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As a new mom, I’ve definitely spent more time than I want to admit swooning over baby clothes online. From Amazon to handmade Etsy finds, I’ve gotten into the deepest baby clothing corners of the internet. Thankfully, my bank account has not taken a beating because it is hard for me to actually pull the trigger on new clothes. I know my son will outgrow them almost as fast as he spits up on them. But, it never fails; as soon as we put him into a new outfit for the day, it seems like seconds later, there is spit up all over the place. 

Needless to say, when it comes to baby clothes, you need lots of options. From all the diaper changes to spit-ups, you will want easy access to lots of clothing options for your little ones.  

Today, I am reviewing a well-known baby brand, Gerber Childrenswear. The Gerber baby is a familiar brand worldwide, and this children’s line has been making baby clothes for almost 40 years.

What to Look for in Baby Clothes 

My priorities for baby clothes before I had a baby and after I had a baby are very different. Yes, I still want my little guy to look cute, but honestly, that is the least of my worries these days. My husband and I were team green, so anything we bought before my due date was gender-neutral. Lots of shades of grays, greens and yellows filled up our drawers. And I would say that I still tend to lean towards a neutral color palette when it comes to my son’s clothes. 

Below are the top things to consider before buying any new clothes: 

  • Basics 
  • Function
  • Versatility 
  • Price


When it comes to newborn essentials, you will probably get a lot of these items at your baby shower. However, in our case, everything was way too big for our little guy. We had to buy preemie outfits for the first few weeks of his life, which we didn’t anticipate. I wouldn’t suggest preemptively buying anything preemie, but just be prepared your babe might not fit into the newborn clothes right away, or they might skip newborn and go right to 0-3 month size clothing. 

All babies are different, but one thing that remains the same is they all need onesies. Long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless are great options to have on hand. They can be used for layering underneath shorts, pants or sleepsacks. Depending on the time of year, they can also be worn as a full outfit. 

Other must-have basics are sleepwear, sleepsacks and socks. For the first few months of your baby’s life, they will be living in pajamas. Plus, you will be changing a ton of diapers, so make it easy on yourself and skip the outfits and sets for now. 


As I mentioned before, cleaning up poop and pee will become the norm. Make it easy on yourself, and opt for clothing with zippers. No one wants to be fumbling around with buttons during a 3 am diaper change. One-piece sets are your best bet. T-shirts, pants, shorts and other mix and match clothing options are, of course, super cute, but they take a lot more time getting on and off. 

Function over fashion is your best bet. Snap closures are totally doable if there are 2-4 snaps, but when they start to creep up the entire leg on both sides, move on. Although I don’t think Gerber has any yet, if you can snag a few magnetic onesies, those are great but definitely not super cheap. 


Sticking to neutral colors helps immensely when it comes to versatility. Chances are that your baby will be in at least two outfits on a good day, but possibly four to five. While babies don’t care what they wear, and once they start dressing themselves, chances are they will live in mismatched life for a while, neutrals are always great for a staple wardrobe no matter your age. 

I can’t stress this enough, choosing zippers over snaps and finding clothing that is easy to layer and take off and on. Gerber onesies are great for versatility. We love grabbing a pack of white onesies and tie-dying a few, and leaving a few white for options. You’d be surprised how many things you can match with one-colored tie-dye pieces. Not to mention, they are adorable! 


Of course, price is subjective, but no one can argue that the Gerber price point is very appealing. They offer packs of onesies, socks, bibs, burp cloths and more at a very reasonable price. Plus, you are going to want multiples of pretty much everything when it comes to babies. 

Unlike adult clothing, you can’t really calculate the cost per wear for baby clothing. There is a high chance they might only wear something once. They might have a blowout in a fresh outfit. They might grow out of it after one wash. Or they might get lost by the laundry monster… I am talking to you, baby socks. 

The price and value are both important factors when buying any new baby clothes. Keep in mind that your baby will likely only wear the same thing for 1-2 months at the high end. There is a reason baby clothing is sized in 3-month increments, so try and find cute and affordable options. 

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Top Gerber Basics

Adorable baby in Gerber dinosuit

Gerber offers hundreds of different options for kids ages 0-24 months. It is easy to get lost in all of the different goodies they offer, so I stuck with the top Gerber basics for my product review. Everything ordered was 3-6 months, and my baby is a little over 5 months old, for reference. 

Sleep N’ Plays

Sleep N' Plays

Sleepwear is essential for all babies, so we tested out the Baby Boys Dinosaur Sleep N’ Plays set. Who can resist a good dino print?

First off, this sleeper set wins because it has a zipper! No bottom snaps, woohoo! It does have one tiny snap at the top of the onesie to cover the top of the zipper. I would definitely say Gerber’s sizing runs big. Our 5-month-old is currently wearing newborn Burt’s Bees and 3-month in Carters. He is definitely smaller for his age, but these sleepers were a tad too big. I would much rather have them be too big than too small and only last a few wears. 

These sleepers are soft and cozy, easy to take on and off for multiple diaper changes throughout the day (and night) and certified without harmful substances that can hurt your baby’s skin. Another bonus, they check all the boxes when it comes to safe sleep. The footies also are great, so you don’t have to worry about their tootsies getting cold at night. To be honest, I can’t imagine dealing with locating a lost sock in the wee hours of the night. One thing to note is these sleepers do not have fold-over-hand mittens like other sleepers. 

I love the fact that Gerber offers so many different color patterns and designs. Check out the avocado or the baby neutral animal onesies. I actually ordered this baby animal pack when he was first born in the preemie size, and they were so adorable and very well used, especially the elephant patterned one.  

They also offer extra soft organic cotton Sleep N’ Play sets too if you want to try out their new organic collections line. This might be great to try if your baby’s skin is sensitive. 

Onesies® Bodysuits

Onesies® Bodysuits

Bet you didn’t know that Gerber trademarked the Onesie? Just like sleepers, onesies are essential to a baby wardrobe and have been around for over 30 years. 

Since we are in the thick of summer, I tried out the short-sleeve onesies. Again, there are TONS of different patterns for onesies, but again the dinosaurs were hard to resist. The Baby Boys Dinosaurs Short Sleeve Onesies® Brand Bodysuits are similar to the dino sleepers and are way too cute. The 4-pack also comes in sharks or bears. So if you really needed an animal restock, you could get all 12 onesies and have a pretty stellar little boy variety pack.

I love the neutral tones in the dinosaur onesie pack. It is full of greys, whites, black with a few pops of yellow, green and orange. The Gerber short-sleeve onesies are great for all-day wear or sleepwear in these hot summer months. Our little man has taken a ton of naps in short sleeves and his sleep sac, making these onesies super veritable. They also have the little shoulder flaps at the top and 3 snaps at the bottom, making them pretty easy to take on and off. Obviously, not as easy as the zipper, but much better than other designs. 

Onesies are a great staple because they can be worn alone, paired with pants or shorts or worn to bed. You can also throw a sweater or coat over them for a great base layer.  Plus, you can’t beat the fact that they come in packs. You can throw one in your diaper bag, have your little one in one, have one in the dirty clothes, and you’ll still have an extra.

Again, I would say that they are a tad longer than brands like Rabbit Bear, Cat & Jack or Carter’s in the same size. They are all about the same width in the body and shoulders, but Gerber is about an inch longer. 

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Gerber Socks

If you have a baby, chances are you have a handful of mismatched socks so that everyone could use a new pack of socks. While the Boys Striped Wiggle Proof socks we tried aren’t exactly gender-neutral they are fun! If you are looking for a more girly pair, you could try the Wiggle Proof Kitty Socks. I also love the sea animals pack; we might have to get those next! 

For the most part, socks are socks. But, these baby socks seem to stay on better than other brands we’ve tried in the past. We will see how long they last against the laundry monster. 

As a whole, this 6-pack is easy to mix and match with lots of different outfits. They go great with the dino theme, and honestly, if we lose one, we can cross-match the stripes. The cotton, spandex and nylon blend keep their shape after multiple washes and drys so far. 


Gerber Pants

As cute as onesies are for outfits, you will need to buy some pants too. And with the dino theme, I got the Gerber® 2-Pack Baby Boys Dinosaur Pants. Little dino spikes on the butt, it doesn’t get much cuter when it comes to baby boy clothing! This two-pack is super soft and I love that it comes with a grey option, sticking with that versatile and neutral color pattern. The grey pants match perfectly with a few different dino onesies in the short-sleeved pack. 

Again, the sizing is a little longer than other brands and fits a little big for our baby, but overall they are a good size and fit. The soft elastic waistband makes them easy to slip on and off. We only own one pair of baby corduroys with a button closure, and although they are adorable, they will probably be our last. These pants are pretty lightweight and good for summer nights and winter days (with socks of course). 

When it comes to buying baby clothes, it is easy to spend an arm and a leg to make your baby look cute. However, babies do not care what they wear and will undoubtedly look cute in anything they are in! Honestly, I can’t think of anything cuter than a baby just hanging out in their diaper. But, the fact of the matter is you will need to have clothes for your little one. 

My advice is to make sure to stock your baby’s wardrobe in multiple sizes. You never know how quickly they will grow out of something! 

There are plenty of options out there when it comes to affordable children’s lines. Gerber baby is not only affordable but is available at local stores like Target and Walmart, meaning you can do grocery shopping and baby shopping all in one trip. You can’t beat that convenience and the endless options. Plus, their season-specific collections are too cute to pass up. 

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