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31 Long Distance Relationship Gifts [For Devoted Lovers]

Long distance lovers have to find creative ways to stay connected. So we've put together a list of 31 gifts ideas to help all you LDR couples out there.

7 of the Best No-Pull Dog Harnesses

A no-pull harness is a safe and painless way to stop your dog from walking you. Here are 7 of the best ones on the market today.
Health & Wellness

Should You Try OMAD (One Meal a Day)?

So what is OMAD all about, and is it for you? Here’s the skinny on this popular approach to weight loss and (supposed) wellness.
Health & Wellness

20 Healthy Food Subscription Boxes [For All You Foodies]

In an attempt to please your taste buds and make healthy eating a little easier, let’s take a look at 20 of the healthiest food subscription boxes out there.

The 8 Best Dog Harnesses for All Breeds

There's nothing like a walk with your dog. But sometimes a simple walk can turn into a fiasco, which is exactly why you both could benefit from a harness. 

43 Easy Ways to Childproof Your Home

Here are the 43 key points to cover when childproofing your home. Be sure that the world your baby is exploring is as safe as possible.

The 15 Best Dog Puzzle Toys [Idle Dogs Are Like Idle Hands]

Give your dog a stimulating day even when you can't be there with them. Check out the 15 best dog puzzle toys to keep your pooch entertained and happy.

7 Of The Best Standing Desks (And Why You Genuinely Need One)

If you spend all day at a desk, you owe it to yourself to invest in a standing desk. Explore these desk options and enjoy some newfound health benefits.