wines. Wine Society offers red, white and rose wines in 500ml cans (aka, three standard glasses of wine per can; be careful — it’s easy to drink them quickly). Order one-off purchases of the variety packs of cans and get free shipping. 

Splash Wines allows you to build your own case of wine, with prices starting as budget-friendly as $5 per bottle. You can also pick from one of the one-off cases they’ve compiled based around a certain theme, varietal, region, etc. You can opt for a Splash membership, but the real value in that lies in the free shipping and special offers, not necessarily a month-to-month subscription plan. 

If you’re a wine lover who is all about the European varieties, you may want to check out Le Cru, which sends you six bottles of wine per shipment, whenever you want. While a subscription isn’t offered, it’s still a fun way to get a box of wines that you won’t find in the States; all of the included wines are sourced from small European producers that don’t ship to the U.S. otherwise. Boxes of six bottles start at $155. 

Don’t drink enough wine to really use up multiple bottles per month? You can go with Maivino, which sends you wine in a unique, pouch-like package, ensuring your wine stays fresh for 32 days after opening. 

Pouches are sold individually (with no subscription plan currently available), at $30 per pouch (one pouch equals two bottles), but you can also buy a party pack that’s equal to four bottles of wine. 

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One-Off Delivery Services for Wine Plus More

But don’t worry. If you have someone in your household who enjoys other adult beverages, while you prefer wine, there are a few services that deliver other options.

Drizly is unique because it connects you with your local liquor store, and then that store delivers to you — kind of the same way Grubhub connects you with local restaurants. You can expect drinks delivered in less than an hour, including beer, wine, liquor and more. It’s the perfect option for those who need a drink, stat. 

Saucey does much the same (check both — you never know which will serve your geographic area and for the price you want), but with delivery times in as little as half an hour. 

Of course, what good is booze without some food to go along with it? Meal kit brand Blue Apron offers wine delivery once monthly, so you can get both delicious eats and incredible drinks, all from one place.

Similarly, HelloFresh offers its own wine subscription so that you can get, in addition to your HelloFresh meals, six white, red or mixed wines every single month, for $90 per month, shipping included. (You’ll just want to move fast; the offering is available to current HelloFresh customers through early next year only, after which the subscription will be discontinued.)

Have someone in your home who isn’t quite the wine connoisseur that you are? You may consider a Flaviar subscription (starting at $75) for them this season. Flaviar allows them to taste a range of fine spirits, with one tasting box delivered per quarter and one full-size bottle delivered per quarter. You get your wine, they get their spirits, and everyone is happy

A similar subscription for the spirit-lover in your life, Mash and Grape sends your loved one a monthly bottle of whiskey, scotch, bourbon, gin or tequila — whatever they prefer — sourced from small and independent distillers and bottlers. Subscriptions start at $4 per month. 

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Wine Delivery Subscriptions

Crate of wine bottles

If you decide you enjoy wine delivery services and having your wine shipped to your door, you may want to sign up for a wine subscription. There are several to consider.

Firstleaf combines personalization with great value for wines suited to your taste at up to 60 percent off the retail price. The subscription options are entirely customizable as well, allowing you to choose what types of wine you receive in your box, when you get them and how often. 

Winc is all about introducing you to new wines. Your membership starts with a very simple quiz, and then the service sends you four bottles of wine tailored to your likes and dislikes every month. 

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Vinebox is more suited to those who don’t want a whole bottle of surprise wine — in case they don’t happen to like one of the monthly selections — but who still want that fun of the surprise. Vinebox sends you nine glasses of different wines, so you get a perfect portion of each. When you find something you love, you have the option to purchase an entire bottle. 

There are two different options for the WSJ Wine Club (yes, it’s a wine club branded by The Wall Street Journal). The Discovery Club allows you to discover new wines, while the Premier Club focuses on fine wines. Each option sends you 12 bottles of wine every three months.

Do you look at these wine subscription options and think that they still don’t offer enough wine to sate your appetite? Then you might like Wine Awesomeness. For $80 per month, you get six bottles of wine (with free shipping) each and every month. 

If you’re a fan of America’s domestic goddess herself, The Martha Stewart Wine Co. might be a good pick for you. You can go to the online Martha Stewart Wine Co. and make individual wine purchases, but an easy subscription option is also available. 

Through the Martha Stewart Wine Co. Club, you get either six or a dozen bottles of wine every six or eight weeks. Whether you choose all reds, all whites or a mixture, Martha handpicks them all. When you break down the cost per bottle, it’s still less than $10 each, which is a steal (and the return policy is pretty nice, too — don’t like a bottle, and you can switch it out for one you do). 

Cellars Wine Club offers a broad range of memberships, so you can pick the one that best suits your tastes and budget. Pick from memberships that are all about sparkling wines or ones that focus on California wines or organic wines, just to name a few options. There’s also a high level of customization available regarding how much wine you get with each delivery and how often you get those deliveries. So, if you’re picky and really just want wine delivered to your door when and how you want it, rather than a rigid subscription, this might be a good option for you. 

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Very similarly, Wine of the Month Club provides a range of subscription options, delivery frequencies and wine types. You can receive two bottles at a time, a larger box or a surprise box. This subscription option is a little pricier than some of those above, with two-bottle packages starting around $40. 

If you look at some of these wine delivery subscriptions and can only think about how they don’t contain enough wine to meet your monthly needs, consider the Astor Wines and Spirits Top 12 Mixed Case. Pay $150 each month, and you’ll receive a case of 12 bottles of hand picked wine from Astor Wines and Spirits wine shop in New York City. That price works out to less than $15 per bottle of wine, which is a pretty good price for the convenience. 

Wine Delivery Subscriptions for Beginners 

Woman holding red wine glass

For those who don’t have a single clue what kind of wine they like or why they like it (Dry? Fruity? Oaky? What?), Bright Cellars helps you uncover your tastes by running you through a quick quiz developed by two MIT grads. The quiz uses a range of wine-related data and an algorithm to pick your monthly subscription’s best wines. 

Bright Cellars sends you four wines at once, for $80 per month, and you can expect to see a range of domestic and international selections. This subscription option also offers a pretty attractive cancellation policy, with the ability for subscribers to skip one month or cancel altogether, anytime, no problem.

Another great wine delivery subscription that helps you build up your knowledge of the wonderful world of wines, SommSelect Monthly Wine Club starts at $99 per month for four, sommelier-chosen bottles. Each box is themed. The theme of the month helps you learn your way around the art of wine as you taste your way through a wine region or across a specific varietal. 

You may be familiar with your standard reds, whites and sparkling, but have you tried orange wine yet? Sometimes called skin-contact wine, orange wine is made using a special process that tints the wine a deep orange hue via longer contact with the white grapes’ skins. If you want to learn more about this type of wine, you can sign up for the specially-focused Orange Glou Wine Club, which delivers three bottles to your door per month for $105. (Single purchases are also available, in case you just want to give the orange wine a try before you go all in.) 

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Natural and Sustainable Wine Delivery Subscriptions

Natural Wine bottles

Plonk Wine Club is similar to MYSA in that it focuses on high-quality, natural and sustainable wines, but the club is more like a traditional wine delivery subscription. You receive unique wines from all over the globe, picking from white, red or a mix. Receive four or 12 bottles at once, at a range of frequencies. 

Dry Farm Wines also focuses on natural wines, and the quality wines included in each Dry Farm Wines box must pass rigorous standards to be included. (Think no sugar additives and no irrigation use at the vineyards.) The goal is to source the most sustainable, eco-friendly wines for your table. You get monthly shipments in quantities of either six or 12 bottles, starting at $160 per month. 

Primal Wine Club sends you three, six or 12 bottles of white, red or mixed wine each month, starting at $85 each month — and all the unique wines are natural and made with no or limited sulfates. If you can catch one of the club’s promotions, you can snag an extra, free bottle of wine when you first sign up for the service.

Region-Focused Wine Delivery Subscriptions 

While many of the wine subscription options available focus on a range of wines worldwide, some narrow down their geographic focus to one region or state. This is the case with Cellar 503, which focuses solely on Oregonian winemakers and wines. Get two bottles of red, white or mixed wine per month, starting at $45 per month. A three-month minimum membership is required, and shipping is $20 per order. 

California Wine Club takes things south, with two bottles of California wine each month, starting at $40 per month. You can pick from five different subscription options, and your chosen subscription will determine your monthly cost. For example, going with a signature subscription, which features the best and most highly rated California wines, can run you upwards of $200 per month, versus the basic $40. 

If you’d prefer a geographic focus that’s a bit further away, consider the Jose Pastor Selections Wine Club. Subscriptions start at $200 per shipment, and you receive six or 12 bottles per box, three times per year. All of the wines included are sourced from Spanish vineyards. While this option is a little more on the splurge-y side, the options provided will certainly appeal to anyone who considers themself a wine snob. 

Similarly, if it’s French wine you crave, go with SomMailier, which likewise focuses on French wines that you won’t find in the U.S. Shipments are delivered every quarter. You can choose between a three-bottle subscription for $100 per shipment or a six-bottle subscription for $192 per shipment. 

Extra-Fun Wine Delivery Subscriptions 

If you enjoy canned wine but don’t want to mess with individual orders each time you want your fix, you can sign up for a Drop Wine monthly subscription. Each month, you’ll receive a $32 box of 12 cans of wine (each can equal 1.5 glasses of wine).

Nocking Point Wine Club offers wine with Hollywood appeal. Each month, you receive two produced and/or branded bottles by a celeb tastemaker (like Jason Momoa, for example). You can also opt for a quarterly subscription, which gives you even more fun products, including three bottles of wine, a bag of coffee and a t-shirt. 

VineOh! is a wine subscription that comes with so much more. Each quarter, you receive two bottles of California wine, plus five to six full-size, wine-related products. Past subscription boxes have featured relaxation-focused items, like bath bombs and aromatherapy beads, as well as fun snacks to enjoy alongside your wine. Products are more geared toward women wine drinkers and sometimes include cosmetics and accessories. 

If all that sounds good to you, but you’d much rather have the snacks than any other wine-adjacent goodies, Wine Down Box might be the perfect pick for you. The subscription box contains gourmet wine, cheese and charcuterie pairings. Choose from a one, three, six or a twelve-month subscription plan, starting at $63 per box. Past boxes have included yummy pairings such as pinot grigio and a sage and herb cheese and pinot noir with a garlic peppercorn cheese. 

What to Expect from a Wine Delivery Subscription 

Every wine delivery subscription service is different, but you’ll want to take a few things into consideration when choosing the right one for you (if you decide to go this route versus purchasing individual bottles of wine by delivery). 

Look at the price for each box of wine received and how it breaks down to a per-bottle price. Is that price a good one? 

Also, look at the frequency with which you’ll receive your wine. Is it often enough? Too often?

Lastly, consider whether or not you want handpicked wines suited to your tastes or if you’re fine with drinking whatever is sent to you.

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The 37 Best Wine Delivery Services: 

  2. Laithwaites
  3. Usual Wines 
  4. MYSA
  5. Wine Society
  6. Splash Wines 
  7. Le Cru
  8. Maivino
  9. Drizly
  10. Saucey
  11. HelloFresh
  12. Flaviar
  13. Mash and Grape
  14. Firstleaf
  15. Winc
  16. Vinebox
  17. WSJ Discovery Club
  18. WSJ Premier Club
  19. Wine Awesomeness
  20. The Martha Stewart Wine Co.
  21. Cellars Wine Club
  22. Wine of the Month Club
  23. Astor Wines and Spirits Top 12 Mixed Case
  24. Bright Cellars
  25. SommSelect Monthly Wine Club 
  26. Orange Glou Wine Club
  27. Plonk Wine Club 
  28. Dry Farm Wines
  29. Primal Wine Club 
  30. Cellar 503
  31. California Wine Club
  32. Jose Pastor Selections Wine Club
  33. SomMailier
  34. Drop Wine 
  35. Nocking Point Wine Club
  36. VineOh!
  37. Wine Down Box

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