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The 8 Best Soundbars Available For Under $200 [2021 Edition]

If you're still using built-in TV speakers, it's definitely time to upgrade the home theater. Here are the 8 best soundbars on the market right now under $200.

The 10 Best Kurt Vonnegut Books [Everyone Should Read]

Kurt Vonnegut Jr. is one of the most celebrated American authors of the last 100 years. Here are 10 of his best books that should be on your reading list.

Atomic Habits: What Are They? How Can You Incorporate Them?

Here is an overview of "Atomic Habits" by James Clear and some ways to incorporate these powerful tools in your daily life. Trust us, you'll want to read this.

The 7 Best Indoor Bike Racks for Small Apartments and Homes

Biking is one the greatest parts of city life. Storing the bike...not so much. Here are 7 indoor bike racks that are functional and aesthetically appealing.
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DIY Peloton: Building A Cheap Peloton Alternatives [Guide]

For a fraction of the price, you can build an indoor cycling bike that is comparable to Peloton and still meets your home fitness needs. Get ready for that DIY.
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Sober October: What Is It? Should You Participate This Year?

Sober October: here's what it is, how it got started, why we love it and some tips on how you can have a successful month of sobriety. Best of luck to you all!

Mortgage Refinancing Advice From 13 Finance Experts

Looking for expert advice on mortgage refinancing? Find out what you need to consider when refinancing a mortgage, from closing costs to breakeven costs & more.
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The Beginner's Guide To Bikepacking [Gear, Planning & More]

Bikepacking is a great way to get outside and enjoy some Mother Nature, but it's important to be prepared. Get started with our beginner's guide to backpacking.