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The Cold Brew Keg: 4 Reasons Why Your Office Should Have One

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Cold brew coffee has been gaining popularity at coffee shops and retailers for a while now, but did you know you can install a cold brew keg in your home or office? Here are four reasons why your office needs a cold brew keg, stat.

The Trend Begins

Cold brew coffee has overtaken iced coffee as the “trendy” thing in coffee shops and on store shelves. However, cold brew coffee is nothing new. In fact, you can trace the history of cold brew all the way back to Japan in the 1600s.

At first, cold brew coffee was both a convenient and safe way to enjoy a caffeinated beverage. There was no need for a fire (as fire was pretty hazardous back in the day) and it was something to enjoy in hot climates where a steaming cup of joe wouldn’t be exactly welcomed.

Now, cold brew coffee has been steadily growing in popularity over the last few years, for a variety of reasons. It’s higher in caffeine content, smoother, sweeter and less acidic than traditional coffee.

The cold brew keg option came onto the scene when big, Silicon Valley-type tech and media companies decided they needed to enhance their workplace culture in order to appeal to and retain a younger workforce. So, these companies started adding a range of workplace perks, from free snacks to billiards tables, beer kegs to, yes, cold brew kegs.


So What Is It?

Cold Brew in mason jars

So what is cold brew? Cold brew is coffee steeped in water for up to a day, either chilled or at room temperature. The grounds are then filtered out, leaving the coffee behind. Cold brew coffee is never heated.

It can be served plain, with water or the mix-in of your choice, or over ice. You can buy it by the cup at places like Starbucks or in a bottle at your nearest gas station.

Cold brew coffee is often confused with iced coffee. While the two do have similar flavor profiles, the key difference between the two is that cold brew coffee is never heated, while iced coffee is made in the traditional way, then chilled and served over ice.

Nitro cold brew is a further enhancement of cold brew coffee that’s also now available, and what you’ll likely find in your cold brew keg. Nitro cold brew is nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee, which gives it a bubbly, smooth texture and a foamy head. Think beers meets coffee.

Cold brew coffee and nitro cold brew both come with a few health benefits.

They both have a higher antioxidant content than regular coffee, as the heat and air negatively affect the antioxidant levels of coffee during the normal brewing process. Additionally, the lower acidity means fewer coffee-related tummy troubles and the sweeter and smoother flavor of cold brew coffee often means drinkers don’t feel the need to add fat- and sugar-laden additives to their daily cup.

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Why Your Office Needs a Cold Brew Keg: Company Culture

If you’re thinking about installing a cold brew keg in your office, there are several good reasons to do so. The first, of course, is the same exact reason those initial, Silicon Valley-type companies installed cold brew kegs — it helps to enhance your company culture.

More and more, younger employees are seeking a work environment that makes them feel valued and at home. Providing free cold brew beverages is one way employers can show employees that their comfort is important to management and that their presence in your office is appreciated.

You never know — having a cold brew keg in your office might be the deciding factor that tips the scales in your favor when it comes to finding and hiring new talent.


Why Your Office Needs a Cold Brew Keg: Appeal to Clients

Similarly, if you offer any kind of client-based service, having a cold brew keg in the office when you host meetings will help your company come off as more modern and high-end.

After all, potential clients are examining your office culture just as much as potential talent is, and they want to know that you’re a serious brand that’s on top of the latest workplace trends and not afraid to spend a little cash on perks that will keep your workforce productive and happy (benefiting the client in the process).

Why Your Office Needs a Cold Brew Keg: Decrease Costs

Yes, it can cost a bit to get your cold brew keg initially installed, but once that part’s over, you can actually decrease your office costs.

Primarily, you won’t lose time from employees standing around making a traditional pot of coffee (you know you’ve seen employees just standing in the break room watching the pot drip, or taking as long as possible to clean the pot out from an old batch of coffee when they could be working).

You also won’t lose time from employees “just running out real quick” to grab a cup of coffee from the cafe down the street.

A cold brew keg provides an instant cup of coffee, for no excuses for time lost.

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Why Your Office Needs a Cold Brew Keg: Improved Productivity

Lastly, having a cold brew keg in your office can improve productivity in a few ways.

Firstly, if your company culture is improved by adding perks like these to your office, then your employees are naturally just going to be more productive and efficient. Then, of course, the higher caffeine content definitely helps, too. And, lastly, if your employees aren’t running out to the coffee shop down the street every afternoon, then that will make them more productive as well.

Does Your Office Need a Cold Brew Keg?


The benefits don’t lie. Adding a cold brew keg to your office will result in myriad benefits, as it can…

  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease company costs
  • Attract new clients
  • Retain top talent

If you’re ready to add a cold brew keg to your office, it’s as easy as working with a qualified vendor to get your keg installed.

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