9 Ways To Add Some Coziness To Your Living Room

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For many people, the living room is the most used room in the house. It is a place to gather, socialize, make memories and unwind after a busy day. The days of your grandparents’ stuffy, formal living room with plastic covering the couches are over. If you are going to spend time living in your living room, you might as well make it somewhere that you want to be.

While the word cozy may mean something different to everyone, the feeling is something we all long for—that feeling of comfort, curling up on your couch, peace, and ultimate relaxation. So how can you turn your living room into a cozy oasis you never want to leave? Here are 9 elements that will make your space feel extra cozy. 

1. Candles

Coffee table tray with coasters, candles and lavender in front of a modern grey couch

There is nothing better than snuggling up with a good book or watching your favorite movie with a delightfully scented candle burning. Certain candles even have aromatherapeutic properties and can calm minds as well as alleviate stress. 

Candles are extremely customizable. There is a never-ending range of scents on the market, all of which can elicit different emotions and feelings. Define your own version of cozy by picking what scent most relaxes you. Le Labo Santal 26 is a cult-favorite candle with a smoky, leathery scent. P.F Candle Co also sells a variety of candles with aroma-reminiscent scents to provide sensory pleasure.

Aside from the wonderful smells, flameless candles can also help create a fireplace-like feeling for those living in an apartment or space without a fireplace. And what is more comfortable than snuggling up near a fire?

2. Plants

Various plants on a table

There is just something about greenery in your living space that brightens the whole vibe. Putting some plants in your living room can add the right amount of color. Plants also purify the air and can provide a garden-fresh scent. Before buying plants, make sure you take the lighting of your living room into account to ensure your plants will grow and thrive in your space! Snake plants, pothos, and money trees are all great starter plants that are easy to take care of.

Besides adding color to your space, plants can also help with your emotional and mental wellbeing. They can help you breathe better, improve your concentration, reduce stress, and make you more active. Don’t discount the wonderful effect plants have on our wellbeing.

3. Rugs

Living room with cozy white shaggy rug

Adding a rug to your living room can completely change the aesthetic of the room. There are endless options of different types of rugs, so you can really personalize your space by picking one that best highlights your interior design visions and needs.

Designer rugs are a great way to elevate your space into a luxurious, luscious haven. High-quality handmade rugs can help you create your own personal ideal of comfort. The distinctive features and designs of rugs can also be great conversation starters with guests and allow them to get to know your personality through your design choices.

On top of the aesthetically pleasing aspect rugs bring to a room, they also provide comfort and allow a softer, plush ground to walk on instead of a cold, hardwood floor. Adding an array of depth and texture to a room really helps to make it feel cozy!

4. Blankets

Fuzzy blankets on and near a green chair

Throws and blankets are a living room staple. Aside from the warm and cozy feeling blankets provide, they can also help to really elevate your interior design.

Turn your throw blanket into a versatile styling tool by draping it on your couch or laying it across your chair arm. Throw blankets make a great accent piece and can help tie in colors featured in other décor, such as curtains, flower arrangements, or rugs. With so many different types of blankets on the market to choose from, from faux fur to wool to cashmere, you can use a throw blanket to personalize your space.

Throws are also a trendy way to protect your furniture. Whether you have messy children or a shedding pet, using a throw blanket can help keep your nice furniture in tiptop shape. It is much easier and faster to toss a blanket in the wash than to spend hours scrubbing pesky stains out of your couch! Some of our other favorites include these lux faux fur blankets, chenille knit and a modern fringe option.

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5. Throw Pillows

Boho fringe throw pillows from Anthropologie

Showcase your style by adding decorative throw pillows to your space. Changing out your throw pillow covers can help transform your living room. To liven up your room, bring in bright colors and patterns, like a fun floral pillow cover.

Pillows are also a nice way to make the furniture look comfier and inviting. Who can resist the temptation of cuddling up with a nice, fluffy pillow? Put a few pillows on the ends of your couch, love seat, or recliner, and you’re well on your way to creating a soft, gentle atmosphere.

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6. Decorative Objects

Cement elephant bookends

One of the best parts about designing your space is figuring out what peace and comfort look like to you. To optimize your living room and feel the most at home, add your own personal touches by incorporating decorative objects that speak to you. Whether it’s a bookshelf stacked with all your favorite books or a meditation space where you can fully zen out, encapsulate what cozy means to you by bringing in decorations that make your heart full and make you feel most at peace. Etsy is a great place to shop for unique décor items. It’s all in the details!

7. Wall Art

Framed photos gallery on a white wall of a hipster living room interior and workspace with laptop on a wooden desk

Adding some art to your wall can really help your living room feel uniquely yours. Showcase what comfort and serenity mean to you by hanging some unique wall art! Whether it is a photo of a loved one, a scenic print, or your favorite poem, having an image of something you love will make you feel happier. Custom framing online shops make it easy to print personalized wall art. 

8. Lighting

Good lighting is crucial for setting the mood. Create a peaceful, zen area by bringing in fun exotic lamps to elevate your living room. Bright, overhead lights can be harsh on your eyes, especially in the evenings, and can cause your eyesight to age at a faster rate.

Adding lamps to your living space can help soften the room – adding several different lamps can give you options on a variety of light settings so you can change them to match your mood. A lamp with an eye-catching design can also help to create a focal point within the room!

9. Accent Chairs

Green Accent chair with fun wicker lamps hung from the ceiling overhead

Sure, it’s important for you to feel comfortable and relaxed in your living room, but you also want to create an inviting space for your guests. Adding an accent chair is a great way to ensure that you have enough seating options for your friends and family. Plus, they make great décor additions! 

There are tons of ways to make your living room feel snug and cozy. Use these pro tips and take the time to make your space feel special, peaceful, and relaxing. When the aesthetic of your living room is created with décor and furniture you love, it just feels right, and it creates a space where you feel truly at home!

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9 Things That Will Add Coziness To Your Living Room: 

  1. Candles
  2. Plants
  3. Rugs
  4. Blankets
  5. Throw Pillows
  6. Decorative Objects
  7. Wall Art 
  8. Lighting 
  9. Accent Chairs

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