Eyeglass Frames That Make You Look Younger

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It takes only several seconds for a first impression. That makes your appearance imperative when meeting someone. Your image is an integral accessory that can boost your confidence and make a personal statement about your style and the eyeglass frames you choose can help define that style. 

A high-quality pair of eyeglass frames or sunglasses also affects how other people perceive you. You can pick from various colors, shapes, and sizes. If you choose wisely, it’ll leave an impression that you look younger. Here are the top eyeglass frames to achieve that goal!

Eyeglass Frames #1: Cat Eyes

Although cat-eye frames are more common in females, they can make anyone look younger. Males that feel these glasses are an optimal fit shouldn’t hesitate to wear them.

Does your face have a round shape? If yes, the cat-eye frames will contribute to making it look longer. It will fit even better if you have supportive cheeks.

The entire point of cat-eye frames lies in sensuality. Women will appreciate how these eyeglasses pinpoint femininity and make you look stylish and elegant. It’s not only about looking younger but appearing glamorous. And cat-eye glasses send a message that a diva from Hollywood is coming.

These frames have an unusual shape. Thanks to that, it captures people’s attention immediately. The style makes you look elegant and creates an illusion that your face is longer.

Cat-eye frames are best for special occasions. Are you going to a big gala or an important meeting? Perhaps you have a date with someone you want to impress? Cat-eye glasses will ensure you look glamorous and send a message with your style.

Eyeglass Frames #2: Black Frames

If you don’t like immediate attention or a glamorous look, here’s something totally different. Black is a timeless color, and it’s not much different from glasses. However, the trick lies in choosing different sizes.

You can go with a boxy black frame for a smart and youthful look. It’ll give you the appearance of a student getting ready for exams. A thick black frame ensures you look intelligent. These glasses fit with casual clothing, but you can make them work with more formal attire.

The advantage of thick black frames is they take a significant portion of your face. It’s the perfect thing to cover wrinkles and fine lines that appear with age. It’s vital not to underestimate how large black glasses could improve your vision. Most feature a wider field of view. If that’s your requirement, these frames are a wise investment.

It’s possible to go with thin black glasses. However, they require having a narrow face shape. You could use rectangular frames on a round face to “extend” it.

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Eyeglass Frames #3: Oversized Frames

Clever ethnic female in striped garment smiling for camera and adjusting trendy glasses against yellow background

Picking an oversized frame is another excellent way to achieve a youthful look. Your eyes are beautiful, and they have that youthful glow, so attracting attention to them is your priority. 

Oversized eyeglass frames will ensure they are a focal point when someone looks your way. That stunning effect will also ensure they don’t notice minor downsides, such as those wrinkles and fine lines you’ve been dealing with for the last couple of years.

If you check the latest trends, you’ll see oversized glasses are popular with males and females. It doesn’t matter if you are only entering your 40s or are a long way into your 70s. Oversized frames deliver that casual appearance and fit with everyday clothing. And looking casual is the way to seem younger.

And the best part is that oversized eyewear doesn’t have to come with thick frames. You can go with thin metal rims if you ensure the glasses are larger than usual. The math is simple – they enable focusing on your best features. And the selection is impressive, ensuring you’ll easily find a suitable model.

Eyeglass Frames #4: Blue Frames

The secret lies in simplicity, and that’s what you are choosing with blue frames. You can’t say this color is captivating or bold. But it’s attractive and has that vibrant appearance you need to look younger. The calming blue shades also send a message that you became wiser over the years. Thanks to this color, people would perceive you as a stable person filled with experience.

Another reason why blue eyeglass frames are a wise choice for your eyewear is your hair. The laws of compatibility indicate blue goes well with white and gray hair. If you started greying, these could help to ensure a smooth transition. A stylish pair of frames will give you an entirely new appearance. People wouldn’t just talk about your hair, but the entire change of appearance. And the best part is the comments would be how you look stylish and youthful despite reaching a certain age.

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Eyeglass Frames #5: Bold Styles

The age is only a number. If you want to show youthful spirit, is there anything better than a bold and colorful style? People might think you are childish if you start wearing colorful T-shirts with applications and similar clothes. But bold eyewear frames are the right touch of youthfulness for your age.

What about the color you should pick? It depends on multiple factors, but these tips could help:

  • If you have pale skin, go with a dark shade. Specific colors like magenta or turquoise might be a wise pick. The opposite rule also applies, so combine dark skin with lighter shades.
  • Do you want to look like a friendly and positive person? You can send this message with yellow or another earthy shade.
  • The red color sends a true statement that you remain passionate and energized. Dark shades make you seem more “full of life” than light shades.

Eyeglass Frames #6: Round Frames

Round eyewear frames have been a part of male and female fashion for decades. Some consider them a retro style, and others find them simple. But the truth is they have many advantages. 

For starters, it doesn’t matter if your face has a heart or square shape. And what if the aging effect made your face seem bonier and thinner? Round glasses will add curves, delivering the youthful injection your face needs. These frames are also convenient if your hairline is receding. That also has a narrowing effect on your face’s appearance, and round glasses will make it seem wider.

On the other hand, please note that these frames aren’t suitable for someone with a round shape. It will only emphasize that feature, which often has a counter effect instead of making you look younger.

Avoid Clear Frames

Not all frame shapes and colors will make you look younger. It depends on the shape of your face, but experts say to steer clear of transparent eyeglass frames. 

The reason is simple – you want to hide the aging effects. It’s impossible to do that with a clear frame that reveals everything. If you have fine lines and wrinkles, these would be visible with transparent eyewear. You can experiment with thin frames, but they shouldn’t be colorless.

Picking the right eyeglass frames isn’t an easy task. First, you need a shape that fits your face. The general rule is to go with the opposite. So, if your face seems narrow, go with round glasses. 

But if you also aim to look younger, don’t hesitate to consider unusual shapes. Cat-eye or oversized frames are wise options to attract attention to your eyes and away from wrinkles. Those aiming to look youthful shouldn’t hesitate to experiment with color. Black oversized frames could be a great fit. But if you want to make a style statement, go with dark and vivid shades. You can pick between dozens of frames, so it shouldn’t be a problem to pick your favorite!

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Best Frames To Help You Look Younger:

  1. Cat Eyes
  2. Black Frames
  3. Oversized Frames
  4. Blue Frames
  5. Bold Styles
  6. Round Frames

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