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In the market for new bedding? You’re likely not alone. Bedding makes all the difference in how great a night of sleep you get, so when you have the wrong bedding, it can really impact your quality of life. However, when you add a spouse or partner into the equation, finding that perfect bedding becomes even more difficult.

How can you find an option both of you love? That’s exactly what the founder of Cozy Earth set out to discover. 

The History Behind Cozy Earth

The story behind Cozy Earth (a brand endorsed by Oprah, by the way) isn’t dissimilar to that of many other companies. It all comes down to invention born out of necessity — and great sleep is definitely a necessity. 

It all started with a couple that needed a bedding solution that would work for two people who slept hot while the other slept cold. The founding couple discovered a silk comforter that really helped, but they thought something was lacking, so they set out to create a silk comforter of a higher quality.

Using backgrounds in manufacturing and supply chains, and working with only the best suppliers, the founders went on to create their own high-end form textile that would not only look and feel great, but that would also be super-comfortable for any sleeper (as well as hypoallergenic!). 

Now, Cozy Earth specializes in both comforters and sheets that are breathable, temperature regulating, free from toxins and harsh dyes and super-durable — so durable, in fact, that they have a 10-year no-pilling guarantee.

The OG Silk Bedding

Woman enjoying her silk comforter from Cozy Earth

Cozy Earth’s history started with silk bedding, so if you’re leaning more toward a silk bedding solution, the brand has you covered. The silk comforters come in six different variants: a twin all-season comforter, a twin winter comforter, a queen/full all-season comforter, a queen/full winter comforter, a king all-season comforter and a king winter comforter.

What’s the difference between the all-season and the winter variants? 

Cozy Earth clarifies that the all-season option is preferable to most shoppers, as it reduces humidity and keeps most sleepers at the ideal temperature. Although some do prefer the winter option, especially if they live in a cold climate, are particularly cold natured or sleep with their thermostat set to below 60 degrees. The winter option is a little heavier and has 30% more filling for more insulation. 

But don’t think that this silk bedding is going to be all shiny and slippery. This silk bedding isn’t actually silk on the outside. Instead, the filling is where you’ll find the silk, as it’s made from all-natural, high-grade, 100%, long-strand mulberry silk. The comforter exterior is surprisingly made from bamboo fabric.

What are the benefits of silk bedding?

So why fill a bamboo comforter shell with silk bedding? There are quite a few reasons.

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic. It won’t harbor dust mites or bed bugs, and it resists bacteria, mold and other nasty stuff that you don’t want in your bed.

Silk is considered a low heat conductor, meaning it allows your body to adjust to whatever the outside temperature is to best fit your needs. If you’re feeling cold, it keeps you warm. If you’re feeling warm, it keeps you cooler without trapping in all that body heat under the covers. And, the less body heat that surrounds you while you sleep, the less you sweat, meaning no more sweaty sheets that stink up your bedroom after a few nights of use. 

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The Full Bamboo Option 

Cozy earth bamboo comforter

But after Cozy Earth came up with its silk-filled bedding option, the brand extended its product line to also include full, premium bamboo options. These include a bamboo comforter, bamboo sheet set, bamboo mattress pad and bamboo throw blankets. 

The bamboo comforter comes in the same sizes and weights as the silk comforter: twin all-season comforter, twin winter comforter, queen/full all-season comforter, queen/full winter comforter, king all-season comforter and king winter comforter. The bamboo option also offers a lot of the same benefits as the silk option. The bamboo comforter is temperature regulating and super-soft. It’s also hypoallergenic.

So what’s the difference? 

The bamboo option is more geared toward particularly hot sleepers and those who live in hot, humid climates. The bamboo comforters are generally less plush and fluffy than the silk options. They feel more like a quilt than a traditional comforter. 

What are the benefits of bamboo bedding?

As noted, bamboo bedding regulates your temperature by reducing the humidity in your bed. It’s also hypoallergenic and naturally anti-bacterial. It whisks away moisture and reduces mildew and mold, and also resists dust mites. If that weren’t enough, bamboo is also soft, durable and holds color well.

Both Cozy Earth’s bamboo and silk comforter options provide a range of benefits for all sleepers, whether you run hotter or colder.

What exactly is viscose from bamboo?

If you browse Cozy Earth’s product line, you’ll notice that many of the products are made from “premium 100% viscose from bamboo fabric” — but what exactly does that mean?

“Viscose” refers to the manufacturing process. In the viscose process, bamboo is broken down and dissolved. Once dissolved, the bamboo is pressed into bamboo fibers, cooled, spun into thread and then woven into fabric. Sometimes, manufacturers use potentially dangerous though familiar chemicals to break down the bamboo, which can result in pollution to the nearby environment. Think sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide, chemicals that are found in everything from fertilizer to soap

Cozy Earth takes strict efforts to utilize an eco-friendly, closed-loop system in its factories, which recycles water and chemicals used in the manufacturing process while regulating water leaving factories to monitor for any potential pollutants. 

How Do You Care for Bamboo Sheets and Bedding? 

Man and woman putting sheets back on their bed

Whichever comforter option you might be considering purchasing from Cozy Earth, you’ll still have to care for your bamboo sheets and the bamboo comforter shells just as you would any other bamboo bedding. The great thing about Cozy Earth’s products, however, is that they’re made in a way that minimizes the amount of care and hard work you’ll need to put into making them look great for years to come.

For example, have you ever noticed that your comforter is getting all lumpy on one side, so you try the old tennis ball trick to get it all spread out again? You throw the comforter in the dryer with a tennis ball or two, hoping the ball will literally beat the comforter back into shape. Your house is filled with the sound of a tennis ball rattling around in your dryer for a few hours, and the comforter doesn’t really look any different for all your efforts. 

Well, that whole process is a thing of the past when you invest in Cozy Earth bedding. The comforter and pillow fill never divide and never shift. 

Additionally, have you ever taken a razor to an old sheet, attempting to get all the pilling off? While it’s a process that works, it’s not exactly an enjoyable one. But with Cozy Earth’s bedding, the sheets are guaranteed never to pill, discolor or shred — and if they ever do for some reason, you can get replacement sheets for free. 

And forget pricey trips to the dry cleaners! You can wash your Cozy Earth bamboo sheets and duvet covers in your normal washer, on cold, with your normal detergent (just no bleach), and then throw them in the dryer to machine dry as usual. 

Oh, and if you’ve ever struggled tirelessly to get a clean duvet cover back onto your comforter, only to find that your comforter is all bunched up inside the cover, that’s a non-worry now, too. Cozy Earth’s duvet covers are equipped with snap ties at each corner and at the midpoints. Those snap ties match anchor loops on the comforters, so you can secure them together while the duvet cover is inside out, turn it right side out, and you’re done. 

But It’s Not Just Bamboo Bed Sheets and Bamboo Duvet Covers

But your bedding isn’t the only thing that influences how comfortable you are (or aren’t) when you settle in for the night. What you’re wearing also plays a big role in your comfort. If you struggle to find pajamas or loungewear that will keep you cool overnight, Cozy Earth has you covered there as well, with the brand’s line of bamboo, stretch-knit loungewear. 

The loungewear offers many of the same properties that you enjoy with their bamboo sheets and bedding. The clothing items are free from all chemicals; they’re guaranteed never to discolor, pill or shred; and they can be washed at home. 

Loungewear options include pajamas, robes, jogger pants, shirts and more for men and women. 

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Why Bamboo Sheets are Better Than Cotton, Microfiber and Linen

Woman sleeping happily

You may find yourself thinking, why invest in bamboo sheets, especially luxury bamboo sheets like those from Cozy Earth that are a little on the more expensive side, when I can just go to my local big-box store and pick up a pack of cotton, microfiber or linen sheets? 

And that’s a great question. There are many benefits to cotton, microfiber and linen sheets, but there are a few key differences between bamboo and all of the above that place bamboo at the top of the pack.

When it comes to microfiber sheets, yes, they are temperature regulating and hypoallergenic. However, microfiber sheets, while soft, aren’t as durable as bamboo sheets. The viscose from bamboo won’t pill or deteriorate over time the way microfiber threads will. Microfiber sheets deteriorate even faster if you wash them at home. 

Linen, when properly cared for, is a little more durable, but linen suffers in the temperature regulation department. A loose weave makes for airflow but not a lot of help in keeping you the temperature you want to be, whether that be cooler or warmer.

Cotton is one of the more affordable options. Cotton sheets are pretty durable and one of the softest bedding options; in fact, some cotton sheet fans find that their cotton sheets only get better with age. However, cotton absorbs moisture and retains heat — meaning if you’re a warm sleeper or if you experience night sweats, you’re only going to get warmer. Additionally, your cotton sheets are going to soak up all that sleep sweat, which is not only gross but also a breeding ground for bacteria, mold and other icky stuff. Cotton is also pretty bad for the planet, as cotton is typically grown with a lot of pesticides and herbicides. 

Cozy Earth’s Cozy Club 

Convinced that Cozy Earth’s bamboo sheets and bedding are right for your family? If so, make sure to sign up for the Cozy Club before you make your first purchase. This rewards program allows you to earn points to put toward future purchases, from hoodies to pillowcases. 

Earning points is easy. You’ll earn points just for signing up, a point for every dollar spent on Cozy Earth products, points for every first purchase you make from a different Cozy Earth collection, points for following the brand on your favorite social media platforms and more. As you earn more points, you move up in membership tiers to get extra perks such as free shipping, early access to new products, access to exclusive sales and faster point earning opportunities.

Ready for a Better Night’s Sleep?

What are you waiting for? You spend a third of your life sleeping. You should be comfortable while you’re at it. Cozy Earth can help you achieve a better sleep tonight. 

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