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16 Great Gifts For Women [That Keep on Giving]

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Buying unique gifts for women can be challenging, especially if there’s nothing really apparent that the woman in your life wants or needs, and even more so if you’re looking for a gift that will delight and surprise her for longer than just a few minutes it takes her to rip through the wrapping paper.

Don’t settle for another box of candy or a cheap trinket that you picked up from the quick Christmas gift aisle at the big-box store or on Amazon. Choose one of the best gifts that keep on giving. The rise of subscription gifts over the last several years has made it easier than ever to let your loved one know you’re thinking of her all year long — far after the Christmas tree is gone.

To help you pick the best, highest-quality, most highly ranked subscription boxes for the woman you’re buying for, we’ve compiled a list of 16 great gifts for women that keep on giving. From the winos to the fashionistas, the new mom to the newly single, there’s something for every lady in your life.

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The Pink Sugar Box

The Pink Sugar Box

Subscription Gifts for Beauty and Skincare Gurus

Does that lady in your life do all her shopping at Ulta or Sephora? Then give her one of these favorite beauty-based box gift ideas.

1. Ipsy

ipsy gifts for women

Ipsy is one of the longest-standing, best-selling beauty subscription services for beauty fiends, and for a good reason. You get five beauty products every single month and subscriptions start at a mere $13 per month. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly gift or a stocking stuffer, you’ve just found it. 

The basic, $13 Glam Bag subscription is worth $50 monthly and can be customized each month. It’s like a beauty gift set every 30 days.

2. Vegancuts

vegancuts box

For beauty and skincare products that are entirely vegan and cruelty-free, every single month, go with CrateJoy’s Vegancuts, which is also a pretty affordable subscription, starting at just $27 per month, with each box containing at least four items worth at least $60 in total. 

 All the included products are totally vetted and inclusions range from face masks to serums, soaps to lip and cheek tints, and cleansers to moisturizers.

3. Birchbox

birchbox gift for women

Birchbox is, like Ipsy, another long-standing favorite beauty box that makes a great gift. Starting at $13 per month, each box comes with two to five products of your recipient’s choice, plus a surprise. Products are recommended based on factors such as skin type, hair type and personal preferences. 

Items go beyond skincare and makeup, to also include wellness and hair care products, and products are often from well-known beauty brands such as Benefit, Kiehl’s and Peter Thomas Roth.

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Subscription Boxes for Wine Lovers

If your favorite woman is a wino, then you’ll have quite a few different wine subscriptions to choose from.

4. Winc

Winc subscription gifts for women

Winc is likely one of the most popular wine subscriptions out there. Your recipient takes a quiz and then they get four different bottles of wine based on their quiz answers each month. The subscription starts at just $40.

5. The Standard Wine Club

wine club subscription service

This subscription service gift idea is a little pricier, starting at $60 per month, but it’s extremely customizable. Wines are hand-selected based on the recipient’s preferences and no box is the same. For the wines that you get, the price is reasonable and, if your recipient gets a bottle of wine that they don’t really care for, they can swap it out for a new one.

6. Paws & Pour

paws and pour gifts for women

But for a much more unique take on the standard wine subscription box, go with this box that’s geared toward both wine and cat lovers, but that doesn’t actually include any wine. Your recipient can enjoy their box of four to six items along with their cat. Past boxes have included items such as wine-themed decor and wine glasses accessories, alongside cat treats and toys. 

The best part? A portion of the proceeds from each box goes to animal rescue organizations. The boxes start at $39 per month.

Subscription Boxes for Moms

We all know that moms need a little extra care. They’re doing so much — especially around the holidays — and, if you’re shopping for a new mom, then they’re likely under even more stress. Help your favorite mom out with one of these pamper-ready subscription boxes designed with moms — both new and not-quite-so-much — in mind.

7. The Nurtured 9 New Mom Postpartum Gift Box Subscription

gifts for new moms

This new mom-ready thoughtful gift box comes every month for three months, for the price of $119 per month. However, while this might seem a little pricier than some of the other gift boxes on our list, keep in mind that you’ll be getting a lot for your money—and who else deserves it more than the newest mother in your life?

The luxe boxes are intended to arrive during a new mom’s “fourth trimester,” aka the first 90 days after she gives birth. The first box includes postpartum-ready loungewear, a cookbook that’s designed to nourish a new mom’s body and a comfy wrap and cover for the baby. Later boxes include items such as sheet masks and mugs, blankets and more.

8. Cater to Mom

cater to mom gifts for women

The Cater to Mom subscription box is a little more affordable but still designed to help new moms out during that fourth trimester. Items are picked based on things like feeding and birth plans and might include lactation cookies, probiotics, lip balm, therapy dough, luxury soaps and other gifts.

9. Mother Snacker

mom gifts for women

For the mom who’s long past the baby stage, go with this box that’s designed to give her a little luxury break from the many demands of motherhood. Each gift box for mom includes at least five treats and boxes start at $52 per month. Past boxes have included items such as face masks, dry shampoo, pour over coffee, candles and more.

Subscription Boxes for Women who Need a Little Self Care

But moms aren’t the only women who need some self care from time to time. For those women who you want to encourage just to sit back and relax a little already, go with one of these wellness and self care-centric subscriptions.

10. TheraBox

self care gifts for women

Each TheraBox is a self-care boost that includes at least seven full-size products from favorite brands, starting at $35. A box might include a silky robe, a hair mask, teas and more. Whatever the items, though, each box is a true gift for women since it comes with one happiness-boosting activity and goodies that fall into the beauty, lifestyle or aromatherapy categories.

11. The Mental Health & Self-Care Box

mental health subscription box

This subscription box for women is a little more mental health-centric than self-care-centric, with more items like mindfulness journals and mindfulness coloring books, or books on mental health, rather than just face masks and bath bombs. 

Each box includes four to six items and all are geared toward helping the recipient learn to better manage anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns, in addition to what they may already be doing with their healthcare provider. The subscription starts at $45 per month.

12. Goddess Provisions Box

goddess box

For a self-care subscription box with a spiritual twist, try the Goddess Provisions Box. Boxes start at $28 and each box includes at least five full-sized products with a total value of at least $80. 

All items are vegan, natural and cruelty-free, and items range from crystals to aromatherapy, superfood snacks to spiritual growth tools. Recent boxes have included items such as a lunar phases chart, tarot note pads, obsidian crystal necklaces and more.

Versatile Subscription Boxes for Every Woman

If, though, you’re having a tough time pigeonholing your favorite lady into one of the above categories, you might want to stick with one of these subscription boxes that are pretty well-rounded and include an array of items and treats that will appeal to just about anyone. They’re way better than just a holiday gift card and, with everything from hoop earrings to pajama sets, totes and crossbody bags to gadgets to essential oils, there’s something for every woman in your family or friend group.

13. The Pink Sugar Box

pink sugar box

The Pink Sugar Box from CrateJoy starts at $15 per month and each box comes with an array of items hand-picked for the trendy woman in your life. Each box contains five, full-size items. Past boxes have included items ranging from accessories like sunglasses and jewelry to cosmetics to bath bombs to water bottles.

14. FabFitFun

FabFitFun Box

Another one of the longest-standing subscription boxes, FabFitFun likewise delivers a mix of items, quarterly. Items fall into a range of categories, including home decor, fashion, wellness and beauty. These boxes are customizable and each contains six to eight full-sized items from favorited brands such as Coach, Kate Spade, Michael Koss and others. Because these boxes are known for their high-quality inclusions, the price is a little higher but well worth it.

Past inclusions have included everything from Coach accessories to Nars beauty products, wine tumblers to throw blankets.

15. JourneeBox

journee box

If you want a well-rounded selection of items that will appeal to many different types of women, but you specifically also want a subscription box with an eco-friendly slant, you might want to consider JourneeBox. Each box includes at least six ethically made and sourced, sustainable luxury goods. Boxes can be customized and past inclusions range from throws to jewelry, puzzles to glassware. Boxes arrive quarterly and are each themed around a certain world destination. Boxes start at $60.

16. SinglesSwag

singles swag box

The SinglesSwag subscription box is a lifestyle box that includes beauty items, food items, jewelry, accessories and more, depending on the month. Each is designed as a special surprise treat for the single woman, from your BFF to your sister, that you know. 

Past boxes have included items like eyeshadow palettes, a book on gratitude, fuzzy socks, makeup bags and more. A portion of all proceeds from the subscriptions goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, making this an even more meaningful gift.

How to Pick the Perfect Subscription Gift for Your Recipient

There are a few things to keep in mind as you shop for a subscription-based gift.

  • Will this actually be useful for my recipient?

Sure, a certain subscription box could fit a hobby, theme or fandom that your recipient cares about, but will the items inside the box actually be useful to your recipient? Take a look at what past boxes have included and determine if a subscription is a good fit for the individual you have in mind.

For example, a subscription box might be geared toward the outdoor enthusiast, but if the boxes only include beginner-intended items and your recipient is a hardcore old pro, then the box is probably not a good fit. Likewise, if your recipient loves makeup and cosmetics, but they also care about the environment and always choose eco-friendly products, they might not want a box that doesn’t often include cosmetics that fit within those parameters.

  • Look at the reviews.

Sure, a subscription gift might look like the perfect gift on paper (er… your screen), but what do the reviews say? Take a look at what past subscribers have liked or disliked about the boxes. 

Do they think the items included are high-quality? Or do they think the box isn’t worth its price? Is the shipping seamless? Or do boxes arrive damaged and/or late? How’s the customer service? 

Do your best to ensure that this gift is truly an enjoyable experience for your recipient — not a headache.

  • Think about the fine details.

Also, think about the fine details and the nitty-gritty logistics. Does the box come every single month like clockwork? Or only every quarter? Will your recipient have to sign for each box (which is sometimes the case with alcohol-based subscriptions)? Does the box need to be opened quickly? Choose a gift that will logistically work for your recipient’s schedule, lifestyle, how often they’re home, etc.

  • Could I get something better for the price?

Of course, it’s also worth noting that some of these subscriptions are pricey. For the same cost, you could just get your recipient something a little more splurge-y, from that gold plated pendant necklace they saw at Nordstrom recently to a pair of Apple Airpods, a Kindle or another piece of tech.

Consider your budget before you go the subscription route. If you’re trying to find Nordstrom quality on a Black Friday Walmart or even a DIY budget, you’ll have to shop carefully.

A Subscription Box is a Gift That Keeps on Giving

Whether you’re shopping for a wife or girlfriend, mom or sister, best friend or any other deserving woman, a subscription box like the ones featured above is the way to go for a gift that will continue to show them your love and thoughtfulness for the entire year to come.

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16 Best Gifts For Women

  1. Ipsy
  2. Vegancuts
  3. Birchbox
  4. Winc
  5. The Standard Wine Club
  6. Paws & Pour
  7. The Nurtured 9 New Mom Gift Box
  8. Cater to Mom
  9. Mother Snacker
  10. TheraBox
  11. The Mental Health & Self-Care Box
  12. Goddess Provisions Box
  13. The Pink Sugar Box
  14. FabFitFun
  15. JourneeBox
  16. SinglesSwag

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