3 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Golf Workout Program

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Ray Dingledine has played golf since he was 10 years old. He continues to play competitive amateur golf and enjoys coaching golf as an assistant coach for a high school team. You can find more golf tips from him at Sunday Golf

Golfers are always looking for ways to improve, one of those being a solid golf workout program. Sure, new clubs or new swing thoughts could help. Or perhaps a few chipping lessons from a certified PGA professional. Maybe those new golf balls and golf tees will help you hurt it farther on the golf course. 

However, instead of spending money on new equipment or lessons, maybe you should invest in improving your physical health.

Did you know workout programs exist that are specifically designed to improve your golf game? They include flexibility and strength exercises to improve the critical parts of your body that impact your ability to swing the club. You can tailor your golf workout program to improve your weaknesses or enhance your strengths. If you’re serious about playing better golf, it’s time to hit the gym instead of the driving range.

There are a few things you need to consider before paying for a gym membership. The Bryson DeChambeau (Incredible Bulk) process is not for everyone. Are you a fan of the PGA tour? Do you really think Rory McIlroy and Matt Kuchar perform the same golf workout program? The key is to find the right one for you, and we’re here to help.

Know Your Physical Limitations

The first step to finding the best golf workout program for you is to understand your body and your current conditioning level. For example, do you have a surgically repaired shoulder or knee? If so, you want to focus on strengthening that area but take it slow to avoid re-injury. Are you currently overweight, or do you get tired when walking 18 holes? If so, you may want to make sure your new golf workout program includes some cardio to help you build up your stamina.

Physical limitations have a direct impact on your golf swing and the scores you shoot. If you have a partially-healed injury, you may be compensating for it when you swing the club. Do you struggle to finish a round? You play well for 14 holes but can’t seem to bring it home? It could simply be that you get tired and need to have more energy for that final stretch.

Regardless of your limitations, being aware of them is critical. This knowledge will allow you and your physical trainer to pick the right exercises to make your golf workout program a success. Knowledge is power. As Benjamin Franklin said, “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

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Complete A Physical Assessment

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certification

Now that you’re aware of your limitations, it’s time to get a golf-focused physical assessment. Also known as a golf fitness screening, a trainer will have you perform a number of exercises and measure your strength, flexibility, and balance. 

The idea behind a golf fitness screening is twofold. First, you identify your physical strengths and weaknesses. For example, maybe you are above average at core rotation but have below-average lower back flexibility. This tells your trainer which exercises will give you the best results. Second, these initial numbers establish your baseline golf fitness level. You can re-perform the screening exercises every few weeks to measure progress and ensure your golf workout program provides the desired results.

Sounds great, but how do you get a golf fitness screening? Good news — there are more options out there than ever before.

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) is the most popular. They certify golf professionals and trainers on their program, which is designed to help your body perform better during your golf swing. Find a TPI-certified trainer, and they will perform your golf fitness screening and build you a custom golf workout program that will deliver results on the course. Make sure you talk about your initial “numbers” so that you can measure improvement over time. Goals that you can measure will help you see the success in your program.

You’ll be amazed at how much you can improve in a short time with exercises that are customized for you and your golf swing.

Choose a Workout Program You Can Commit To

Sunday Golf Towels

You understand your physical limitations, and you’ve received your golf fitness screening, so what’s next? Of course, you need to get your athletic shoes, water bottle, and favorite golf towel. Golf towels are great for your clubs but also will help you keep your workout equipment clean.

First, partner with your trainer to determine the type of workout you want to pursue. Do you want to focus on flexibility, strength, or cardio? Maybe a combination of these? Most golfers can use a little bit of all three, but make sure your workout matches your goals.

Next, be realistic. Build a workout program that you can commit to and will stick with….how many days a week are you willing to exercise? How long each day? It’s better to start slow and build over time versus coming out of the gate at 150%.

Do you know the number one reason why most new golf workout programs fail? People are excited to get started, overdo it, and end up having to skip sessions due to soreness. Build your program over time for long-term success. You can play golf for the rest of your life, so build a golf workout program that you can perform for years to come.

Another potential problem with golf workout programs is that some players can find them boring. Talk to your trainer about diversifying your activities. For example, maybe you work on cardio one session, but the next, you focus on improving your clubhead speed. The SuperSpeed Golf overspeed golf training system is a fun way to increase your length on the course. A great golf workout program when you need a break from your normal TPI exercises.

Choose Your Golf Workout Program & Go Get Started

SuperSpeed Golf swinging training

Regardless if you’re a PGA tour professional or a weekend warrior, a golf workout program can help you enjoy the game more. Before you lace up the athletic shoes, spend some time finding the best program for you.

Be honest about your physical limitations, consult a professional trainer, and design a workout you’ll enjoy doing. The sky’s the limit. Improve your physical health and watch your scores drop. Good luck and play well!

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