Everything You Need To Know About Meat N’ Bone

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If you keep careful tabs on the foodie world, you’ve likely heard of Meat N’ Bone. This butcher biz, founded by a few best friends, has gained national headlines for its impressive cuts that ship nationwide. But is Meat N’ Bone all it’s cracked up to be? Here’s everything you need to know before you place that order.

The Basics of Meat N’ Bone

Founded in 2018 in southern Florida, Meat N’ Bone is a chain of brick-and-mortar butcher shops offering local deliveries and national shipping for curated, high-quality, consistent cuts of meat. The company originated for many reasons, one of which being in an effort to combat the decline of local butcher shops taking place in small towns all over the country. 

But if your local supermarket provides you with access to the bulk of your meat purchases, and they sell meat at a fraction of the price, why go anywhere else? Well, as Meat N’ Bone points out, you could be missing out on some awesome, high-quality eats by simply opting for whatever you can find in the local big-box cooler section. 

So, Meat N’ Bone is here to give the people not only what they want but also what they need — a high-quality selection of high-end cuts, all at a reasonably affordable price. Meat N’ Bone is helmed by three best friends, who have collective experience in computer science, engineering, business administration, culinary arts, and finance, according to an interview with Forbes

How Does it Work?

So, how does the Meat N’ Bone business work? 

First, the Meat N’ Bone team sources both USDA Choice beef and USDA Prime beef from farms located all throughout the Midwest. For instance, a lot of the beef sold by Meat N’ Bone originates from states like Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and Illinois. 

All of the cattle are from the Angus breed of cows. Plus, they are all raised in the corn belt, living off of a mix of grass and grain. This is a major sticking point of Meat N’ Bone because, in the worlds of nutritionist and medical advisor, Heather Hanks, MS CAM, “pasture-raised is…[a] good term to look for” because “it means the animal was allowed to live naturally and did not spend its life in confinement. Pasture-raised and grass-fed meat is higher in certain nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids, certain antioxidants, and vitamin precursors.” You can read more about her insights by checking out Medical Solutions BCN

Additionally, Meat N’ Bone sources Japanese Wagyu beef from Miyazaki, Japan, as well as Wagyu-Angus cross beef from Australia. The lamb, pork, duck and turkey are sourced from the Midwest as well, while the chicken originates on a small farm in Pennsylvania. On the other hand, game meats are sourced from all over the country as well as parts of Canada. 

From there, Meat N’ Bone’s expert butchers treat each cut of premium quality meat with a high level of skill and expertise. The beef is dry-aged for at least 30 days, and the steaks are hand-cut. 

Flash-frozen meat remains frozen for anywhere from 10 to 15 days before it arrives on your doorstep. For comparison, the brand says supermarkets may sell frozen meat that is up to one year old!

You can visit the Meat N’ Bone website and pick out your favorite foods. From there, you can either have them shipped straight to your house or hand-delivered, though that option is only available to people who live in Miami-Dade, Broward or Palm Beach County. Transit times are no more than three days, and each vacuum-sealed package is hand-delivered, meaning boxes are never left sitting outside for hours on your front porch. 

What’s the Difference? 

Sure, anyone can tell you that their product is better than what you’ll find at the big-box store, but what really makes Meat N’ Bone’s products stand out from the rest? 

According to the brand, it’s all about consistency, made possible by the way Meat N’ Bone works on a smaller scale than your local supermarket. Since Meat N’ Bone handles smaller quantities of their products, the team can really zero in on the quality of their meats by properly butchering and aging each cut to perfection.

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Meat N’ Bone Products 

For as much as the company professes to be a small-batch operation, Meat N’ Bone offers an impressive lineup of products through its online butcher shop.


On the beef side of things, you can choose from a range of options, from the most affordable G1-certified USDA Choice cuts to the most expensive Wagyu A5 cuts. You can find grass-fed briskets and burgers, filets and flaps, or prime rib and ribeyes, among other options. 

Game Meats

Game meats are also on offer, including bison, boar, elk, alligator, kangaroo, venison, duck, ostrich and others. Not all of these different game meat options are available at all times of the year, but you can certainly find a good array of options at any point in time.


For lamb lovers, a huge swath of options are available, including a whole Midwestern lamb for $500. However, please note that this option is only available for Florida-based customers. But since most home cooks don’t need an entire lamb, Meat N’ Bone also offers lamb sausages and porterhouses, as well as racks and ribs.


You’ll find the typical array of pork products on display, ranging from pork chops to racks or ribs. Also, you will see that there are a few cuts available through Meat N’ Bone that you wouldn’t easily find in your average supermarket, including pork tomahawks and suckling pigs. 


Of course, all of the typical poultry options are available through Meat N’ Bone, including chicken, turkey, duck, chicken drumsticks, turkey drumsticks, wings, breasts, thighs and whole birds. You can also order a spatchcock chicken, or a butterflied chicken, with the backbone removed. This is a special deal because you likely wouldn’t be able to find such unique options at your average superstores. 


Beyond the typical land animals, Meat N’ Bone also offers a few surf options to go along with its turf. Salmon, tuna, grouper, branzino, red snapper, shrimp, prawns and other types of seafood are all available through Meat N’ Bone.

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Beyond Meat

Meat N’ Bone also has you covered with all of the various add-ons and accompaniments that you might need for your next carnivorous meal. They sell beer, wine, sake, charcuterie, cheese, sauces, seasonings and rubs. There is even some boozy ice cream for sale, though some items are either only able to be bought as an in-store purchase or shipped within the state of Florida. 

The team also has you covered with all of the necessary gear for cooking your next great meal, such as charcoal, grill guns, cast iron pans and meat thermometers. In addition to the non-food items that you can find on Meat N’ Bone’s website, you can also check out the brand’s Grill Masters Boutique, where you can shop for exclusive grilling accessories. 

Other services 

If you live in southern Florida, you can actually hire the grill masters at Meat N’ Bone to visit your event or cater at your party and cook for your guests. Meat N’ Bone describes its team of grill masters as professionals who have hundreds of hours of grilling experience and know the Meat N’ Bone product line intimately. 

Grill masters can even bring their own grills if necessary, and you can hire an additional assistant to serve food as the grill master does their thing. Have a yacht that is docked in South Florida? You can pay Meat N’ Bone to be your official yacht provisioner, providing you with the eats you’ll need as you spend your time sailing around the Caribbean. 

And on top of all of this, the Meat N’ Bone website also offers an educational service of sorts in the form of its blog, The Clever Cleaver. There, you’ll find all kinds of cooking tips and grilling tricks to ensure that you get the most out of every single one of your butcher purchases. 

The Meat N’ Bone Rewards Program

Think Meat N’ Bone is exactly the kind of service you need in order to provide the best high-quality meat and seafood your hungry family can handle? Then you might as well take advantage of the Meat N’ Bone Rewards Program!  

All you have to do is create and activate an account on the Meat N’ Bone website to start earning rewards. You’ll earn one MnB point for every dollar you spend with the brand, and then you can redeem your points for discounts or free products. 

In addition to earning points for every dollar you spend, you’ll also earn points for things like following the brand on social media, referring friends to make a purchase and simply creating an account in general. Once you’ve accumulated a handful of points, you can start to take one dollar off of your purchase for every 20 points accumulated.

Another option is to redeem your points for products like aprons, wireless thermometers, meat shredders, hunting knives and more. There are also tier levels within the membership, so once you’ve reached 2,000 points, followed by 10,000 points earned, you can start taking advantage of even more perks. 

But What Do the People Say?

Sure, you can take Meat N’ Bone’s word for it when they say that they really are all that, but what do the people who’ve purchased from the company have to say? You can’t just trust the reviews that a brand posts on its own website, because who’s going to post a bad review on their own website, right? 

However, we will hand it to Meat N’ Bone for the way by which they addressed their 2021 1-star reviews in this blog post on their website, as it was an admirable move. Instead of just ignoring the issue like some brands do, Meat N’ Bone addressed the situation head-on. So, what do the trustworthy real reviewers think? 

You can find a handful of reviews of Meat N’ Bone’s physical locations on Yelp, but for reviews regarding the mail order service, you’ll need to head to Google instead. There, you’ll find happy customers singing Meat N’ Bone’s praises as recently as this past 2021 holiday season.

Marty, for example, says, “[For the] second year in a row, I entrusted Meat & Bone with providing us a fresh turkey out of state. They delivered again; bird was delicious. Arrived when they said it would, and I added some extras that turned out fantastic as well. Ordered whole chicken that could not have been any tastier and the boar sausage with chiles were amazing, even used them in the turkey stuffing. Thanks again.”

Similarly, Randall wrote, “Absolutely fantastic! I ordered a BMS 8-9 Picanha roast and it was delivered to me in Duluth, Minnesota. (A day earlier than expected!) The meat was frozen solid and packaged beautifully and it was even in a nice reusable freezer bag I can take to the beach! I’m very happy with the order and would recommend MnB to anyone who wants a beautiful piece of meat!”

Unfortunately, not everyone will be satisfied, meaning not every review can be positive. Some reviewers reported their packages contained thawed meat, though the brand addresses this in the FAQs section on their website. Meat N’ Bone mentions that meat sometimes arrives thawed, instructing customers that thawed steaks or chops can be safely refrozen without any causes for concern. 

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How Much is This Gonna Cost?

Meat N’ Bone’s pricing fluctuates with the market cost, and the brand doesn’t play what it calls the discount game,” wherein supermarkets sell low-quality meats and meat cuts at a supposed discount in order to move product faster. So, yes, you’re going to pay more for meat from Meat N’ Bone than you would for your cut of steak at, say, Walmart. 

However, it’s all for good reason because you get what you pay for. Scheduled delivery in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties is free, whereas rush delivery starts at $25. Shipping via UPS begins at $10 and can cost upwards of $80, though the exact price will fully depend on where in the United States you’re located. However, in general, you can expect to pay more the farther away from Florida that you live. 

Is Meat N’ Bone Right for Me?

Wondering if Meat N’ Bone is right for you? If you like high-quality cuts of meat, especially premium meats that you can’t find in your local grocery store, chances are likely that you would enjoy ordering from Meat N’ Bone. The delivery service is excellent for people who don’t live anywhere near a butcher shop or specialty grocer as well. 

The products offered by Meat N’ Bone are sure to please discerning foodies who want the best of the best. The company is excellent for people who want the full cooking experience, not just a meal delivery service. 

However, if you’re more of a budget grocery shopper who is always in search of a cooking hack that’ll save you time and effort, this might not be the best option for you, especially if you don’t really consider yourself a foodie. Only you know what is best for you!

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