What Makes Bully Beds Different Than The Rest?

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If you have a larger dog, you may find it a little difficult to pick the perfect dog bed. The longer beds built for large-breed dogs that you buy at the big-box pet store seem to lose their padding after a while. The smaller but thicker round beds don’t allow your favorite furry friend to stretch out.

So what’s a pet parent to do when you have a large dog, and he needs somewhere comfy to sleep, and you just can’t find the right fit at the pet store? In these instances, we’ve found that many pet parents prefer to turn to Bully Beds.

Who is Bully Beds?

If you’ve never heard of Bully Beds before, this dog care brand is changing the big breed dog care landscape. Named after a 150-pound Cane Corso mastiff and a therapy dog named Bull, Bully Beds came about after beloved Bull began to experience hip discomfort. This hip discomfort was caused by Bull not having the right type of bedding to support his large size. 

After his diagnosis, Bull’s parents would go on to buy numerous therapeutic, memory foam and orthopedic dog beds, only to find that they would either all get soft and saggy or that they were very poorly made, despite the high price. As is often the case in these situations, necessity is the mother of invention, and Bull’s parents decided to make their own dog bed for big breeds like Bull.

The result was a dog bed that can support the weight of large dogs, and that will also last a very long time. In fact, Bully Beds are guaranteed to last up to 20 years. That means the brand guarantees the bed will retain its shape and not flatten for at least two decades. If it flattens more than two inches at any point during those 20 years, the brand will send you a new bed. 

But what do the real people say about Bully Beds?

Sure, any dog bed brand is going to say their dog bed is the best — so what do the real pet parents out there say?

Verified buyers have noted that Bully Beds are the “best dog bed hands down” and “absolutely worth every penny.” Pleased pets have included Cane Corso mastiffs just like Bull, as well as senior dogs, Goldendoodles and pups with medical conditions such as arthritis. 

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Which Bully Bed is Right for You? 

Intrigued by the Bully Bed story? Check out these Bully Bed options to see which might be best for your favorite canine companion.

1. The Original Bully Bed 

The Original Bully Bed 

The original Bully Bed comes in four sizes, from medium to XXL, with the largest option being 60 inches long by 48 inches wide by seven inches thick. That’s almost large enough that you could use it as a bed! 

The orthopedic dog bed features support foam with a 4.5-pound density, making it suitable for not only large dogs but also senior dogs and dogs with joint and muscle issues. (So, really, any size dog could benefit from a Bully Bed if they need a little extra support.) 

Of course, the OG Bully Bed comes with that 20-year warranty, and the non-hazardous foam is free from all flame retardants, mercury, lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde and all those other gross things you don’t want around your pup. 

The design features a breathable, internal waterproof cover in addition to the outside washable and removable microfiber cover. The zipper is covered to prevent chewing. A non-slip base keeps things safe and sturdy.

The original Bully Bed starts at $120 for a medium-sized bed, with the price going up to $330 for the XXL size.

2. The 3-Sided Bolster Bed 

The 3-Sided Bolster Bed 

But you’ll notice that the original Bully Bed only features a small lifted lip on one side of the bed. While this might be fine for some large breed dogs, if your pup likes to really lounge about and needs support on more than just one side, you might be interested in the 3-Sided Bolster Bed. At the same price as the original Bully Bed, this option gives your pup just a little more support. It still includes all of the same great features, too, such as the washable and removable microfiber cover, covered zipper and non-slip base.

You will notice a difference in thickness. While all but the medium original Bully Bed come with a seven-inch thickness, the 3-Sided Bolster Bed is four inches thick in the medium size, five inches thick in the large size and seven inches thick in the extra-large and XXL sizes only. 

3. The Bully Beds Chew-Resistant Bed 

The Bully Beds Chew-Resistant Bed 

But let’s say you’ve got a dog that loves to chew. Your main issue with picking a dog bed might not be support at all; maybe you’re simply trying to find a bed that can stand up to your dog’s endless biting and gnawing. For those dogs, Bully Beds recommends its chew-resistant bed. Not only is the bed covered with a proprietary BullyTuf material that resists damage caused by both chewing and digging, but it also comes with a 200-day chew warranty. That means that if your dog chews through their bed within the first 200 days after your purchase, Bully Beds will simply send you a new one. 

In addition to all the great features you can expect from the original Bully Beds, the chew-resistant bed also features a water-resistant and no-stink construction, heavy-duty velcro covers (for no zippers) and a hair-resistant, no-cling outer cover. 

The chew-resistant bed comes in four sizes — medium, large, XL and XXL.

4. The Round Sherpa Top Bolster Bed

The Round Sherpa Top Bolster Bed

If you’ve found that your extra-large dog has loved round beds in the past, but you can’t find a round bed big enough or sturdy enough to support their size and weight, give Bully Beds’ Round Sherpa Top Bolster Bed a look. This bed features a round design, with a bolster along one side of the bed only. It’s suitable for dogs who like to share beds with another canine friend in your household or dogs that prefer to sleep curled up. 

This particular bed doesn’t come in a medium-size, though, only large, extra-large and XXL. All of the sizes are six inches thick. 

5. Infrared Dog Bed 

Infrared Bully Bed

The Infrared Dog Bed is seriously ahead of its time. This is the first and only dog bed that’s received medical device certification from the FDA and can be used to help treat your dog’s joint and shoulder pain, muscle pain and arthritis. So how does it work?

Basically, this great bed uses your dog’s body heat to reflect far infrared ray emissions back into their body. These emissions help to dilate your dog’s blood vessels, which helps to increase circulation and increase tissue oxygen. This further helps to reduce discomfort and reduce recovery time for injuries. However, while this process is giving your dog’s body the infrared heat it needs, the fabric still manages to keep your pup cool without overheating. 

And, even with all of these cool features, the bed is still heavy-duty, with a non-slip base and waterproof liner and washable cover.

6. Calming Faux Fur Round Bed 

Calming Faux Fur Round Bed 

And, lastly, in the Bully Bed lineup, there’s the Calming Faux Fur Round Bed. For dogs that would rather snuggle up on your favorite throw pillow than anywhere else, this dog bed delivers. The faux fur-topped round bed is essentially just that — a giant pillow with loads of support for your dog’s achy bones and muscles. There are no bolsters to get in the way, so your pup can stretch out as much as they like. The faux fur is luxuriously comfy but still breathable, too.

This round bed only comes in large, extra-large and XXL sizes and starts at $209 for the large size, going up to $330 for the XXL size. 

Caring for Your New Bully Bed

So now that you have your new Bully Bed, how can you take care of it properly so that your beloved pup gets the full use out of it? 

Bully Bed recommends, first and foremost, that you unpack your new bed carefully. The plastic wrap around the bed shrinks it to a proper packing size, so you’ll want to carefully unwrap it using your hands only (scissors can cause damage!). Then, allow the bed to sit, untouched, for up to 72 hours until it fully expands. From there, your pup can use it (though they might need a little help at first; placing some familiar toys, blankets or even clothes around the bed can help them become accustomed to the new smell). 

Once you decide your Bully Bed needs a little extra cleaning (Fido isn’t exactly the cleanest member of the family, after all), you can spot clean with soap and water. If needed, the cover is machine washable. Don’t try to wash the foam interior.

But That’s Not All!

Dog on a Bully Bed Faux fur waterproof blanket

The Bully Bed goodness doesn’t just stop with beds, however. In addition to the brand’s great lineup of dog beds, it also offers new covers for each of the beds (in case, you know, Fido destroys your current dog bed cover beyond repair). 

You can likewise purchase a chew-resistant crate pad so your dog stays comfy even while you’re away from home. Stop letting Fido sleep on that cold and hard crate bottom. A crate pad can keep them comfy while also ensuring they’re not ruining their new Bully bed by chewing on it (or, worse, peeing on it) while you’re not home. Bully Bed crate pads come with a 200-day chew guarantee. Much like the original beds, the crate pads are waterproof, washable and velcro-closed. Each crate pad is filled with two inches of orthopedic foam, and Bully Bed offers a 10-year guarantee on the foam’s lifespan. 

But are you taking your dog on the road with you versus leaving them at home? Then you might need some of Bully Beds’ travel gear. The brand offers both car seat covers and cargo liners so that your pup is comfortable and your car is protected, whether they sit in the back seat or in your SUV’s cargo area (just don’t forget to buy a ramp to get your dog safely in and out of the car).

Need a dog blanket? Bully Beds has you covered there as well, with waterproof dog blankets that are easy to clean, super soft and outfitted with odor- and infestation-preventing covers.

And, lastly, Bully Beds even has a line of health and wellness products designed with your big dog in mind, including joint support soft chews, anxiety chews and medicated dog shampoo. 

Picking the Best Dog Bed for Your Dog 

Whether you go with a Bully Beds dog bed or another option, you just want to be sure to keep a few things in mind as you shop for a bed for large dog breeds in particular.

Look for a bed that’s going to offer…

  • A high-quality, long-lasting thick interior that will give your dog the right amount of support (two inches of foam support is the absolute minimum)
  • Ease of access (if your dog is having issues with stepping, for example, you might not want a bed with bolsters)
  • The right level of warmth for both your individual dog and your climate
  • Your dog’s preferred sleeping arrangement, whether that means buying a round bed your dog can comfortably curl up in or a dog bed that’s big enough for two 

Luckily, Bully Beds offers large dog beds that check all of the above boxes!

As long as you keep factors like these in mind while you shop, you’re sure to walk away with a dog bed that both you and your pup will love for years to come.

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6 Best Bully Beds:

  1. The Original Bully Bed 
  2. The 3-Sided Bolster Bed 
  3. The Bully Beds Chew-Resistant Bed 
  4. The Round Sherpa Top Bolster Bed 
  5. Infrared Dog Bed 
  6. Calming Faux Fur Round Bed  

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