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The 9 Best Athleisure Brands For Moving Your Bod

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Athleisure wear has become a staple in our wardrobes, even outside of the gym or at-home workouts. Sure, the cozy-chic comfy vibe is a huge win for day-to-day living, but we also want the functionality when we actually decide to move our bodies, right?

We want activewear that helps us feel and perform our best when it comes to sweat sessions. From hoodies to joggers to matching loungewear, brands are becoming more and more innovative and inclusive!

Let’s break down the 9 best athleisure brands for moving your bod.


Sizes: XXS to 4XL

Fabletics is most likely not a new name for you if you’re on social media or watch TV. The hype is everywhere. If you’re looking for an ever-changing assortment of budget-friendly athleisure wear, Fabletics may be a great fit for you. 

VIP members can shop the trendy workout gear for a monthly fee. Members also receive discounts on certain products and get early access to new launches and collaborations. But, if memberships aren’t your thing, you can skip the membership part and shop by item if you prefer.

We love that Fabletics has pieces for bodies of different shapes and sizes. And we feel like they nail both function and fashion when it comes to workout clothes.

Girlfriend Collective

Sizes: XXS to 6XL

Girlfriend Collective is a brand that celebrates and embraces women of all sizes. In fact, their website is full of women of varying races, ages and body types. We love to see this! They have everything from t-shirts to jumpsuits to maternity clothes.

If that’s not enough, Girlfriend Collective is also leading the industry in ethically made activewear. Their clothing items are made from recycled water bottles and fishing nets.

And while all of that deserves celebration, the quality of the fabric was not forgotten either. Girlfriend Collective items are durable and made to last.


Sizes: 0-32

DAY/WON is the first activewear brand in the U.S. that is fully size-inclusive. Each and every single item on their site is offered from size 0 to 32. This alone makes supporting this business a total win!

They stand by their clothing being made of the best performance, sweat-wicking, compression and antimicrobial fabrics. And that’s not all! Sustainability is also at the forefront of their mission.

They utilize recycled materials to create their signature looks and do not bulk manufacture, which saves the planet and their overhead by putting Mother Earth first. 


Sizes: 0-14, 16-20 offered in limited styles

No athleisure wear list could possibly be complete without the OG, Lululemon. Innovation is top priority for this company as they create breakthrough fabrics, new construction techniques and prioritize fit and feel. They also do loads of testing on their items for durability, comfort and varying bodies to ensure happy customers.

In addition to their innovative clothing and iconic yoga pants, Lululemon also offers the MIRROR, which is your at-home gym and personal trainer, all from a hanging mirror you place in your home.

Oh, and that’s not all! Lululemon just launched women’s shoes. If their shoes are anything like their innovative and comfortable clothing, we’re here for it!

Universal Standard

Sizes: 00-40

Holy size inclusivity! Universal Standard goes above and beyond to accommodate all bodies. They also do a stellar job of showing items on their website on larger bodies of all races too! 

If you’re looking to expand your closet beyond leggings and tanks, you must check out their Next to Naked Bodysuit. Look at all of the 5-star reviews coming in from people of all sizes. 

Overall, this is a standout athleisure brand that’s deeply committed to serving all bodies with its cute and functional athleisure clothing.

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Sizes: XXS to 3XL

Athleta knows a thing or two about athleisure wear. In fact, if you look at any item they sell, you’ll likely find loads of positive reviews to go right along with it. This is one of the only athleisure brands that sell size XXS, so if you are petite, Athleta may be your go-to place for fashion and function in your athletic wear.

We love the variety of patterns, colors and classics in their collections. They truly have the appropriate clothing for any and every type of sweat session! We especially love the exercise dresses and pullovers they have that offer optimum versatility.

Old Navy

Sizes: XS to 4XL

Looking for size-inclusive, budget-friendly athleisure items? Look no further than Old Navy. If you prefer to try on in-store, this may be the perfect place to shop for you, regardless of your size.

Old Navy has a great variety of colors and styles to suit your preference. And on their website, they also have a section below each item called “Wear It With,” where they show you full outfit looks to help you shop.

It’s great to see such a standing staple in the clothing world offer such inclusive sizes. You can grab something to look cute running errands, some outerwear for the kids and swimwear while you are shopping for some new workout tank tops for yourself.


Sizes: XXS to 3XL

BuffBunny is for you if you are one to go hard in your workouts. They are known for their thick, durable, cute leggings that will get you through your sweatiest of sweat sessions. Their size inclusivity is a huge win, and they do a great job showing all body types on their website.

In addition to their clothing, they also sell functional gym bags and resistance bands to support your workout goals.

Outdoor Voices

Sizes: XXS to XL

While Outdoor Voices isn’t as size-inclusive as some other brands on this list, their products are made with longevity in mind. If you are looking for a high-end, high-performance brand that is eco-friendly for your workout clothes, this might be the brand for you! They are conscious about their fabrics and packaging without giving up important qualities like moisture-wicking fabrics and eye-catching streetwear.

You can grab some great basics here that will last for years!

There you have it, the best athleisure brands on the market. Whether you are snagging a sweatshirt, sweatpants, sports bra, or any other wardrobe staples, these high-quality companies will not disappoint.

Now it’s time to shop these fantastic clothing brands and get you feeling confident AF as you head into your next workout!

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The 9 Best Athleisure Brands:

  1. Fabletics
  2. Girlfriend Collective
  3. DAY/WON
  4. Lululemon
  5. Universal Standard
  6. Athleta
  7. Old Navy
  8. BuffBunny
  9. Outdoor Voices


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