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No one ever said that parenting would be easy, but there are definitely ways to make it a little less hard. Only moms and dads would understand this, but sometimes the perfect changing pad, baby monitor or seemingly simple lounger can save time, anguish and maybe even help you sleep better.

Which is why you need to get in on the buzz about Locokidz. Their innovative collection of high quality baby products is meant to make your child-rearing years simpler and more enjoyable. And according to parents, they deliver. 

To help you understand why so many people are going loco for Locokidz, here are a few standout products that mommies and daddies are falling in love with. 

1. The Locokidz Baby Monitor

The Locokidz Baby Monitor

Somewhere along the line, baby monitors went from an extra to an absolute necessity. So why not get the very best? With WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, this monitor easily connects to your smartphone so that you can keep an eye on your little one anytime and from anywhere.

The HD camera delivers a clear, crisp image both day and night. Parents love the easy setup and the fact that they can see their baby’s movements with such amazing quality. The two-way audio also allows you to soothe your child or even sing them a lullaby from afar. 

The monitor also has a motion detector function (which you can turn on or off) that will trigger an alarm if movement or a person is detected. When you can’t always be there to keep an eye on your baby, this monitor can definitely give you a little extra peace of mind. 

Here’s a sample of what parents are saying:

“This was as easy as turning it on. I have loved the speaker feature. When I see my daughter get up, I can sing her back to sleep or simply remind her to lay back down without having to go back to her room. The picture is CRISP! I love that I can move the camera. I wished I had purchased this sooner.” -RB Carr, USA

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2. LocoKidz Baby Changing Pad

LocoKidz Baby Changing Pad

Of course, parenting isn’t always about high tech ways to keep an eye on your baby. It’s about pee-pee and poo-poo. Like a lot of it and often in the most inconvenient places. But with the LocoKidz changing pad, you’ll never have to scramble for a place to change your kid again.

The large portable mat is waterproof, easy to clean and folds up into an attractive clutch that you can hang on a stroller or your wrist. 

The mat also comes with an extra padded pillow to protect your baby’s head and storage pockets where you can put your diapers, wipes, creams and other accessories. Parents love the convenience of having everything they need to change their infant in one compact clutch.

Here’s a sample of what they’re saying:  

“Best thing I was ever gifted!!!! I recently did a bit of traveling via airplane and this was such a wonderful thing to have. It never leaves my diaper bag. I take it everywhere. I love all the zip on zip off features. So many pockets and I love the wrist strap. I will probably be purchasing this for any friends of mine that have kids.” – Aylin Bahringer, USA

3. LocoKidz Sound Machine

LocoKidz Sound Machine

If there’s one thing that parents covet more than anything, it’s sleep. And, of course, the key is getting your baby to rest better, which is why the LocoKidz Sound Machine could be a real lifesaver. 

To help you create a soothing atmosphere for your infant, it comes equipped with ten different sounds, including white noise, sea waves, birds, a heartbeat, stream sounds, crickets, a clock and three different lullabies.

It also comes with adjustable volume and a timer. You can even put the sound machine in “sound detecting mode.” If it detects a noise within 10 meters for more than 10 seconds, it automatically turns on and plays for 15 minutes.

Traveling? No problem. This super light device can go anywhere and has a rechargeable battery with a life of up to 36 hours. 

Parents love the sound quality, timer options and variety of sounds. 

4. LocoKidz Diaper Bag

LocoKidz Diaper Bag

Every new parent needs a diaper bag. But that doesn’t mean it has to LOOK like a diaper bag. We love the modern design of this gender-neutral carryall that has room for everything you need for your baby without compromising on style. 

Lots of compartments make it easy to organize your diapers, creams, toys and changes of clothes for your infant. But it also has plenty of room for your things too, like your keys, wallet, makeup and other personal items.

Parents especially like the compartment with thermal pockets to keep their baby’s milk warm. Fantastic for traveling or just running around town on your normal errands. 

And because little ones are messy, this baby can be easily cleaned with disinfectant wipes. Keeping it packed and ready to go when you need it could make the going a lot less tough.

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5. Baby Lounger/Nest

Baby Lounger/Nest

It’s impossible to hold your baby every moment, so having a comfortable place to put your infant can give you some much needed hands free time. 

This super soft cotton lounger has an all-around bumper and a drawstring that adjusts the nest to your baby’s figure in order to create a snug and soothing environment. 

We also like that this lounger puts your baby at a slight angle so that they can see what you’re doing instead of staring at the ceiling all of the time. The elevated upper body even helps with breathing and digestion.

Whether you nap or sleep the entire night with your child, this washable lounger is a safe way to keep your baby from rolling out of bed. Available in six different designs, it’s a great place for your baby to relax or sleep. 

It may be the next best thing after mommy’s embrace! 

Let’s Wrap This Baby Up

One day (all too soon), your baby will grow up, and you’ll miss those first tender years—in retrospect, that is. But for now, you may feel like you’re just surviving. Which is why new parents need all the help that they can get, including the right baby products.

We hope that our list of favorite items from LocoKidsz will help you on your child rearing journey by making it easier and a lot more enjoyable. Hang in there, mommies and daddies! 

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The 5 Best Products From LocoKidz: 

  1. The Locokidz Baby Monitor
  2. LocoKidz Baby Changing Pad
  3. LocoKidz Sound Machine
  4. LocoKidz Diaper Bag
  5. Baby Lounger/Nest

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