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31 Reasons To Start Breathwork Today

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You may be thinking, “breathwork? I don’t need that. I can breathe just fine on my own.”

This is true. Your body is amazing and can breathe for you without you trying.

And yet, the way that you breathe might actually be causing more harm than good. Check this article out to learn more about how you may be breathing incorrectly.

The truth is, by consciously breathing and engaging in breathwork, you can profoundly benefit your physical, mental and emotional well-being!

Your Breathing Matters

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Have you ever noticed that your breath is different when you’re angry versus calm? 

Just as your body naturally shifts your breathing pattern based on your situation and feelings, you can shift yourself into desired states with specific breathing patterns. There is literally a breathing pattern for every desired mood or energy state. And breathwork is extremely healing in terms of releasing trauma and trapped emotions in the body.

If you’re ready to try doing guided breathwork, check out the Hype Hub membership with on-demand resources like breathwork and meditation for all levels.

Your breath is the bridge between:

  • Body and Mind
  • Spirit and Matter
  • Conscious and Subconscious

Conscious breathing (breathwork) is a powerful healing tool you have access to at any moment. And there are a ton of benefits to getting control of your breathing. 

So, what exactly are these 31 benefits?

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31 Reasons to Start Breathwork

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The following benefits range from mood shifts, emotional healing, physical improvements, mental resets, and more. 

  1. Increased energy
  2. Profound sense of calm in your body and mind
  3. Boost in mood
  4. Increased self-awareness
  5. Clearer mind and clarity around your goals
  6. Less procrastination
  7. Heightened intuition
  8. Improved communication
  9. Decreased muscle tension and pain
  10. Greater freedom of movement
  11. Better sleep
  12. Increased joy and “lightness”
  13. Greater libido
  14. Increased focus and concentration
  15. Deeper spiritual connection
  16. Uplifted body image
  17. Closure and forgiveness
  18. Healed grief
  19. Improved creativity
  20. Increased circulation
  21. Decreased stress and overwhelm
  22. Heightened self-awareness
  23. Elevated feelings of being grounded and centered
  24. Emotional healing and release of past trauma
  25. Elimination of limiting beliefs
  26. Healed abandonment and rejection wounds
  27. Greater ability to handle stress
  28. Boost in self-acceptance
  29. Improved performance both physically and mentally
  30. Removal of bad habits
  31. Increased sense of “aliveness”

Pretty epic, right? Still hesitant on how all of these can be achieved via breathing? I don’t blame you. And you must try it out and see for yourself. 

Start the Hype Hub Membership today and choose from guided breathwork videos like:

  • Breathwork for Joy
  • Breathwork for Anxiety
  • Breathwork for Energy
  • Breathwork for Grounding

And so many more!

You are one breath away from shifting your experience. And it’s a superpower you can tap into at any time!

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