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20 Sweet Long-Distance Relationship Birthday Gift Ideas for Couples

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Couples in long-distance relationships understand how difficult it is to keep up with the feeling of separation. There is not much that can be done, and hence couples think of innovative ways of connecting. They set up virtual date nights, create surprise videos or FaceTime whenever possible, and celebrate long-distance birthdays together. It is exciting to do things together even when you are away from each other.

Here are 20 long-distance relationship birthday gift ideas for couples to keep the romance alive no matter how many miles are in between you.


Hoodies are a show stealer on almost every birthday and they are among the top long-distance relationship gifts as well. Primarily because women love stealing their partner’s sweatshirts and they too need a replacement. Reverse hoodies in a pullover style are always going to get preferred for cozy comfort and warmth.

Try going for hoodies that have great reviews and the ones that have great material build-up.

Perfume or Cologne

Woman putting on perfume

Perfumes are instant emotion connectors. Humans tend to cling onto perfumes for longer than they do otherwise. This is a gifting option that excites both men and women. You can look out for exciting fragrances with spicy or woody scents, which upon wearing will make your long-distance partner stand out from the rest.

Flower subscription

Flowers are never out of romance, and it makes a person feel special when you gift them. They make the best long-distance relationship gifts. A bouquet or a single rose can do wonders. But it does not matter if you cannot show up at their door with a bouquet. You can always randomly surprise them through a flower subscription service that comes at pocket-friendly prices.

Couple gift boxes

Couples find it great to receive gifts that will remind them of the times they’ve had together. One great gifting ideas is gift boxes containing body care package, goodies, merchandise, and other love notes. These are the smaller tokens of reassurances that can light a spark in a long-distance relationship.

Custom calendars

A custom calendar is an adorable yet practical gift idea for long-distance couples. You get to circle the days when you will meet up next and cross off the days that are going by. It relaxes you of the stress, and you can always see the best of your photos in front of you.

Digital picture frames

This is a great invention to appease the couples surviving the long distance. These photo frames are directly connected to the internet, and you can just email and directly upload the photos of your choice on the picture frame. This way, you can constantly find out romantic ways of surprising your partner.

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Love note boxes

love notebook

These are some technology boxes that would replace your habit of sending good morning texts when you are far apart. With these boxes, you can send those messages and drawings that will always remain very close to their hearts.

Multi-time zone watches

Keeping up with multiple time zones despite tough schedules can be stressful. You tend to forget the time, and to solve these issues; you can gift them a multi-time zone watch. Due to its unique functionality, you can now easily keep track of all your virtual dates.

Travel gift cards

A gift card never goes out of style. From restaurants to department stores to airlanes, you can grab a gift card for anything! Giving the gift in the form of transportation (Uber, airline, train, etc.) will also give you a chance to see each other sooner! A win-win for a long-distance relationship.

Luggage pieces

Gifting a piece of luggage is thoughtful, especially when you are trying to plan a trip together or are traveling back and forth. Maybe even grab a matching set so when you get to travel together, you will be traveling in style.

Video greeting card

Handwritten letters are always romantic, but these video greeting cards are just a modified version. When you send this through email, this is going to make their day. You can shoot a video of yourself which will play once they open this card. Show your love for them with their favorite music in the background and all your lovey-dovey pictures, reminding them of the time that you spent together. Creating a video is easy and free with Celebrate and will make your partner’s day even more special.

Simply click on this link and get started for free to surprise your beloved with the best video ever.

Candle sets

This can be a perfectly lightheaded gift to cheer your partner when they are down. They might be feeling sad or missing you, and sending a cheeky candle set is going to bring a smile to their face.

Long-distance messages in a bottle

message in a bottle

Well, this solution can be prepared by oneself, just from the comfort of your home. It is an excellent DIY gifting solution, and you need to list out thoughtful messages about the other person.

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The boyfriend pillow

A boyfriend pillow is the quirkiest way to make your girlfriend laugh. This pillow will be their best cuddle buddy once you are away from them.

Letters from letter-pads

These are also highly customizable options for gifting. You get blank letters which you can fill as per your wish and send them to your partner.

Customizable countdown calendar

This is a fun gifting option till the time you meet again. This can also be handmade and customized at home, and you can create the compartments and doors within a box and fill it up with gifts of your choice.

Custom puzzles

custom puzzle

Gift your partner a custom puzzle set and help them complete it just the way they complete you. You can select the picture of your choice and let them spend hours completing the puzzle.

A relationship journal

A journal can help both of you to get closer. You can make it a point to fill it up every day, and you can exchange it once you meet.

Couple bracelets

You can touch these bracelets, and your partner will receive a little light-up alert. They can feel when you are thinking about them, and you can even connect over apps to send each other sweet love messages.

Long-distance friendship lamps

With these, you will feel that your beloved is just beside you. Your lamp will light up just when your partner touches the other lamp.

These ideas tend to be pocket-friendly yet very thoughtful. Please your partner and take them by absolute surprise every time you think about celebrating their birthday from a distance.

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