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Human Hair Extensions: The Natural Choice For Longer, Thicker Hair

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Kayra G. is a hair and beauty expert. Whenever you need hair styling tips & advice, Kayra should be on the top of your list. She is a part-time blogger at ZALA, a leading website where you can buy human hair extensions online.

Are you tired of lackluster hair? Do you long for longer, thicker locks? Look no further than human hair extensions! Whether you’re after a subtle boost or a dramatic transformation, hair extensions can give you the hair of your dreams.

But with so many different types and brands of extensions on the market, it can take a lot of work to know where to start. While you could always choose a high-quality synthetic extension, we also recommend Remy hair extensions, as they can be styled with heat tools, just like your natural hair.

What’s more, you can easily pull human hair extensions into many different styles, and they last longer than their synthetic counterparts. 

Read on for everything you want to know about the benefits of human hair extensions.

More Volume and Thickness

Three women smiling as they showcase their hair extensions

First things first, human hair extensions allow you to add more volume and thickness to your hair instantly. If you have fine or thin hair, extensions can give you the full, bouncy locks you’ve always wanted. 

And when you purchase from leading brands like Zala hair extensions, you’ll get even more volume and thickness because their products are triple-wefted and double-drawn. This means each extension has more hair strands, and each strand is thick from top to bottom. 

The best part? Nobody can tell you have extensions in your hair because human hair extensions look entirely natural and blend seamlessly. 

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Longer Hair

Second, human hair extensions give you longer locks in a snap. This means if you’re tired of waiting for your hair to grow out, extensions can give you your desired length in a fraction of the time. The good news is that human hair extensions come in a variety of lengths, meaning there’s a suitable length available for everyone. 

Plus, unlike other types of extensions, Remy hair is soft, silky, and tangle-free so that you can flaunt your new, longer locks with confidence. 

Hide Split Ends

With so many responsibilities to juggle, we all tend to neglect our hair from time to time. This exposes our strands to damage, with split ends being a common problem among most women. 

Thankfully, human hair extensions come in handy if your natural hair has got split ends and you’re looking for a quick way to hide them. Simply add a few pieces of extensions to your hair, and they’ll help cover up the damage. Your hair will look fresh, healthy, and silky-soft. 

Try Many Different Hairstyles

Are you struggling to style your short or thin hair? You’re not alone. Most of us have been there! Luckily, your hairstyle possibilities are endless with human hair extensions. 

The extra length, thickness, and volume enable you to pull your hair into many more styles than you could before. From beachy waves to sleek and straight and everything in between, human hair extensions allow you to play around with various hairstyles and find the one that looks best on you.

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Easy to Use 

Two women holding a dog and showing the camera their hair extensions

Clip-in human hair extensions are the best choice for anyone looking for a quick and easy way to get their desired look. These extensions come with tiny, silicone-coated clips at the base. All you have to do is snap them to your hair, and you’re good to go! 

You don’t necessarily need to visit a salon to install clip-in extensions. With a little practice, you’ll learn to apply these extensions in minutes. 

Unlike tape-in extensions that remain in your hair for several weeks, you can remove and reapply clip-in extensions whenever you want. This means you’re free to use them occasionally or daily. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to remove your clip-in extensions before sleeping so they can keep looking fresh and last longer. 

Try Different Colors of Extensions 

Different colors of hair extensions lined up next to each other

Are you feeling adventurous and want to test out a different hair color? Chances are you’re considering dyeing your hair. But this comes with a long-term commitment, which can be daunting if you’re not sure you’ll love your new color. Why dye your natural hair when you can wear human hair extensions in your desired color? 

Hair extensions these days come in many different colors, allowing you to go bold with many different shades and highlights. You can even find extensions in balayage and ombre shades. This will allow you to try new colors without fully committing to make sure you’re happy with the look.

Hair Extensions Provide Longer, Thicker Hair

Say goodbye to the days of thin, flat hair. Hair extensions are a great way to add some thickness and volume instantly. They can also help you get past the awkward grow-out stage of a short haircut, helping you feel and look your best. And with clip-in extensions, you can enjoy the benefits of extensions without the cost or time commitment of other, more permanent options. 

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