15 Timeless Easter Decorations That Won’t Go Out Of Style

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You know it’s springtime when the Easter bunny comes around! While Easter is one of those holidays that’s rooted in religious tradition, it has been overly commercialized in modern times as well. And that’s probably because a lot of people would rather embrace the more modern traditions of the holiday than think about the gruesome crucifixion of Jesus.

For some people, Easter is still one of the holiest days of the year. For others, the holiday has become more so a celebration of spring than anything else. No matter how you choose to spend Easter Sunday this year, there are many options when it comes to decorations that you can put on display in your home. 

Ready to make the day seem more special? Looking for some ideas on how to decorate for Easter this year? We have you covered! 

From Easter bunnies to colorful eggs and everything in between, keep reading for a list of 15 timeless Easter decorations that will put you in a springtime mood and help you celebrate the holiday in style! 

How to Celebrate Easter

Millions of people celebrate Easter for the sake of its religious significance. For millions of others, the holiday is all about the whimsical decor, the pastel colors, the egg hunts, the bunnies, the Peeps, and the chocolate eggs! 

Traditionally, Christians celebrate Easter as a way of commemorating the resurrection of Jesus. Holiday festivities usually involve getting dressed up, attending church, and having an Easter dinner with the family that, more often than not, consists of cooked ham and many side dishes.

But there are plenty of people who celebrate Easter as a sort of kick-off to the spring season, too! Families and friends often gather to partake in the more commercial side of the Easter holiday by giving Easter baskets filled with candy to the kids and Easter flowers, such as tulips, to mothers, grandmothers, and anyone who’s hosting an Easter dinner or brunch.

No matter how or why you celebrate the holiday, Easter is still an opportunity for you to put on a cute outfit, gather with family or friends, and eat to your heart’s content. What could be better than that?! 

Our 15 Favorite Easter Decorations for 2022

If you’re hosting a celebratory Easter event or you just want your house to feel a bit more festive this April, these 15 timeless Easter might just help you celebrate in style and welcome spring into your home! 

1. Easter Egg Wreath

Easter Egg Wreath

If you’ve ever visited someone’s home on Easter Sunday, there’s a good chance you’ve been greeted with a Happy Easter wreath hanging on the front door. Classic wreaths with Easter greetings and bunny rabbits are great, but we’re more into the quirky yet cool look of this egg wreath. We love this egg wreath simply for the fact that the metallic eggs add a modern touch while the wrapped vines add a natural and rustic appeal. 

2. Easter Egg Tree

Easter Egg Tree

It’s almost impossible to make your home look Easter-ready without Easter egg decorations. Aside from the age-old tradition of dying and decorating hard-boiled eggs, placing egg-shaped decor around the house is a fun way to get your family, friends and guests in the Easter spirit.

One of our favorite egg decorations is this Easter egg tree. It’s basically a tabletop tree featuring a burlap covered base as well as multicolored eggs and pom poms all over. It stands about 18 inches tall, making it the perfect size for kitchen counters, window sills, side tables, or shelves.

3. Easter Table Centerpiece

Easter Table Centerpiece

Nothing beats an Easter brunch with a fun, welcoming tablescape that uses whimsical accents, just like this Easter table centerpiece. The colorful egg display comes in two sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect size for your dining table.

It’s adorned with colorful speckled eggs as well as artificial yet natural-looking foliage and leaves. Plus, it’s handmade so each one will have its own one-of-a-kind look.  

4. Easter Baskets

Easter Baskets

You can’t have an Easter celebration without candy-filled Easter baskets around the house! This set of three Easter baskets offers a fun, retro feel tied into the multicolored woven bamboo… Pun intended! They come with shredded paper that acts as filler by lining the bottom of the baskets. Plus, if you fill them with buttercream eggs, Peeps, and chocolate bunnies, they make excellent Easter gifts for kids. 

5. Bunny Ears

Wooden Bunny Ears

Handmade using wood and fuzzy pink fabric, these Bunny ears make us smile from… Well, ear to ear! They’re just over three inches tall, making them easy to add to an Easter tablescape. They make a great accent on top of a mantel or a shelf, too! 

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6. Peter Rabbit Tablecloth

Peter Rabbit Tablecloth

Don’t want to go crazy with too many egg or bunny decorations? This Peter Rabbit tablecloth is a fun and festive way to bring the classic rabbit motif into your home in a subtle and sophisticated way.

Made from linen and cotton fabric, this tablecloth features the iconic Peter Rabbit character paired with a border of printed leaves, flowers, and butterflies. Don’t like to cover up your dining table with a tablecloth? Check out Pottery Barn! This store sells an entire collection of Beatrix Potter items, including a table runner, napkins, dishes, serving trays, and tiered dessert stands. 

7. Designer Easter Eggs

Designer Easter Eggs

Add pretty pastel colors and eye-catching patterns to your home this Easter with these designer Easter eggs. Painted by hand and designed with flat bottoms, these eggs can stand upright with ease. 

These eggs also come in a set of four, allowing you to get creative when it comes to how you choose to arrange them. You can put them all together in one location or spread them out around the house. It’s up to you! Plus, the patterns are pretty and modern, so you’ll be able to decorate with these eggs for years to come.  

8. Rustic Bunny Figurines

Rustic Bunny Figurines

There are all sorts of colorful porcelain and ceramic bunnies to choose from when selecting which trinkets you’ll display at Easter. However, if you’re decorating a modern and minimalist home, these wooden bunny figurines are the way to go.

These little bunnies are crafted from mango wood and paired with a distressed, whitewashed finish. They’re rustic yet modern and chic. Plus, they’re available in two sizes, including small and large. Place one in an obscure spot or put an entire bunny family on display to make an even bigger statement this Easter! 

9. Spring Fabric Garland

Spring Fabric Garland

A combination of pastel colors, gingham patterns, and striped prints makes this springtime fabric garland a fun and whimsical alternative to the traditional Easter garland, which is typically created using bunnies or chicks. If you’re hosting an Easter egg hunt at your home or you’re just looking for a playful way to get the kids in the Easter spirit, this garland is perfect. Simply drape it across a mantel, place it above a doorway, or line the edge of a dining table with this beautiful decoration! 

10. Cast Iron Rabbit Candle Holders

Cast Iron Rabbit Candle Holders

Bunny decorations don’t have to be pink, blue or yellow to be festive. For instance, this cast iron rabbit candle holder is a cool, colorless alternative that you can use in your home at any point in the year.

This candle holder is approximately 11 inches tall, and it’s detailed with a flat tray on top, fit sized to hold a 3-inch pillar candle. The antique bronze finish makes it easy to incorporate into any modern, rustic, or industrial space. 

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11. Easter Yard Stake

Easter Yard Stake

Need some outdoor decor for your Easter garden party or annual egg hunt? This Easter yard stake can be a charming addition to any outdoor space.

Made from wood and painted with springtime colors, this yard stake measures 36 inches tall, making it big enough to see from the street but not so big that it will take over your entire yard. It features three arrows with festive text on them as well as a playful bunny rabbit wearing a floral headband and a cute plaid bow. 

12. Bunny Topiary

Bunny Topiary

Since Easter is the first holiday that we celebrate in spring, incorporating some natural greenery makes perfect sense! This bunny topiary is made from greenery. More specifically, it’s preserved moss! Even better, it takes the shape of a bunny. The topiary comes planted in a stoneware pot. It also comes with a natural burlap bow that is tied around the neck of the topiary. The potted moss is available as a small or a large piece, giving you an opportunity to select the size that suits your style and space the most.  

13. Easter Napkins

Easter Napkins with embroidered bunnies

Embroidered with colorful bunnies, this set of Easter napkins will turn any table into a festive Easter celebration. These napkins are made from a cotton, linen, and poly blend. From there, it’s finished with a classic hemstitch, giving them a timeless look that you can use for Easter meals and celebrations alike for years to come. The neutral color of the fabric and the pop of color that the bunnies provide make them easy to pair with all sorts of table linens. 

14. Wooden Easter Bunnies

Wooden Easter Bunnies

Rustic with a modern twist, these wooden Easter bunnies will allow you to add one-of-a-kind style to your interior Easter display. They’re about five inches tall, making them easy to place just about anywhere.

These bunnies are carved from wood and hand painted with either polka dots or plaid patterns, depending on your preference. You can buy each bunny individually, but we think they look best as a set! 

15. He Is Risen Wood Sign

He is Risen Wood Sign

If you want to embrace the religious aspect of the Easter holiday, this He Is Risen Wood Sign is a subtle and stylish way to do so. In natural wood with a distressed finish, this sign has a charming rustic quality about it that makes it easy to coordinate with different types of home décor.

In the mood to tackle a DIY project this weekend? With a piece of wood and a paint marker, you can make your own He Is Risen sign in your own handwriting and in any size or shape you want.

When Should You Decorate For Easter?

Whether or not you decide to decorate for Easter is up to you, but if you’re going to do it, do it at least two or three weeks before the holiday. Easter Sunday falls on April 17 this year, and since we’re already in the spring season, right now is the perfect time to put your Easter decorations up for all to enjoy!

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15 Timeless Easter Decorations

  1. Easter Egg Wreath 
  2. Easter Egg Tree 
  3. Easter Table Centerpiece 
  4. Easter Baskets 
  5. Bunny Ears 
  6. Peter Rabbit Tablecloth 
  7. Designer Easter Eggs 
  8. Rustic Bunny Figurines 
  9. Spring Fabric Garland Cast Iron 
  10. Rabbit Candle Holders
  11. Easter Yard Stake 
  12. Bunny Topiary 
  13. Easter Napkins 
  14. Wooden Easter Bunnies 
  15. He Is Risen Wood Sign

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