8 Simple Easter Arts And Crafts Ideas For The Whole Family

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Easter is a wonderful time to build family traditions. Whether it’s tucking into an Easter morning brunch with eggs and dippy soldiers, embarking on an egg hunt or getting the whole family involved in some fun arts and crafts, Easter helps to create precious memories that’ll last a lifetime. 

From quirky bonnets to elegant wreaths, these DIY Easter arts and craft ideas will get the whole family in the Easter spirit in no time at all. 

Continue reading to learn more about the eight best Easter craft ideas to celebrate this year. Who knows, some of these fun Easter crafts you might end up reusing every year!

1. Trendy & Elegant DIY Wreaths

Woman using hot glue on fake eggs to build an Easter wreath

Wreaths are a great option for creating the wow factor and adding some elegant Easter style to your home. There are hundreds of ways to decorate your wreaths, from styrofoam eggs to moss from the garden – so let your creativity flow.

You will need:

  • A wreath base such as rattan, willow or polystyrene rings
  • A hot glue gun or PVA sticks 
  • Choice of decorations such as tissue paper, flowers, eggs and flowers
  • Twine or string

When it comes to finding decorations for your wreath, check out your local hobby shop or craft store. All you need to do is glue your decorations to your wreath base. You could also select a varied range of wreath sizes and get some smaller ones for your children to decorate.

Finish off the wreaths by tying a small piece of twine or string to the top so you can hang it on the front door or indoors on a picture hook. 

If you have little kiddos and they want to join in the wreath making fun, just give them a paper plate, crayons, cotton balls, construction paper and any other fun craft supplies and let them decorate away to create a mini wreath!

2. Create Your Own Easter Bunting

Boy dying easter eggs with Easter bunny bunting in the background

Easter bunting is a traditional and elegant way to add a touch of seasonal spring to your interiors, and it’s super easy to make. 

You will need:

  • String or twine 
  • A choice of paper or card
  • PVA glue
  • Choice of additional decorations such as paper letters or pom-poms 
  • Paint

First of all, cut a bunch of triangles or any other Easter design out of your paper or card. Then, begin to decorate each triangle or other design (with the pointy end being the bottom) by painting your designs or adding decorations such as pom-poms, handprints, bunny ears or letters. 

You could spell out the word ‘Easter’ and decorate each character differently or get the kids to come up with their own ideas.

Once everything has dried, glue the back of the string to the top of the triangles and fold over a 1cm wide strip of the triangle to cover the string. Finally, tie loops at each end of the bunting and hang it up.

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3. Wacky & Bold Easter Bonnet 

Mom and her two daughters wearing colorful Easter hats with bunny ears
TD Dolci /

The Easter bonnet comes from a tradition of getting new clothes at Easter, which dates back to the 16th century. It was made popular in more modern times by people wearing Easter bonnets to church. So, why not keep this great tradition alive by creating your very own family Easter bonnets.

You will need: 

  • A hat – (old straw hats are great for this project)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Choice of decorations such as polystyrene eggs, fake flowers and tiny chick figurines

If you don’t have any old straw hats, your local thrift shop might have some. You can also find a range of inexpensive decorations in discount shops such as yellow chicks, pom-poms, felt flowers or ribbons.

For safety, you should do all the hot gluing; just make sure you put everything where they want it! These make for great photo opportunities during the family Easter egg hunt. Have them pose with their Easter baskets for some extra cuteness.

4. Egg Painting Competition

Family showcasing their painted eggs for their Easter egg competition

Egg painting is a traditional Easter activity enjoyed by families across centuries. It’s also inexpensive and easy to do.

You will need:

  • Large eggs
  • Paint
  • Tape
  • A pin or thumbtack
  • Warm water and washing up liquid

Firstly, you will need to ‘blow out’ the egg. You can do this by putting a small piece of tape on each end of the egg to prevent it from cracking, then making a small hole with a pin in one end with a larger hole on the other end. The larger hole is where the egg will come out, and the smaller hole is the one you’ll blow in.

Ensure you blow air into the egg above a bowl, and if you don’t want to use your mouth, you could use a syringe with air or use a straw. Once the shell is empty, pop it in a bowl of water and wash up liquid to clean it before allowing it to dry.

Once the shell is dry, you’re ready to decorate with paint with a design of your choice. Alternatively, you could hard boil the eggs and then decorate, though the design won’t stay around for long if you do that. 

Either way, have each family member decorate an egg and then get another relative or neighbor to choose a winner. Easter egg decorating is something a preschooler and your 75-year-old grandmother can do together, and decorating ideas and outcomes will be much different!

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5. DIY Easter Cards

Boy making a 3D bunny for his Easter card

Why not spread some joy this Easter by creating cards with the kids to send out to your family and friends? Everyone loves receiving cards, as they double as seasonal art to decorate their home with. 

You will need: 

  • Card
  • Glue or sellotape
  • Pens or paints
  • Decorations such as stamps, padded stickers and lettering

There are endless designs you could make for your cards, or you could purchase stickers to put on the front of them. You could also use stamps, paint or calligraphy-style text for decoration. There are no rules when it comes to card making, so get creative and start experimenting. 

Give them printable templates or ideas like baby chicks, pom pom bunny, or if they are older, maybe even dabble in some Easter origami. Easter crafts for kids don’t have to be boring!

6. Funky DIY Paper Flowers

Mom and daughter building out flowers with crepe paper

You might remember fashioning paper flowers at school around Easter time, made from egg carton boxes or cupcake liners. This tradition is an oldie but goldie and makes for a striking result. There are lots of different ways to make flowers; you just need to decide on the material for the stem, flower and means of decoration. 

You could use a green card or paper for the flower stems or even green fuzzy pipe-cleaners. For the flower heads, several layers of tissue paper stuck together would work, or you could cut out petals from colored cards or use stacks of decorated cupcake liners. Other great items around the house that could make for fun embellishments are coffee filters or a doily you color with watercolors to look like fun pastel Easter flowers.

Make about 5-10 paper flowers and display them in a traditional vase, or use them as funky additions to your bonnet.

7. Beautiful & Traditional Easter Tree

Young girl hanging paper eggs on an Easter egg tree

A great way to show off some of your newly created Easter decorations is by creating an Easter tree. Easter trees are a German tradition dating back centuries where they would decorate trees or bushes with eggs, much like at Christmas. 

You will need:

  • Wooden decorations or painted eggs 
  • Some twigs or branches
  • A sturdy container such as a vase, mason jar or jug

Simply fill your container with a range of branches. To add a bit of interest to the base of the tree, you could use a mason jar partially filled with moss for a spring-like effect. Then hang your chosen decorations off the branches; this is a great opportunity to show off any painted eggs you’ve created.

These are a great art activity addition to add some color to your Easter party and pair nicely with an Easter wreath.

8. Tasty Easter Baking Ideas

Easter spread, complete with chick & lamb cupcakes, challah nest and chocolate eggs.

It wouldn’t be Easter without some tasty chocolate treats! Whether you create chocolate nests using melted chocolate, cereals and chocolate eggs or decorate your very own iced biscuits, there’s a range of Easter recipes out there perfect for getting the kids involved. Some great easy Easter bakes include: 

  • Chocolate nests
  • Easter-themed cupcakes 
  • Decorated cookies 
  • Butterfly cakes
  • Jam tarts 

From fancy painted eggs to funky bonnets, stylish wreaths to rustic Easter trees, you now have a huge range of DIY craft project ideas for the whole family to enjoy. 

Easter is more than just Easter baskets and what the Easter bunny brings to the family.

Hoppy Easter! Enjoy making all these fun and easy Easter crafts.

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8 Easter Arts & Crafts For The Whole Family: 

  1. Trendy & Elegant DIY wreaths
  2. Create Your Own Easter Bunting
  3. Wacky & Bold Easter Bonnet 
  4. Egg Painting Competition
  5. DIY Easter Cards
  6. Funky DIY Paper Flowers
  7. Beautiful & Traditional Easter Tree
  8. Tasty Easter Baking

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