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15 Of Our Favorite Homemade Pet Treats You Should Make [Guide]

Whether you’re looking for a way to celebrate your dog’s birthday or want to give your cat a nice reward, here are our 15 favorite homemade pet treats to try.

What Is Catnip [Explained] + The Best Catnip Toys For Cats

What actually is catnip? What does it do to the cats? We're covering all the basics and hooking you up with the best 11 catnip toys for the kitty in your life.

Alternatives To One-Time Use Plastic For The Kitchen [Guide]

Ready to rid single-use plastic from your life? From bags to straws, here are some of the best alternatives to eliminate one-time use plastic in your kitchen.

9 Pet-Friendly Weed Killers For Lawns [Happy Lawn, Safe Pet]

Pets don't need to be the reason your lawn is full of weeds. Thanks to these 9 pet-friendly weed killers for lawns, the whole family can enjoy your yard safely.

How To Soundproof A Wall In Your Home or Studio [Live Life On Full Blast]

Tired of your family members, roommates or neighbors complaining about all the noise you’re making? Here are some different methods to soundproof a wall.

13 Of The Best Indestructible Dog Beds For Your Toughest Canine

Some dogs are chewers, some are scratchers and some are all three. These 13 indestructible dog beds are sure to last, no matter how rough your pup may be.
Fashion & Beauty

14 Of The Best Conditioners For Color-Treated Hair [For Seriously Luscious Locks]

Haircare is no place to try to skimp. Check out these 14 best conditioners for color-treated hair to keep your locks looking (and feeling) good.

9 Of The Best Guitars For All Beginners [Musician’s Guide]

If you or someone you love is getting ready to rock out on a six-string for the first time, you will want to check out these 9 best guitars for beginners.