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DIFF Eyewear Review – What Makes This Eyeware Company So Cool?

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If you are looking for quality and stylish eyepieces and an opportunity to make a difference in another person’s vision, try Diff Eyewear. 

DIFF Eyewear is committed to changing the world, one eyesight at a time. Since its inception in 2015, they have donated over 1,400,000 pairs of reading glasses worldwide. Their revenue also helps individuals who cannot afford or access eye services. Continue reading for our full DIFF eyewear review. 

The DIFF Eyewear Story

DIFF Eyewear is an online charitable organization that uses its proceeds to donate reading glasses and provide eye care to people with limited resources to afford eye care. The company began in 2015. They have partnered with Sightsavers, an international institution providing access to eye healthcare worldwide. Through this collaboration, DIFF gives eye care exams, prescriptions, surgery and medication to people without access to such services globally.

The distinction between DIFF Eyewear and the competition is their exceptionally high standards in their materials and production process. They produce handmade glasses using superior designer materials. The company works with celebrities to design unique eyepieces. As a result, their glasses are fashion statement pieces, which maximize comfort and innovation. Additionally, DIFF Eyewear does not compromise quality just because revenue goes to charity.

Aside from the excellent craftsmanship and social responsibility, DIFF Eyewear is also affordable. As consumers enjoy value for their money, someone in the world gets a free pair of reading glasses, eye treatment or eye medication. We can’t really argue with that business model. 


For DIFF Eyewear, vision is power. 

Therefore, their objective is to help people worldwide access eye healthcare. Along with donating a pair of glasses to someone who needs them but cannot afford it, DIFF also provides medical intervention for eye-sight-related problems.

Giving Back

Since its inception, Over 300 charities have benefited from DIFF Eyewear, with donations exceeding $1.4 million. The company has contributed more than 27,000 sunglasses to local charities and 1.4 million reading glasses. Almost 3 million people have benefited through their charities.

DIFF also contributes to empowerment and education globally through Project DIFF. Currently, the organization has two incentives supporting female artisans—a Pouch Program in Uganda producing eyewear cases and a Tribe Alive partnership in Honduras making sunglass chains. Proceeds from both projects help develop Little Angels School.

Their give-back program not only provides new eyeglasses to people in need, but they are helping give the gift of sight, which is an invaluable offering.

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Types of DIFF Eyewear Glasses

DIFF Eyewear has a sizable product catalog with eyepieces for every gender and age group. Shoppers can find each item through a simple search on their website. Do not worry about suitability. The DIFF Eyewear site provides a simple test to help buyers find the perfect match for their faces.


DIFF Eyewear hand-crafted sunglasses come in different colors, frame shapes, and polarity. Shoppers choose cat-eye, round, square, round, or small frames. Polarized and non-polarized versions of the sunglasses and an assortment of colors. All these features and captivating designs are present in over 20 collections.

Blue Light

DIFF Eyewear also stocks designer-grade blue light glasses for individuals spending a long time staring at computer monitors. The glasses block the harmful blue light emitted from electronic devices, which causes eye strain.

DIFF Eyewear incorporates blue light technology in prescription, readers, and the standard non-prescription spectacles. You can also get blue-light blocking glasses in any frame.


DIFF Eyewear sells high-end prescription glasses. Customers can get lenses with U.V. protection, polarization or anti-reflection functions. DIFF Eyewear also modifies prescription glasses to polarized sunglasses or photochromic glasses.

The company’s prescription glasses are functional and stylish. Users can protect their eyes without compromising their fashion.

Shapes & Styles of Glasses

DIFF Eyewear has plenty of shapes and styles for prescription, non-prescription, readers and sunglasses. Their glasses have different shapes and styles for everyone and any occasion—from cool and classy to simple or trendy. They come in oversized or small frames.

Look effortlessly elegant with aviator sunglasses or regular non-prescription glasses. The frame’s luxe design finds its inspiration from pilot glasses. If you want to channel the classic era, then the cat-eye frame made famous by Audrey Hepburn is your go-to style. DIFF Eyewear provides plenty of modified cat-eye frames to compliment different face shapes.

There are also round frames—a fashion staple among celebrities. They come in an array of colors and shades so you can splurge to your heart’s delight. You can choose the complete opposite of round and go for square glasses, the current fashion trend frame for eyewear. DIFF Eyewear has various styles inspired by fashion trends in the past, present and future. 

Currently, customers can choose shapes and styles from about 20 product lines.

My DIFF experience

For my DIFF eyewear sunglasses experience, I opted for the Becky II in the Himalayan tortoise taupe flash mirror polarized sunglasses. I tend to gravitate more towards an oversized sunglasses option, so that is what I set my filter to, and I picked these for two reasons.

One, they looked super cute and secondly, they had over 1,100 reviews! 

That is a ton of reviews for a pair of sunglasses, so I wanted to see what all the praise was for myself.

I have to agree with the 5-star reviews; the glasses stay on but aren’t too heavy. They cover my face but aren’t bulky with unnecessary material. They have UVA and UVB protection, so you don’t have to worry as much about sun damage as other glasses.

I almost opted for the Cream Tortoise Pink Mirror Sunglasses, but I am glad I stuck with the first choice. They do have a slightly pinker hue than I expected, maybe more like rose gold in the lenses.

Who can really say no to a good cat eye? I think if I get another pair of DIFF glasses, I will try out the Becky IV or the Gia for something different.

Price Range

DIFF Eyewear’s price range is on the lower range of the spectrum compared to the industry’s average when it comes to high-end sunglasses. On average, the eyepieces cost about $100. Although they hand-craft these glasses, use trendy designs, quality material and an excellent production process, their price is still affordable for the quality and design.

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DIFF Eyewear partners with actors, artists and public figures to co-design glasses. They have worked with artists like the following: 

Star Wars

The collaboration produced stellar design eyepieces for Star Wars™ and The Mandalorian™ fans. Glasses from this collection also come with a branded case, completing its interspace aesthetics.

Harry Potter

DIFF Eyewear has worked with the Harry Porter franchise to recreate eyewear depicting the enchanting land of magic and mystery. The designs draw inspiration from the Hogwarts houses and are an immediate favorite for fans of the movie series. Of course, the collection features Harry Porter’s prominent round glasses.


If you are a fan of H.E.R.’s artistry and fashion, then this collection is for you. There are 13 designs to choose from—each containing unique features of this singer’s style. Each eyewear comes with a special edition trifold case and lens wiping cloth.

What to Look for in Glasses

While glasses look appealing on display, it does not always mean they will compliment your face structure or skin tone. Therefore, before you purchase that pair of glasses, you have to consider their functionality and aesthetics with respect to your eyesight and facial features.

  • Consider the frame shape. The DIFF Eyewear makes it easy by providing a quiz to determine the right shape for your face.
  • Take an eye examination to determine the lens suitable for your eye needs.
  • Factor in color and pattern because it adds to your fashion and aesthetics.
  • Go for glasses you can afford.


Below are a few top FAQS when it comes to DIFF eyewear.


Do you ship anywhere in the world?

We are an online company. Therefore we ship our eyewear products through North America and the world. Additionally, we provide free shipping for orders above $150.


Do I need a prescription to purchase prescription glasses?

You should get your eye prescription before purchasing your prescription glasses. We make your lens strength using the prescription. We also incorporate features like blue-light blocking from the medical paper.


Can I make returns?

You can return your eyewear if it has sizing, lens, or color errors. We rectify the problem once we ascertain the query is our problem; you get to choose another eyepiece or wait as we rectify the spoilt one.

Bottom line, if you are looking for a new pair of sunnies this season, you really can’t go wrong with DIFF eyewear. There is something for everyone, from matte black to gradient to mirrored lenses.

They tend to offer a BOGO coupon which is great if you are trying to decide between a pair of oversized sunglasses and cat-eye sunglasses, you can try both for the price of one for an affordable price.

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