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The 12 Best Full-Size Loft Beds For Adults [Complete Guide]

Are you looking to maximize your space? Lofting your bed can make a small space look and feel a whole lot bigger. Here are our 12 favorite loft beds for adults.

20 Houseplants Safe For Pets [And 20 Plants Toxic For Pets]

While plants provide a wonderful aesthetic to your space, it's important to understand what houseplants are safe for all your cats and dogs. Check out these 20.

The Top 7 Streaming Devices [To Satisfy Your Binging Needs]

From gamers to movie lovers and everyone in between, here are the top 7 streaming devices that will help you with all the binging you could imagine.

The 13 Best Cat Carriers [For All Your Travel Needs]

Whether you are getting ready to take your cat on a trip or just visiting the vet, here are the 13 best cat carriers for your favorite feline.

31 Five Dollar Gift Ideas For The Budget Shopper

For those times when you want to show someone you are thinking about them without breaking the bank, here are 31 gift ideas that are under five dollars.
Health & Wellness

TheraBox [Reviewed] Because We All Deserve Extra Self Care

TheraBox is a monthly subscription box with a focus on self-care. This rejuvenating box is something your skin and mind will thank you for this year.

The 31 Best Christmas Movies [That You Can Stream Right Now]

Grab your hot cocoa and a warm blanket, because here are the 31 best Christmas movies to stream right now and help get you into the Christmas and holiday mood.
Fashion & Beauty

The 13 Best House Shoes For Women [Complete Comfort Guide]

A little luxury goes a long way, and it's worth it. Check out some of the 13 best women's house shoes that are made for all sizes and all queens of the castle.