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The Art of Golf Course Fashion: Stylish Yet Practical

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Jordan Fuller is a retired golfer and businessman. When he’s not on the course working on his own game or mentoring young golfers, he writes in-depth articles for his website, Golf Influence

Golf is known as a gentlemen’s and gentlewomen’s game, and that’s not just because the golf swing is one of the most elegant movements in sport. It’s also because the golf course is the perfect place for sport and fashion to mix. 

Ready to dazzle your golfing buddies with your style, strategy, and swing? Here’s our guide to golf course fashion and how to stay practical but look strikingly eye-catching at the same time. 

The Evolution of Golf Course Fashion 

Back in the day, you’d know a golfer by the tweed suit or long skirt they wore! But as time has passed and the game has evolved, so has the fashion. 

It’s remained stylish and eye-catching, of course! But golf course fashion has also become more practical and includes technological advancements, like spikes on golf shoes. Less fancy but equally important tech includes things like moisture-wicking material, which can be found on everything from shorts to golf socks

Today’s golf course fashion is all about embracing modern aesthetics while meeting the modern golfer’s style, performance, and movement demands. 

Essential Golf Course Wardrobe 

Want to get your golf wardrobe on point? Here’s what you should be considering before you head out and buy that stylish shirt that you’ve had your eye on. 

Dress Code Guidelines at Golf Courses 

Golf course fashion is fairly uniform across courses, but it’s a good idea to brush up on general guidelines at the course you’re planning on playing. Some courses allow spikes, others don’t, and some are slightly more strict than others. Check first to ensure you’re not accidentally breaking the attire rules on your chosen course! 

The Traditional Golf Attire: Polo Shirts, Khaki Pants, and Golf Shoes 

Polo shirts are a timeless classic on the golf course. They’re designed to look sleek on almost anyone, and modern-day shirts use the above-mentioned tech-heavy materials to keep golfers cool and dry as much as possible. 

As for the pants, jeans are generally a no-go. Khaki or linen are the two usuals, but any smart-looking dress trousers will do. Shirts are usually tucked in to complete the smart look. 

Golf shoes are the final cherry on top (or on the bottom?). Some golf courses will allow more casual athletic shoes, but if you want to be fashionable on the course, proper golf shoes are a must. 

Although golf fashion has made an upswing from classic to contemporary, the basics remain the same. Modern golfers still look as stylish as their old-school counterparts but with a more practical slant that allows them to free their arms and get that swing going. 

Stylish and Functional Golf Apparel 

Here are a few different options when it comes to stylish, functional and fashionable golf attire.

Trendy Golf Shirts – Colors, Patterns, and Materials 

Golf shirts have received a fashion makeover in recent years! No longer are they plain and boring. You can find shirts in a full spectrum of colors, patterns, and cuts, so there’s truly something for everyone. Find the right fit and cut, choose something that wicks moisture, and there’s no limit to how fashionable you can look on the course! 

Bottoms That Blend Fashion With Performance 

Slacks, smart shorts, capris, and even skorts for the ladies. The options are many, so you’re never restricted by the bottoms you’re wearing. Golf-specific pants are designed to strike the perfect balance between practicality and style. Wearing the right pants will keep you comfortable while walking but also allow you to swing freely without restriction. 

The Right Shoes for Stability and Style 

You might not think your shoes have much to do with your golf game. But wearing the wrong ones can throw you off balance, which is why golf shoes are designed with excellent traction for the smooth grass of the fairways and greens. 

With a firm grip on the earth beneath you, you’ll be able to swing strongly and add more power to your game. But golf shoes are also designed to be stylish, so whichever ones you choose, they’ll be a great addition to your performance and fashion. 

Accessories That Elevate Your Golf Course Fashion Game 

Complete your golf look by choosing practical yet fashionable accessories like gloves, hats or visors, pullovers, and socks. The goal is to find accessories that look great but provide practical benefits, like giving you a better grip on the club, protecting you from the heat, or keeping your feet cool and dry. 

Finding Your Personal Golf Style 

Mixing and Matching Golf Apparel to Create a Signature Look 

Personal style can still shine on the golf course! It’s all about reflecting your own personality. Mix and match golfing apparel to create the look you want. Wear a shirt with a funky pattern paired with plain but colorful pants. 

Or go all neutral, but opt for a colorful hat and socks that stick out from your shoe’s visibility. It’s all about how you feel on the day and what your style preferences are. After some time, you’ll begin to figure out what you feel good in. If you like something, use it as your signature look! 

Building a Versatile Golf Wardrobe for Different Courses and Occasions 

The weather is never predictable. Make sure your golfing wardrobe has you covered for everything! For warm days, make sure you have an array of polo shirts to choose from. A pair or two of stylish shorts are a must. Thinner socks and a hat or visor will complete this seasonable fashion. 

To prepare you for colder days, make sure your wardrobe includes a few pullovers and light jerseys. Long pants and thicker socks will finish it off. You may also want to keep a light scarf and beanie handy, especially if there’s wind about. 

We advise checking the weather on the morning of your round but also checking the weather forecast for the rest of the day in the area where the course is located. Layering will be your best friend on the golf course—this will give you room to remove a bit if the weather suddenly becomes warm. 


Ready to rock your golf course fashion? One of the most fun things about golf is that you can allow your personality to shine through your clothing! Unlike most sports, this is one area where you can truly be yourself, have some fun, and cater to what you feel on the day. 

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