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43 of Our Favorite Ear Cuffs [Are the 90s Back?]

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In case you’ve been living under a quarantine rock lately (which is entirely understandable), you may not have totally clued into the fact that 90s fashions are back. Yes, skorts, cargo pants, platform sneakers and oversized flannel have wormed their way back into fashion mags and are even trending on Insta.

Of course, just because everyone else decides to jump off a fashion cliff doesn’t mean you have to as well. I may be wearing a scrunchie as I write this, but I’m sorry, mom jeans, please get into your minivan and drive out of my life forever.

Whether you’re into the 90s vibe or not, there is at least one fashion accessory that we feel supersedes the decade in which it was trending: the ear cuff. Fashionistas that weren’t in diapers during that decade will remember it as a punky and stylish screw you to the establishment.

But ear cuffs have come a long way since the days of grunge. No longer a simple metal band (that may have attached to your nose with a chain), they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to fit every fashion occasion, from strutting the runway to grabbing your morning latte with style.

We’re going to show you a few of our favorite ear cuff looks, but first, let’s chat about why this retro trend is resurfacing yet again.

Ear Cuffs Have Withstood the Test of Fashion Time

As we all know, one minute you’re in fashion and the next you’re out. But ear cuffs have more staying power than you may believe. In fact, the first known ear cuffs date all the way back to 2000 BC and were known as “kaffas.”

But they’ve had plenty of moments since then. Around 300 BC, Greek aristocrats wore them as a symbol of wealth. Images of ear cuffs also abound in 12th-century art from India, in which they’re encrusted with colorful stones and often clipped to the nose with a chain of precious metal.

(Check out an episode of the extra, extra Indian weddings on the Big Day from Netflix, and you’ll see plenty of modern day brides still rocking the look as they walk down the aisle.)

Ear cuffs were also on trend, with 18th-century ladies looking to make an elegant statement. And in the 1950s, Marilyn Monroe and other popular actresses and socialites showed off lavish styles of kaffas in the opulent post-war era.

In other words, style lovers, this trend is way more than a trend.    

Ear Cuffs: There’s Something for Everyone

What we really love about ear cuffs is that you can dial them up or down according to your style. Rocking a more classic look? Go for a simple yellow gold or sterling silver ear cuff. Feeling extra? You can find ear cuffs loaded up with jewels, flowers and chains.

Earth mothers may enjoy a rose gold ear cuff with feathers. And, of course, edgy styles like snakes and white gold spikes will help you bring back a true taste of the 90s. 

Ear Cuffs: A Painless Fashion Statement

For anyone that’s ever wanted to give their ears a little more bling without the pain of extra punctures, fake piercings are also the perfect answer. Now you can decorate every last bit of cartilage without the risk of infection or the scary trip to the tattoo/piercing parlor. Yay! 

Ear Cuffs Won’t Break the Bank

We can’t all shell out for designer accessories and clothes, but ear cuffs are one of those must-haves that just about anyone can afford. Sure, you can go big with diamonds, cubic zirconia or other gem-encrusted looks. But there are also a lot of cool styles that won’t cost you the big bucks while still getting your ears that extra bit of attention you’re longing for. 

And Yes, Ear Cuffs Are Trending Among Celebs

No, you don’t have to jump on every style bandwagon. But there’s no denying the reemergence of ear cuffs is closely linked to celebs and other influencers. Big designers are sending them down the runway, actresses are donning them on the red carpet, and Instagram is starting to be flooded with this look.

So if you want to bring a little more glamor to everyday life, an ear cuff could give you a little more star power. And who couldn’t use a little more of that?

But now, let’s get to the fun part. Here are a few of our favorite ear cuffs ranging from classic, playful, edgy and extra (and sometimes extra-extra). Let’s take a look.

Classic Styles

If you’re a classic and think that ear cuffs aren’t for you, guess again. These styles prove that ear cuffs can still be elegant.

#1 Simple Band Ear Cuff

Yes, these simple ear cuffs will pair with your hoop earrings and polo shirt. 

#2 Diamond Ear Cuff

Want just a tad more sparkle? Add some diamonds or lab grown diamonds.

#3 Thick, Edgy Gold Cuff

You may be classic, but that doesn’t mean you’re vanilla. In that case, stack ‘em!

#4 Pearl Ear Cuff

Need something to go with your pearl necklace?

#5 Stackable Gold Bands

They’re kind of like tennis bracelets. Only for your ears. 

Try them in a range of textures to mix things up. 

#6 Cuff With Chain Earring

Still minimalist, but with just a slight edge.

#7 Leaf Ear Crawler

So delicate and pretty!

#8 Stud Earring Cuff

These feel a little more designy but still classic. 

Fun Styles

Looking to add a little more personality to your ears? These playful styles will definitely dial up the fun factor.

#9 Letter Crawlers

We love that you can personalize your look with these sparkly initials. Can you spell cute?

#10 Flower Ear Band

We just never get tired of stars and flowers.

#11 Cuff & Chain Ear Jewelry

The style that says I’m into chains, but you can keep your whips. 

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#12 Bee Huggie

Save the bees!

#13 Stamped Sterling Silver Zen Cuff 

Yogis, these are for you.

#14 Vine Ear Climber

It’s also fun to play with shapes!

#15 Colorful Gem Ear Cuff

Adding a gemstone can give you some extra sparkle. We love the mysterious glow of this opal. 

#16 Rainbow Ear Cuff Set

We say yes to playing with color!

#17 Gold-Tone Leaf Earring

We’re obsessed with this dainty leaf.

#18 Celestial Ear Charms

Charms are in!

#19 Crystal Ear Cuff

Femine and fun.

Blingy Styles

You’re feeling extra and you’re not afraid to show it. In that case, these over the top looks could be just the thing to spice up your ear lobe. 

#20 Mother of Pearl Ear Wrap

Hello, brides to be, this ear cuff says it’s your day!

#21 Tribal Feather Wing Cuff

When you feel like going extra, extra native. 

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#22  Twirly Swirly Ear Wrap

This cuff takes swirly-twirly to the next level. 

#23 Bold Gold Elf Ear Cuff 

It’s the ear cuff that says shazam!

#24 Blinged Out Metal Ear Cuff 

It’s extra and yet still so wearable.

#25 Colorful Gemstone Ear Cuffs

It’s time to bejewel your cartilage!

#26 Diamond Ear Crawler

Now you just need an invitation to the Oscars!

#27 The Ultimate Flower Ear Jacket

Serious flower child wow factor.

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#28 Metal Winged Ear Cuff

You’re an angel and everyone needs to know it.

#29 Gold Dangle Ear Cuff

It’s like a chandelier for your ear.

#30 Crystal Ear Crawler

Yes. Just yes.

Edgy Styles

You’re a badass and so are your ears. Here’s the style that will prove it. 

#31 Steel Wing Feather Ear Jacket

Attack of the valkyries!

#32 Octopus Ear Cuff

Are you obsessed with creatures of the deep?

#33 The Dragon Claw

Creepy but cute. 

#34 Silver Spike & Chain Set

Show ‘em how you like to play. 

#35 Dragon Ear Wrap

Mother of dragons, this is for you.

#36 Slithering Snake Wrap

Every bad girl needs a pet snake.

#37 Full Feather Ear Wrap

Look like a bird of prey.

#38 Zipper Ear Cuff

You Goth to be you.

#39 The Ultimate Spiked Ear Cuff

Get punked. 

#40 Lizard Ear Cuff

Cast a spell over onlookers with this beauty.

#41 Phoenix Ear Cover

You may get burned, but this phoenix says you’ll always rise from the ashes.

#42 Silver Arrow Ear Cuff

Your ear will feel dressed to kill. 

#43 Skull Ear Cuff

For all those wanna be pirates out there. 

Ears Looking at You Kids

As you can see, ear cuffs aren’t just retro. There are tons of ways to have fun with them! Pair them with stud earrings for a classic look or go full boho with some drop earrings.  No matter your style, you’re sure to find a cuff that’s you. So don’t be afraid to dress up your earlobes.

Whether you’re home or out and about, they’re a simple way to make everyday special. 

Carpe diem, fashionistas!

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