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3 Easy And Beautiful Ways To Add Fairy Kei To Your Style

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Japan is home to many amazing Japanese fashion trends that can help people show off their individual personalities and preferences. While there are many to choose from, one that has long been popular is fairy kei.

This style is a type of Harajuku street fashion that is heavily inspired by 80s cartoons and features bright and pastel colors and loads of interesting accessories to make the look unique. If you like the aesthetic and want some fairy kei for you, there are some very easy ways to add it to your style. This article is going to go over a few of them.

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1. Change Up Your Hair

Woman with pink and purple hair

While colorful dresses, jackets, shirts, and skirts with suspenders are a great way to introduce fairy kei into your everyday style, make sure not to forget about the hair. Hair is a big part of this style, and you will often see fairy kei enthusiasts with incredibly colorful hair. Some will have their entire hair dyed a bright or pastel color. We’re huge fans of this rosey blush pastel hair color but if you want to just add streaks of hair to your color or prefer a less permanent hair color, Lime Crime Pastel Unicorn Hair Tint has a wide array of color options to choose from.

Prefer not to dye your hair? Some people will buy colorful wigs in different pastels to be able to change up their hair color from one day to the next. Normally, their hair will be styled in cute ways such as pigtails or space buns. In addition to hair color and style, there are a variety of cute hair accessories that can help add to the style. A popular choice is pastel fairy kei headbands or cute bows. 

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2. Look for Inspiration

As with any type of fashion, one of the best and easiest ways to add fairy kei to your style is to simply look for inspiration. You can search the internet, look for inspo on social media or even check out some physical or online stores to see the options out there. 

Etsy has some unique and cute style options, like this Fairy Kei Skirt with hearts or this stylish Candy Bear Harajuku Fairy Kei Pastel Hoodie. And Amazon is a great place to browse for ideas and accessories—how adorbs is this Japanese School Bag in pastel? Finally, thrift stores and resell shops like Poshmark are great options to find inspiration and score a sweet deal too. 

Also, with this fashion style being inspired by 80s cartoons, revisiting some of your old favorites and checking out the color schemes and aesthetics can be a good way to inspire yourself. After viewing various style options, you should be able to identify the aspects of the fashion trend that you like the most, and can then add them into your own unique style.

3. Keep It Light

fairy kei

As briefly mentioned in the introduction, fairy kei is a style all about bright and pastel colors. They help people stand out and give the outfits and overall style a very retro look. As a result, while the style of clothing is important for a fairy kei look, the colors are just as (if not more) important.

There are many colors that can be used, but some of the most popular are baby blue, light pink, lavender purple, mint, and other bright colors that aren’t too overpowering. You can experiment with different colors and shades, but things should generally be kept bright and positive. In general, dark colors will not see a lot of use in fairy kei styles unless it’s in a pair of chunky Oxford-type shoes.

We hope that this article has been able to add fairy kei to your style and help you achieve a style that is uniquely you.

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3 Easy Ways To Add Fairy Kei To Your Style:

  1. Change Up Your Hair
  2. Look For Inspiration
  3. Keep It Light

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