8 Best Places To Celebrate Your Graduation [Hip Hip Hooray!]

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Many people celebrate their graduation with a circle of close friends and their classmates. Usually, people don’t plan to do anything crazy. It is often a standard bar crawl and barbeque. Others love to stick to one restaurant or stay at home.  

On the other hand, this is the one chance to opt for something completely different. There are plenty of affordable options for students who want to plan a trip for their graduation. You can look for opportunities both internationally and in-country. 

College and university years will forever be your greatest time spent. After you receive your diploma and don’t search “how to write my term paper on” anymore, it’s time to reward yourself. Sit with your friends and decide what you can pick from various options. You can write down all the ideas or blindly put a finger on a globe. If you need help selecting where to celebrate your graduation, we’ve got you covered, with the 8 best places around the globe.

National Parks

Arches national park

National Parks are one of the best options for nature lovers. Instead of going into the wilderness, you can choose a safe tourist route with the possibility of relaxing at a local campsite. At the same time, if you ever put the trip away for later, it is your chance to create a memorable celebration. You can also invite plenty of people, and it won’t break the bank, since a campsite reservation is much cheaper than a hotel. Just make sure you book it in advance. The popular spots book up fast! 

Depending on the park, you can see great lakes or mountains and always feel the free spirit of nature. The main benefit of choosing such a trip is to recharge your energy. You will thank yourself for this experience before proceeding further with your career and life. 

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The Pacific Coast Highway in California is the perfect destination for people who love dynamic trips. It is best to rent the right car for your journey and start in San Francisco. Many people go right to Crescent City, but it’s more expensive and adds more time to your trip. 

There are plenty of small towns on the way that you can pop in for a quick overnight and enjoy the local food and company. On the other hand, you can plan your own route and decide how to manage the time.

The PCH is the best way to experience the sunny California scenery and enjoy beaches. California coasts are picturesque and worth seeing, especially after graduating

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Key West, Florida

Scenic view of Key West

Graduation can also be a time for total relaxation and new discoveries. For instance, Key West is a beautiful and lush place to get inspired for a new stage in your life. Here, you can find bars and awesome shops. Architecture lovers would be fascinated with local buildings of Victorian style. 

Key West offers the best spots for watching dawns and sunsets. You should also check its beaches and places just to sit and breathe in the fresh air. It is also on the cheaper end of the spectrum compared to Miami or Orlando. 

Las Vegas, Nevada

The myth and the legend of epic celebrations and crazy stories: Las Vegas. This is the place for party people who know what they want from life. It is the best place to enjoy your graduation celebration and memories for life with a little flair. You get everything from top-tier restaurants to lively entertainment and of course, the opportunity to gamble. 

And if you get tired of entertainment, you can find hiking trails and reservoirs right outside of town. It is truly a one-of-a-kind trip you and your friends will remember for a lifetime.

El Camino de Santiago

Buckle up because this one is for people who really had this trip in mind for a long time. El Camino de Santiago is not for people who feel easily tired or can’t face the challenge of long-distance trails. You also should plan your vacation after graduation, so here’s the 30 days plan. The journey starts in Spain’s Galicia and, depending on your route; you can end up in France. 

El Camino de Santiago allows you to enjoy nature and see historical sites and monuments, visit new cities, and enjoy the local cuisine. Here you can find other like-minded people or try to focus on strengthening bonds in your friend group. Indeed, this one may seem tough, but after you go through this adventure, you will feel much more confident in tomorrow. Grab your passport and make the stamp worth it! 

Costa Rica 

Woman reading a book purely for pleasure in a red hammock on a porch in Costa RIca

This is another place to visit after a week of complex exams for those wanting good relaxation in beautiful nature. Costa Rica is famous for its remote beaches, hiking routes, and volcanic hot springs. It is heaven on earth for those who love surfing. Significantly, Costa Rica is also a pioneer of eco-tourism that focuses on the environment and safe ecosystems.

Add to the experience awesome cuisine and the opportunity to meet locals and other tourists, and you get a perfect graduation trip. So many people then always return to feel the magic of this place and recharge their batteries.


Iceland is the most desirable destination for any traveler. Many find Iceland to be a prototype of fantasy settings and majestic land not conquered by any human being. It may be a bit costly to travel, so you should plan it beforehand. In the end, it would be totally worth every penny.

Iceland is famous for its hot springs, lakes, and northern lights. Give yourself more than several days to enjoy every epic sightseeing place. Celebrating your graduation with the Golden Circle and the South Coast can set a good start before taking on your “adult” life responsibilities. 

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Greece is the cradle of the world’s most famous historical sights and nature. It should be on your bucket list if you really want to combine your celebration with an unforgettable tourist experience. Of course, Greece is too big to advise only one place to visit. If you have an opportunity, plan a route to see as much as possible.

Whether you choose Santorini coasts, Athen’s museums and sites, or Delphi’s sacred temples, you’re up for a good time. You and your friends will remember the dawns and sunsets met on warm beaches forever. 

Sunning Up

Sunny coasts at home or beautiful mystery of new places, you saw it all in movies and TV shows. It’s always different in reality, so graduation should be a good occasion to run away from the mundane.

Regardless of your choice, the goal of your celebration trip is to get the most out of it. You should forget for a moment about your career or responsibilities. Of course, your graduation celebration won’t cure you of burnout or crisis. Still, it will definitely give you the energy to move forward. Congratulations and happy celebrations! 

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