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12 Best Going Away Gifts For Female Coworkers [Bittersweet Farewell]

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Is your work BFF headed on to new opportunities? Maybe a favorite boss or mentor is retiring? Whatever the reason a female coworker is leaving the workplace, don’t let her go without letting her know how much she’s meant to the team. The right going away gift for your female coworker can speak volumes. 

But don’t opt for something boring or bland. And avoid doing the bare minimum, like a keychain and greeting card that everyone’s signed, or the requisite retirement cake plus a gift card. You can do better — with our gift guide for the 12 best going away gifts for female coworkers.

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Best Going Away Gifts for Any Female Coworker

Okay, so what do you do when a female coworker is leaving, and you don’t really know them all that well? Maybe they worked on a different team, and you somehow wound up with farewell gift-picking duty, or maybe your team is remote, and you didn’t have much of a chance to connect? 

Whatever the case may be, if you still want to show her how much you appreciate her hard work over the years, go with one of these safe picks for a great gift. 

A bouquet or even a bouquet subscription 

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? Bouqs offers gorgeous, farm-fresh, organic bouquets that are delivered in beautiful condition. You can choose from colorful arrangements with big blooms or go with something more low-key and long-lasting, like a cactus or succulent. 

Want to really wow your recipient? Send the bouquet once she’s already at her new job — it’ll show that you’re still appreciative even after she’s moved on, and it may just win her a little admiration from her new colleagues, too. 

For a larger office gift, go with a plant subscription

Life is like a box of… well, you know

Box of Godiva chocolate

Just like everyone loves fresh flowers, everyone loves chocolate, too. Make sure your coworker doesn’t have any allergies you don’t know about, and then treat them to a box of luxury chocolates they’re sure to love. Give this parting gift on their last day — that way they don’t feel pressured to share! 

A sweet treat that goes beyond chocolate 

If your coworker isn’t terribly keen on chocolate, you may want to go with a set of luxury sweets from Sugarfina. The brand will let you build your own candy bento box in an array of sizes. Fill the box with your selection of some of Sugarfina’s best-selling treats and get it all delivered in a chic gift box. 

A survival kit for their next adventure

work-from-home survival kit.

If your coworker is moving to a work-from-home situation, make sure they’re fully prepared for what lies ahead with this cheeky work-from-home survival kit. The nine gifts inside the kit include a webcam cover, fidget cube, conference call bingo and more. 

Best Going Away Gifts for the Sentimental Female Coworker 

Let’s face it. Some coworkers may leave and, in two years, you’ll be attempting to recall their name. Others, however, leave a lasting mark on their teams. If you anticipate shedding a few tears when your female coworker walks out the door for the last time, go with something a little more sentimental and heartfelt. 

A new kind of thank you card

ThoughtFulls Pop-Open set of thank you cards

Thank you cards are so overdone. And why force everyone to scribble their farewell messages all on one tiny, crammed card?

With this ThoughtFulls Pop-Open set of thank you cards, everyone gets their own miniature card, perfect for writing a longer, more heartfelt message beyond a simple “Good luck!” or “Congrats on the new job!” 

You get 30 pop-open cards in each set, and beyond giving you a spot to write a message on each card, each also features a cute saying or quote. The cards come in a range of themes and different colors, and they’re extremely budget-friendly. 

A unique piece of artwork 

Signed picture that says "Farewell" in the middle

For even more room to extend your congratulations and well wishes, go with a unique piece of artwork. This framed option features a small, artistic “Farewell” in the middle of the canvas but then leaves plenty of other white space around it for you and your colleagues to write notes. It’s like a guest book, but for your wall. 

Plus, this is another sentimental gift that’s affordable while packing a big impact. 

A book dedicated to their awesomeness 

A personalized book called "I Wrote a Book About You"

But if you’re finding that not even the thank you gifts above are giving you enough space to wax poetic about all of your work friend’s best traits, you may want to upgrade to a full book on the subject. 

I Wrote a Book About You is a fill-in-the-blank book that can be used for a range of recipients, including coworkers. And don’t think that filling in the blanks is going to be a time-consuming activity. If you and your team each spend a few minutes on it, you’ll have the entire thing filled out within an hour. 

Phrases you can expect include “As far as I know, you’ve never tried it, but I bet you’d be a world-class [BLANK]” and “I, for one, am really grateful that you [BLANK] so much.” 

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Best Going Away Gifts for the Workaholic Female Coworker

Is your departing female coworker a total workaholic? Is she the first to arrive at the office and the last to leave? Is she climbing the ladder of success and breaking glass ceilings in every role she takes? Then you may want to opt for a going-away gift that shows you noticed and want to make her work life a little easier.

A way to keep her coffee warm — even when she forgets it for a few hours

Ember Mug: one of the best gifts for female coworkers everywhere

We all know those workers. They get so absorbed in their task that they completely forget about their morning brew. Then, they go back to get a sip and find a cold coffee mug waiting. They make a trip to the microwave to reheat their coffee or tea, but then the cycle just begins anew. 

Stop the cycle for your favorite colleague with the Ember Mug. This smart mug is made from stainless steel and is super-smart. Just connect it to your smartphone or smartwatch, and it controls the temperature of your beverage from there. No more sips of cold coffee!

A goodbye gift for the coworker who never lets her coffee go cold


But if your coworker is the type who never lets their coffee go cold and always drinks it down to the last drop, you may want to go with a gift that allows her to try some of the best coffee from around the globe. You can go with a one-time purchase like this gift set or go with a full-out coffee subscription.

A self-care gift box tailored to her personality  

Sending You Sunshine gift set for female coworker

Remind your workaholic friend to take it easy every once in a while with a self-care gift basket. You can find plenty of options on Etsy for a range of fun products like what you might see in a popular subscription box, just without the subscription. Boxes are available at a range of price points, too. 

A stiff drink

Cocktail Giftset

No, really! If you know your coworker plays just as hard as she works, sometimes the perfect gift can literally just be a stiff drink. But if you’re not up for taking the crew out for a round of cocktails on your coworker’s last day, you can send them off with means to make their own, whenever the mood strikes, with a fun gift from The Cocktail Box Co.

Gift boxes contain everything needed to make a favorite craft cocktail. All you have to add is the booze. 

An under-the-desk workout

DeskCycle 2

With all that working your workaholic colleague does, she might not have all the time in the world to go to the gym. If that’s the case, consider giving her this under-the-desk exercise bike that fits just about anywhere and allows your colleague to get in a good aerobic workout—no heavy equipment required. 

The device is quiet, easy to set up, and it even logs activity so users can view their daily progress in terms of calories burned, miles pedaled, minutes pedaled and more. 

How to Pick the Best Going Away Gift for Your Female Coworker

Female coworker laughing at the office

Still not sure what to get your female coworker before her last day? As you peruse the options above, as well as any others, keep a few things in mind. 

Think about her likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests. Even if you don’t talk to each other a lot, there are probably some clues to what she might like, if you really give it some thought. 

Does she always come to meetings with the cutest, wittiest, funniest mugs? Maybe add something to her collection. Does she always have a funny story about her cat? Maybe something themed along those lines would be fitting. Does her cubicle look like a rainforest, she has so many indoor plants? Give her another.

Don’t forget to ask around. If you know another person in the office who’s much closer to your departing coworker, they may be able to steer you in the right direction for their work best friend.

Think about where she’s headed, too. Is she moving out of state for a new job? Maybe go with a thoughtful gift to help with the move or make her a little less homesick. Is she retiring and can’t stop talking about everything she’ll do with all that free time? Treat her to a retirement gift that will help with those hobbies. 

What you don’t want to do is go with a gag gift or a visibly cheap gift. That’s just discourteous and not the way you want your coworker to remember you. You also want to be careful with “funny” gifts; what you might think is funny might come off as rude or unappreciative to a coworker that you don’t know so well. 

Throwing a going away party for your coworker? 

A going-away party (beyond just a cake) is a nice, collaborative way to recognize your colleague, even if you don’t go all-in on a unique gift. However, a going away party ought to be tasteful, and you’ll want to fully consider the circumstances surrounding your coworker leaving. For example, if the colleague leaving is being asked to resigned or is leaving under uncomfortable circumstances, you probably don’t want to throw an in-office party; in those cases, if you really want to send your friend off with a hurrah, you might just want to meet up for drinks or dinner, just the two of you, on their last day. 

If, though, the coworker is retiring, received a promotion or is leaving for another celebratory reason, feel free to go ahead with planning a party. You’ll want to enlist those in the office closest to your colleague for their help — as well as to ask them if the coworker would actually like a party. After all, not everyone enjoys being the center of attention, and some may prefer quiet gifting over a big hullabaloo on their last day.

Whatever you do, clue your colleague into their party ahead of time, so there are no surprises. After all, the last few days of working at a job are filled with tying up loose ends, handing over responsibilities and important documents, cleaning out workspaces, etc. They may not be terribly pleased if they have to stay late on their last day in order to wrap things up. 

Parting Ways on Good Terms 

While telling your coworker goodbye is bittersweet, and you may just slightly feel a tinge of jealousy at their departure, make sure to properly thank them for all their efforts and make it known how valued they were — that can really mean more than an excellent gift. 

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12 Best Going-Away Gifts For Your Female Coworker: 

  1. Bouquet or Bouquet Subscription 
  2. Chocolates
  3. Sweet Treat from Sugarfina
  4. Work From Home Survival Kit
  5. New Kind of Thank You Card
  6. Unique Piece of Artwork
  7. A Book Dedicated to her Awesomeness 
  8. A Way to Keep her Coffee Warm 
  9. Coffee
  10. Self-Care Gift Box 
  11. A Stiff Drink
  12. Under-the-Desk Workout

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