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Fall Fashion Tips: Cool Leather for Cool Weather And Beyond

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Scott Schaefer is co-founder of Embrazio, a leather accessories and jewelry manufacturer in Boulder, CO. Scott has been working in the leather industry for over 12 years with his wife and partner, Stephanie Boyles. Together, they have patented a curved leather belt design that eliminates “gapping” and pulling in the back of your belt.

It’s October once again. Leaves are starting to change. Everyone is buying pumpkin-flavored this and that, and we’re all bundling up and preparing ourselves for the home stretch of another year. 

Cooler weather also means leggings and sweaters and beanies and getting back into the best clothing fall and winter have to offer. Let’s be honest, cold weather clothes are just more cozy and fun than warm weather clothes. You wear more of it, and that means more opportunity for accessorizing. 

Knowing that you will want some fantastic accent pieces is very different than picking the right ones for your personal style, so we’re here to help you pick out the best accessories for you this fall. 

(hint: we really really like handmade leather belts and bags, though leather jackets are also a classic come winter)

Handmade Leather Accessories are the Way to go

Fast fashion has taken the world by storm. It’s for the shopper who wants to wear something different every day, which is perfect because these clothes and accessories are only designed to be worn a few times. 

It’s why they’re so cheap. 

For shoppers looking for lasting value and comfort, you’ll want to go with something handmade. If you want that something handmade to last a lifetime, you should be looking at handmade leather accessories as not only will leather last forever, but good leather will look better as it ages.

While we love leather, you’ll want to pick and choose your pieces because a little bit goes a long way. Cute belt and bag? Yes, please! Leather pants and vest? Easy there, cowboy. 

Don’t worry; we’ll help walk you through how to incorporate leather into your ensemble and, more importantly, where to find the best handmade leather accessories. 

Strap on a handmade leather belt

woman wearing a leather belt

While we have seen clothes trending less and less formal over the past few years, the pendulum will inevitably swing back to more traditional styles. Get ahead of the curve by bringing back an old friend… the leather belt. 

That’s right before grownups wore elastic and drawstrings in places other than the gym; there were these amazing inventions called belts that are designed to help keep your pants up. 

The right belt is the ultimate combination of form and function. They provide utility, and the right one can set your ensemble in unique new directions. 

Here are a few of our style suggestions for belts: 

  • Curved Belts – Nowadays, you can find curved belts to follow the natural contours of your body. This means you get a belt that fits on day one like you’ve been wearing it for years. Also, there’s no unattractive gapping at the back of your pants. These are game-changers, and we have no clue why it took so long to come up with such a fantastic invention. 
  • Double Wrap Belt – Double wrap belts are exactly what they sound like. They are designed to wrap around the body twice and tend to be a little thinner than your ordinary strap. These are great for people trying to stand out and look good doing it and something you won’t see everyone else rocking. 
  • Riveted Belts: Another great way to stand out is by getting a riveted belt. These belts are studded or embellished that add a whole other level of pop to your outfit. 
  • Belt Buckles – A fun buckle can help elevate the simplest of belts to being an event. Also, having multiple interchangeable buckles allows you to transform any old belt, giving you total flexibility in putting together your amazing fall look. 

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The Perfect Leather Bag Finishes Every Look 

girl wearing leather backpack

We mentioned that the right leather belt is a marriage of form and function. The same can be said for handmade leather bags. Good luck completing a look without the perfect bag. Also, they carry all of your things, which is convenient because you’d look awful silly with your arms full all the time.

They also come in just about every shape and size, helping you stay prepared for whatever life throws your way.

  • Lightweight Crossbody Bags – Our go-to daily bag has been a medium-sized crossbody bag for some time. They provide the ultimate flexibility as they’re so light but still have enough room to carry everything. 
  • Handmade Leather Backpacks – Lightweight matters less when you don’t have actually to carry anything with your arms. There are some leather backpacks out there that will make your jaw drop all the way to the floor. Santa knows who we’re talking about. (wink wink Embrazio)
  • Handmade Leather Phone Holster – Phone holsters have a certain reputation for being for older men. The fact is, the only people who say negative things about phone holsters are the people who have never used a phone holster. They’re the ultimate inconvenience. Everyone has a phone, and those phones ring a lot. Do you want to have to fish it out of a huge bag every time it does?
  • Leather Tote Bags – If you answered yes to that last question or just love carrying everything everywhere you go, you should be getting a tote – a big beautiful tote. They offer space space space to spare and come in a variety of beautiful color and shape options. 

Use it all Year Round

Do you know what the best part of all of the fall styles we discussed here are? You can actually wear each of them all year long. 

That’s what makes leather such a wonderful material. It feels like it was explicitly designed for fall and winter, but the fact is, you need belts and bags in the summer just as badly. Lucky for you, these handmade belts look just as great holding shorts up as they do pants. You will need to carry around lots of stuff in the summer, and these backpacks and totes will get the job done every time. 

Unlike 90% of what you wear, these are investments that will last you a lifetime and look great while doing it. 

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