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12 Bridesmaids Gifts Your Friends Will Absolutely Love

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Your bridesmaids are probably your nearest and dearest friends, who have been by your side through thick and thin for many years. Now, they are ready to support you during the most important milestone of your life. It’s obviously safe to say that your crew is a big part of your special day. While giving your bridesmaid’s thank-you gifts isn’t a must, it’s a great way to show them how much you value their time and support.

From jewelry and accessories to sweet treats and pampering gifts, there are plenty of options out there to choose from. If you feel overwhelmed by the multitude of choices on the market, check out our selection of the 12 best bridesmaid’s gifts your friends will love. 

1. A Touch of Glam: Bridesmaid Bling

Give your girls a glamorous gift oozing charm: a pair of elegant pearl dangle earrings. Pearls are a hot trend right now, and a pair of earrings featuring this gorgeous gem perfectly merges modern appeal with a timeless look. Your gals can all wear them on the big day to complement their chic bridesmaids’ dresses. Moreover, you could purchase a matching pair of beautiful and elegant bridal earrings for yourself to keep the bridal party look cohesive.  

2. Jewelry Essentials: Monogrammed Jewelry Dish

A gift that combines functionality with a decorative appeal, the monogrammed jewelry dish is the perfect way for your friends to display their favorite jewelry pieces.  Your girls will see your present daily when putting on jewelry, so they will always be reminded of their best friend. Moreover, by buying a handmade piece, you can support small brands and local artisans. Many artists on Etsy offer unique designs; just choose the one in your favorite color palette and have them personalized with each of your bridesmaids’ initials.

3. Soft and Feminine: Satin Robe

A soft robe is the perfect combination of comfort and style – and it simply elevates the lounging experience. It’s also a practical present, ideal for the morning of your wedding day. And, after all that planning, prepping and partying, your bridesmaids will be more than happy to put their feet up and relax in a cozy robe. Plus, you can personalize the back with each of their names to make the gift more unique. 

4. Scents for Days: Delightful Perfume

variety of different female perfumes

Picking just the right bridesmaid’s gifts can feel a little daunting, but there is one thing that most women like: perfume. You’ve probably gone shopping with your friends often, so you know their personal preferences very well. If you are confident that you understand what your gals would like in terms of scents – floral, earthy or fruity – opt for a romantic, fresh or flirty perfume as a gift for your bridesmaids. 

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5. Coffee Time: Monogrammed Coffee Tumbler

If you are looking for the perfect combination between design and functionality, this is the one for you. A monogrammed coffee tumbler is a handy gift for your bridesmaids, as your gals will probably be sipping on coffee all day. After all, they should keep their energy levels up while helping you plan the wedding. Besides being practical, coffee tumblers are also adorable and stylish.

They come in various designs meant to fit any personality; just choose the ones that match each of your girls and have them personalized with their initials, to make the gift extra special. 

6. Travel Memories: Leather Cosmetics Case

When it comes to traveling, there is a lot of catching up to do.  With so many places to see, being prepared with all the travel essentials is a must. Give your bridesmaids something they can use again and again every time they travel: a pretty leather cosmetics case that you can personalize with your letters of choice. Besides being practical, it’s a stylish way to safely store all the traveling essentials a girl needs while on the road. 

7. Relaxation Time: Spa Gift Card

Woman with hot stones on her back getting a massage

Think about how much time and energy your bridesmaids have put into helping you plan your big day and just being there for you when you need them. Fact is, they could use a little break. Encourage your friends to take some time for themselves, relax and enjoy a little wellness time by gifting them a spa day gift card. This makes for a great bridesmaid gift as it is something that most people like and enjoy, and your friends will surely appreciate the time off. After all, you want your gals to be relaxed on the big day. 

8. Pampering Sessions: A Set of Scented Candles

Invite your girls to relax and recharge with a set of scented candles. Perfect for setting a tranquil atmosphere at home, candles can improve the mood and induce a relaxed state, depending on what scent you choose. Moreover, they are affordable, which makes them the perfect gift if you are on a tight budget. 

9. Sweet Delight: Champagne Flavored Sugar Cubes

Do your friends enjoy a nice drink every once in a while? Perfect for cocktail lovers, champagne-flavored sugar cubes make for a tasty little gift. Besides being unique, these delicious cubes would make for a great party trick everyone would love. Pair them up with a gourmet sweet treat (think macaroons, personalized lollipops or themed sugar cookies) for a luxe way to delight their taste buds.

10. Cute and Cosy: Fuzzy Slippers

Who would say no to a pair of cozy new slippers? We know we wouldn’t, and your bridesmaids probably won’t either. After all, that running around chasing caterers, your gals will be more than happy to take their heels off and enjoy the softness of the fluffy slippers. This is a great gift as it is both cute and practical, which your girls can use daily. 

11. A Little Mystery: Surprise Gift Box

snack subscription box

Are you looking for a unique and memorable bridesmaid gift idea? Opt for a surprise gift box. You could use an online service like Greetabl with curated bundles or make each box yourself and choose each item you place into it. You could add things like skincare products, essential oils, handmade soaps, gift cards or even delicious treats. The possibilities are limitless. Besides being a unique gift idea, it’s really fun, and your friends will have a great time discovering all the cute little presents hiding in the box. 

12. A Little Sparkle: Matching Bracelets

bridesmaids with matching bracelets

Jewelry is probably one of the most popular bridesmaid gifts you can choose. Bracelets, necklaces and earrings are a simple way to thank your friends for all of their support. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy matching gold bracelets for your besties. Instead, opt for a beaded friendship bracelet or a leather piece with a little silver charm attached to it. It would make for a pretty little gift for your friends, and you can all wear them together. 

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