10 Gaming Gloves To Elevate Your Gameplay

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If you’re a serious gamer, then you likely have (or are building) a serious gaming setup. The right computer, the right chair, the right headset — it all adds up to an environment that can make or break your gaming experience. If you’ve yet to add a pair of gaming gloves to your setup, now’s the time.  

So what makes a good pair of gaming gloves? It all depends on what type of gamer you are, the types of games you play and what you’re looking for in a glove. If you need added traction and stability, for example, you may go with one pair. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a pair of gloves that can soak up all your sweat as you get into an intense gaming session, then you’ll likely be looking for a different option. 

What are the best gaming gloves for you? We’ve narrowed down the selection to a few of our top picks, and we’re also giving you some advice on how to go about choosing the right pair based on your needs. Here are the 10 best gaming gloves on the market today. 

Foamy Lizard Gaming Gloves

Foamy Lizard Gaming Gloves

Foamy Lizard’s gamer gloves are comfortable, soft and breathable, and they feature a special proprietary design that allows you to game more accurately. They provide full coverage along your palm but exposed fingertips for better gameplay. The palm coverage conforms to the individual shape of your hand and increases grip without obstructing your fingers or rapid movement. 

Foamy Lizard’s gaming gloves are designed with console players in mind but are versatile enough to be used in a variety of gaming setups.

Ironclad MIBR PC Gaming Gloves

Ironclad MIBR PC Gaming Gloves

These gaming gloves are ideal for a range of users, thanks partially to the range of sizes that you have to choose from when shopping (something that’s not available from all glove brands).

In addition to the range of sizes available, the gloves also come with some heavy-duty wrist support to keep you comfortable and pain-free. The gloves are specially designed to fit right-handed gamers, with special features in the individual left and right gloves to support keyboard and mouse gaming (making them best-suited for PC gamers). 

These gloves are also fingerless. The only downsides? The palm coverage is a little lackluster, at least when compared to the Foamy Lizard gaming gloves.

Sparco Hypergrip

Sparco Hypergrip

The Sparco Hypergrip racing gloves are great for those who play racing games (as you could likely guess). The lightweight and moisture-wicking fabric helps to fight sweat without interfering with your gameplay. Despite the flexibility and the anti-sweat properties, the gloves still manage to offer a nice level of compression. 

Touch-sensitive finger pads on the thumbs and index fingers help to provide even greater maneuverability and traction. The palms are made with a special foam padding that helps to alleviate pain.

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Bear Grips Gaming Gloves

Bear Grips Gaming Gloves

One of the more minimalistic pairs of gaming gloves on our list, the Bear Grips gaming gloves don’t really look like gloves, per se. Instead, they fit mostly along your palm and knuckles, leaving your thumb completely exposed and able to move freely since they only cover your fingers up to the second knuckle. This allows for a greater range of movement while still giving you a better grip on your controller. 

As the name (and design) suggests, these gloves are all about the grip. They’re not ideal for heavy sweaters or those needing wrist or palm support or enhanced blood flow. They’re just great for getting a better grip on your Xbox or PlayStation controller. 

Flex Gaming Gloves

Flex Gaming Gloves

For a glove with extreme wrist support, look to Flex Gaming Gloves. While the gloves only cover half your fingers, they’re super-grippy, made with breathable material and offer a great degree of compression along your palm and wrist. This is a good thing for those who need more compression and, thus, more support, but if you don’t care for a tight glove, these may not be the best gloves for you. However, if you’re really starting to feel tiredness and stiffness in your hands and wrists, these copper compression arthritis gloves can help alleviate that.

Americ Empire Pro Gaming Gloves 

Americ Empire Pro Gaming Gloves 

Another glove with a great level of compression, the Americ Empire option combines support with temperature control to keep you feeling comfortable, both in terms of hand and wrist pain and temperature. Ideal for use with console controllers, these gloves are on the tighter side, similar to the Flex Gaming Gloves, but this could be a great thing for those looking for a bit of pain relief.

NatraCure Computer Gloves

NatraCure Computer Gloves

But what if you want absolutely no compression whatsoever? Well, you may want to look into these NatraCure gloves that aren’t really made with gaming in mind at all. Instead, they’re made for general computer use, but they have a few features that are attractive to computer gamers as well. 

For example, they’re extremely flexible, with a fingerless design, for the ultimate in dexterity. Plus, there’s padding in the wrist to help keep you comfortable if that’s where the majority of your pain lies. 

Some users even find these fingerless gaming gloves to be a nice alternative to a mouse or keyboard pad intended for carpal tunnel syndrome-related pain relief. 

Imak Computer Gloves

Imak Computer Gloves

Another glove that’s a good fit for those who suffer from carpal tunnel or carpal tunnel-like symptoms, the Imak computer compression gloves aren’t necessarily made with gamers in mind either. Rather, they’re great for anyone who generally spends a long time in front of the computer screen or at their keyboard. 

The shape of the gloves keeps your fingers and wrists secured in a position to best alleviate and prevent pain. You may find that does limit your dexterity some, so you’ll just have to decide what you want more— less pain or more dexterity. They also feature some comfy padding along the wrists.

SLEEKZ Moisture-Wicking Gaming Gloves

SLEEKZ Moisture-Wicking Gaming Gloves

The SLEEKZ moisture-wicking game gloves are unique because they completely cover your thumb, index finger and middle finger, leaving your ring finger and pinky finger exposed. Made for both console and PC gamers, the gloves’ fabric is lightweight, and the unique finger design helps to further alleviate warm, sweaty hands. The glove is also pretty durable; users report that it doesn’t stretch out over time.  

CaptoGloves Wearable Gaming Hand Machine Interface

CaptoGloves Wearable Gaming Hand Machine Interface

But what if you don’t prefer PC or console gaming? What if you’re more of a VR gamer? If virtual reality is your preferred mode of gaming, you can still make use of some great gaming gloves, particularly gloves made specifically with VR gaming in mind. 

This option from CaptoGloves helps to enhance your gaming experience with ultra-sensitive receptors that translate your hand movements into gameplay. The gloves work with both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift games, but they can also be transferred over to your favorite PC game as well, with capabilities that make them useful with mouse and keyboard gaming. 

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What to Look for in a Pair of Gaming Gloves  

When shopping for a great pair of gaming gloves, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. 

What type of gaming do you enjoy?

Some gaming gloves can easily work for both PC and console gaming, but if you prefer one type of gaming to the other, you may find that you enjoy more benefits from your new pair of gloves if you shop for a pair made specifically for your type of gaming. 

Which features are most important to you?

Depending on the types of features you want most, you’ll want to purchase certain gaming gloves. Whether it be breathability, durability, a secure grip, wrist support or whatever, you want to determine what features would most level up your gaming experience and then only shop for gaming gloves that offer those features.

What’s your biggest pain point?

Man holding a video game controller

For some gamers, the biggest gaming pain point is literally pain. Hours and hours of near-daily gaming can wreak havoc on your fingers, hands and wrists. If you’re experiencing hand or wrist pain, you want to not only get pain relief fast, but you also want to invest in a pair of gloves with the stability and comfort you need to prevent further damage to your hands and wrists.

It’s worth noting, however, that if you do have a large degree of pain in your hands or wrists, it’s not wise to keep on gaming, thinking that your pain will go away if you just invest in the right pair of gloves. You’ll want to see your doctor about your pain, so they can recommend proper treatment — even if it means taking a break from the gaming for a while. 

For other gamers, their biggest pain point may be sweaty palms — and no one wants a sweaty palm during an intense gaming match. That’s just a recipe for disaster, not to mention a grossly sweaty, bacteria-laden gaming setup. 

Whatever your pain point, look for a pair of gloves that can address it.

What’s your hand size?

Do you have a particularly small hand? A particularly large hand? That may make your gaming glove shopping experience a little more difficult. Not all brands offer extra small or extra large sizes.

Despite this, make sure you avoid purchasing a glove in the wrong size. That can bring more harm than help to your gaming experience. You don’t want anything too loose or too tight; your glove’s fit should be secure.

Do you plan on washing your gaming gloves?

If you suffer from sweaty palms, you may have plans to wash your gaming gloves frequently (no one wants a smelly gaming glove, after all). If so, you’ll want to pay special attention to the type of fabric and the washability of any gaming glove you’re considering. You don’t want to invest in a gaming glove and then throw it into the wash, only for it to come out completely shrunken and unusable. 

Regardless of how durable and washable a gaming glove is, you’ll want to take special care when washing your pair. Either wash your gloves in the sink by hand or throw them in the washer on a delicate cycle, with a very mild soap. 

Do You Really Need a Pair of Gaming Gloves? 

It all depends on who you ask. Some gamers find the benefits enormously helpful, while some prefer to let their fingers fly free. However, if you do suffer from hand or wrist pain, or you know that sweaty hands often interfere with your gameplay, you may find that gaming gloves are exactly the thing you need to level up your gaming experience. Regardless, they’re affordable enough (at least compared to the rest of your gaming setup costs) that it’s worth trying them out if you’re intrigued. Start with a pair of our favorite gaming gloves!

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Our 10 Favorite Gaming Gloves:

  1. Foamy Lizard Gaming Gloves
  2. Ironclad MIBR PC Gaming Gloves
  3. Sparco Hypergrip
  4. Bear Grips Gaming Gloves
  5. Flex Gaming Gloves
  6. Americ Empire Pro Gaming Gloves 
  7. NatraCure Computer Gloves
  8. Imak Computer Gloves
  9. SLEEKZ Moisture-Wicking Gaming Gloves
  10. CaptoGloves Wearable Gaming Hand Machine Interface

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