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The 45 Best Gifts for Your Favorite Bookworm

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Giving a book to your favorite bibliophile seems like a great idea until you try to pick one out. Then you quickly realize it’s a veritable minefield trying to decide between genres and authors, while also having to guess what they already have in their personal library or queued up on their kindle.

That’s why the best present you can give them may not be a book at all. Luckily, there are tons of great gift ideas that will improve a bookworm’s reading experience, help them organize their library or simply give them a smile.

We’ve lined up 45 of our very favorite options, and to make your search even easier, we’ve organized them into electronic and non-electronic reading aids, atmospheric gifts (like candles and throw blankets for a cozier reading experience), storage solutions, clothing & accessories and more.

In other words, when it comes to book lovers, this list is a must-read. Let’s get started!

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Hooga Book Light

Hooga Book Light

COLwood Craft Nightstand Book Holder

COLwood Craft Nightstand Book Holder

100 Books Buckets List Poster

100 Books Buckets List Poster

Banned Book Socks

Banned Book Socks

Reading Gadgets

Yes, reading used to be a tech-less hobby, but it’s amazing how the addition of a few electronics can improve the experience. Here are our favorite gadgets for book lovers. 

1. Apple AirPods (2nd Generation)

Apple AirPods (2nd Generation)

For the book lover that prefers listening to turning pages, these Airpods are a genius gift. When they get interrupted and have to take them out of their ears, the audio stops so they won’t lose your place. It’s like having a next gen bookmark!

2. Kindle Paper White (8 GB)

Kindle Paper White (8 GB)

Know an old school reader who refuses to give up their physical books? Yeah, I used to be one of those until my husband gave me a kindle. Now I’ve got thousands of titles at my disposal wherever I roam, which has transformed my life and taken a serious load out of my carry-on bag when I travel.

Even if your bookworm prefers paper at home, it’s hard not to love a kindle, at least when you’re on the road. 

3. Ember Temperature-Control Ceramic Mug

Ember Temperature-Control Ceramic Mug

What book lover hasn’t gotten so caught up in a story that they don’t remember their cup of coffee or tea? This handy electric mug will keep their favorite beverage at the perfect temperature and save them from having to down a lukewarm cup of earl grey. 

Which is so not a good ending to their precious reading time. 

4. Hooga Book Light

Hooga Book Light

Sometimes a bookworm loves a late night read, but that doesn’t mean their partner should have to stay up too. This amber-colored lamp not only blocks blue light but also has an adjustable neck to create the perfect reading space without disturbing anyone’s slumber. 

5. Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones

Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones

A pair of noise canceling headphones is the perfect way for your favorite reader to carve out a little silence and do a deep dive into their book. But, of course, they also work for people who prefer to listen to audiobooks or read with music. Win, win!

6. Hongut Neck Reading Light

Hongut Neck Reading Light

Who needs a bedside reading lamp when you can simply put one around your neck? The Hongut reading light is great for late night readers or bookworms on the road.  

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Reading Aids 

Of course, electronics aren’t the only way to improve your book lover’s reading experience. Other reading aids like lap desks, bookmarks and reading glasses can also make great gifts. Here are a few of our favorites:

7. Gaoye 5-Pack Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses

Gaoye 5-Pack Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses

If you need reading glasses, there’s nothing more annoying than constantly leaving them in another room. This bookworm solved the problem by leaving a pair in EVERY room of the house. This 5-pack of blue-light blocking glasses is well-priced, great quality and will help book lovers skip the hunt for their glasses when they have a few precious moments to read. 

8. Himimi Store Bamboo Laptop Desk

Himimi Store Bamboo Laptop Desk

There’s nothing quite as luscious as spending a day in bed reading. This bamboo table with adjustable legs and tilt will give them the perfect place to put their book or e-reader and also has room for a drink, snacks, a notepad and pens.

Now all they need is an excuse to stay in bed!

9. Saiji Laptop Desk

Saiji Laptop Desk

Is your book lover a fan of clean, modern design? Then this high-tech-looking table will appeal to their sense of style while also allowing them to read in bed or on the couch. 

10. COLwood Craft Nightstand Book Holder

COLwood Craft Nightstand Book Holder

Is your favorite reader always losing their bookmark? This wooden stand will help them keep their place and even has a slot for their glasses. 

11. Get Lit Pop Grip

Get Lit Pop Grip

This pop grip not only makes reading easier, but it’s also a sly wink to your bookworm’s favorite hobby. 

12. 100 Books Buckets List Poster

100 Books Buckets List Poster

Help your bookworm track their reading goals with this scratch-off poster featuring 100 must-read tomes. 

13. Book Darts Line Markers

Book Darts Line Markers

Sometimes a bookworm likes to return to their favorite passages. These metal markers will help them find their favorite quotes without the hassle of thumbing through an entire novel or having to dog-ear pages. Simple but brilliant!

14. Custom Ex Libris Bookplate Stamp

 Custom Ex Libris Bookplate Stamp

For any true bookworm, each title in their collection is a prized object. Help them to mark it as an official part of their private library with this personalized stamp. (It also gives them that little bit of extra assurance when they decide to lend their favorite books, albeit begrudgingly.)

15. Fintie case for Kindle Paperwhite

Fintie case for Kindle Paperwhite

This synthetic leather case with magnetic clasps will protect your reading junkie’s kindle without adding a lot of weight to their bag. Available in 16 different designs, it’s an open and shut case of a gift. 

16. Mosiso Vintage Book Laptop Case

Mosiso Vintage Book Laptop Case

High tech meets old school in this laptop case designed to look like a vintage book. Made from PU leather, it will fit a 13″ MacBook air while giving it a more literary vibe.

17. Creative Bookmarks

Wood and epoxy bookmark

Every lover of physical books needs a way to mark their page. But why not give them an extra special one? Here are three that we love. 

This wood and blue epoxy bookmark is truly beautiful and can also be personalized. 

This bookmark is perfect for fans of true crime and horror books.

For fans of the Wizard of Oz series, there can be no more appropriate way to mark their page than with the legs of the Wicked Witch of the East. After all, there’s no place like the place you left off in your book. 

18. Reading Planner

Reading Planner

Help your bibliophile keep track of their reading list with this colorful and convenient planner.  

Atmospheric and Cozy Gifts 

For a true bibliophile, there’s no bigger treat than curling up with a good book. These gifts will help to create the proper atmosphere while they leave the real world behind and get caught up between the pages.

19. Lumio Book Lamp

Lumio Book Lamp

We love this bedside lamp that looks like an ordinary hardcover until you open it into an accordion-style light. Resembling an origami book, this LED sculpture is a true piece of art and will definitely elevate the atmosphere of any late night reading session. 

20. Noble Objects Scented Candles

Noble Objects Love Story Candle Set

Ever wonder what the world of a novel would smell like? These truly unique candles are inspired by classic books and will add to the sensorial experience of any reading session. 

But there are also lots of other candles inspired by various genres like adventure, mystery, horror and more. Another great excuse to keep your nose in a book!

21. Connecticut Home Sherpa Throw Blanket

Connecticut Home Sherpa Throw Blanket

For many bookworms, there’s no bigger treat than snuggling up with a cozy blanket and a great novel. This super soft throw comes in tons of different colors, is machine washable and will add another layer of pleasure to their reading sessions.

22. Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist

Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist

This book, with 65 cocktails recipes and hilariously wry commentary on some of the world’s most famous novels, is a great addition to any book club night. With drinks like The Last of the Mojitos and Romeo and Julep, how could you go wrong?

23. Literary Pillowcases

Literary Pillowcases. It says, "Completely and perfectly and incandescently happy

Fans of Jane Austen and Mr. Dracy will adore this pillowcase that will make their reading sessions cozier and more romantic. Sigh. 

Or for those late night readers, this pillowcase will be something they can both read with and fall asleep on. 

24. Harry Potter Cauldron Light

Harry Potter Cauldron Light

For kids or kids at heart, there’s no better way to set the mood for reading or re-reading Harry Potter than this cauldron desk lamp. 

25. Book Lover Insulated Tumbler

White coffee tumbler that says "drink coffee, read books, be happy

Help your bibliophile keep their coffee warm with this cute, insulated tumbler. 

26. Stemless Wine Glasses

Stemless Wine Glasses

Then again, maybe your bookworm prefers to drink something a little stronger while they’re reading. 

27. Book Letters

Book Letters

We love these artful monogram letters that are cut from vintage books. Your favorite reader can use them to spell out words, their name or perhaps the name of their favorite author.

28. Blind Date with a Book Box

Blind Date with a Book Box

Set your bookworm up on a reading date with this box that includes a surprise title and extras like socks, candles, treats and lotions. Choose from 16 genres. 

Book Storage and Organization

For lovers of physical books, space can be a challenge. Help them manage their personal library with these storage and organization solutions. 

29. Umbra Conceal Bookshelf

Umbra Conceal Bookshelf

It’s a conundrum for any lover of physical books: where to store all of them! For avid readers who are growing out of their shelves or for people who don’t have a lot of floor space to begin with, these floating shelves are the perfect solution. 

30. Solid Oak Bookend

Solid Oak Bookend

This beautifully crafted bookend is made from solid oak and comes with an integrated bud vase. It can also be personalized if you like. A unique way to jazz up your favorite reader’s shelves.

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31. Article Fantol Bookcase 

Article Fantol Bookcase 

This sleek, modern bookcase will appeal to book lovers who also appreciate good design. An indulgence? Yes. But it’s more economical than building your own library. 

32. Ikea Hemnes Bookcase

Ikea Hemnes Bookcase

For a less expensive way of storing books, this Ikea bookcase made from sustainably sourced pine will allow bookworms to expand their collection in style. 

33. Black Crows Bookends

Black Crows Bookends

These iron raven bookends will definitely appeal to fans of mystery and gothic novels. 

34. Rolanstar Tree Bookshelf with Drawer

Rolanstar Tree Bookshelf with Drawer

For a less traditional but space saving way to store books, we like this rustic-looking case that also features a drawer at the bottom. 

Clothing and Accessories

These t-shirts, totes and other accessories all pay tribute to your bookworm’s favorite hobby.

35. A Hundred Other Girls T-Shirt

A Hundred Other Girls T-Shirt

Hey, not all bookworms are wallflowers, and this t-shirt declares it loud and proud. Other saucy quotes from the collection include “Book Whore, “Horny for Reading,” and more. 

36. North Face Berkeley Tote Pack

North Face Berkeley Tote Pack

Made from recycled materials, this durable tote will stand up to your favorite bookworm’s heavy reading habits. It has two outer pockets, a laptop compartment, two water bottle pockets, and a zip closure, plus straps to convert it into a backpack. 

Any book nerd will love it!

37. Banned Book Socks

Banned Book Socks

Book lovers can literally stand up for free speech in these socks that feature the titles of once-banned works of art. 

38. Book Hangover Sweatshirt

Book Hangover Sweatshirt

There’s not a book lover in the world who hasn’t known the pain of finishing a truly great novel. And this sweatshirt sums it up perfectly. 

39. Sock It to Me Jane Austen Socks

Sock It to Me Jane Austen Socks

Austen fanatics in your life will simply adore these knee socks. 

40. Banned Book Club Beanie

Banned Book Club Beanie

There may be no more important book to read than a banned one. Get the beanie that puts it out there. 

41. Book Gift Set

Book Gift Set

With a vinyl tote and your choice of book-themed socks, this gift set is sure to delight your bookworm. (And personally, we’re partial to “I Love Big Books and I Cannot Lie.”)


With a subscription, you can indulge your bibliophile’s favorite pastime without the pressure of picking out a book yourself. Smart thinking!

42. Greenlight Bookstore First Editions Club

Have a true book collector on your hands? Then they’ll be delighted with this subscription to Greenlight Bookstore, which comes with a signed copy of a new book each month. 

43. Call Number Complete Quarterly Fiction Box

Call Number’s mission is to “provide exposure to black authors across the diaspora.” Curated by a librarian, each box includes a new book and extra goodies like bookmarks and artwork. It’s a great way to keep your bookworm’s collection diverse. 

44. Audible Subscription

Aaudible subscription

For literary junkies who prefer listening to books, this low-cost monthly subscription will give them a true earful with audiobooks, podcasts and original programming. 

45. Well Read Books Great Reads Subscription Box

Well Read Books Great Reads Subscription Box

We love that this teen subscription box not only includes two new books a month (curated to the reader’s taste) but also features 2 to 3 extra goodies like stationery, sweet treats, tea, coffee, skincare and games. 

 And They All Read Happily Ever After

Whether your favorite bookworm prefers mystery, romance, adventure, history or biography, there’s a gift that will help them enjoy their favorite pastime even more. We hope our curated collection has sparked your imagination and made your search a little easier. 

Because when it comes to giving presents, there’s no smarter choice than encouraging the gift of reading.  

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